December 10, 2019

What are the tips for running Facebook ads?

Enjoy out-of-sea - mobile developer shipping service platform Facebook is an important advertising platform for enterprises, advertising on Facebook, target user groups to choose accurate, material...
December 10, 2019

How can You use Facebook ads to promote shopify stores?

Complywith Facebook advertising rules You must comply with FB's advertising rules, the previous, fb also introduced Page page rating feature, if your page rating is very low, then wide...
December 10, 2019

Hands-on teaches you Facebook ad setting

There are three ways to create facebook ads through the facebook ad management tool, Ads Manager, via Power Editor, which I've covered in previous articles...
December 10, 2019

Interpretation of common violations in Facebook ad serving

Enjoy Out-of-Sea - Mobile developer Go-to-Sea Service Platform Facebook has a strong global reach network that provides precise targeting and diverse quality advertising, enabling a wide range of...
December 10, 2019

Your Facebook ads don't convert, and it's likely that these 7 common factors are making a fu

Is your Facebook ad underperforming? Do you want to know how to solve this problem? This article will cover 7 common factors that are blocking Facebook ad conversion and explain these questions...
December 10, 2019

Why was Facebook ads rejected? Can't get the reason please look here

Facebook ads are not recommended, and Facebook has a lot of restrictions on such ads. If you're sure you're not offending the problem, the ads are still rejected by Facebook...
December 10, 2019

Some inside facts about Facebook ads (don't take a seat on the number)

Ad account 5. Facebook Business Management Platform 6.Facebook Group Creation and Operations Tips 7. Actions and ComplaintS Methods that Cause Account Instability Facebook Ads and Tips 1....
December 10, 2019

Facebook Ad Performance Analysi

Facebook Ads Management Tool We can use ad management tools to view ad account data in real time, so that we can keep abreast account's overall performance in a timely view.
December 10, 2019

7 moves to simplify the pre-testing and post-delivery process of Facebook ad

Follow click on top and don't miss cross-border e-commerce this year, Facebook ads and ads running on platforms like Instagram and Messenger that belong to Facebook...
December 12, 2019

Facebook's Ad Avoidance Guide - The Most Detailed Ad Review Policy

Why are Facebook accounts frequently blocked? Why are Facebook ads always rejected? Why are our material sand-disfractions repeated? Whether it's moral decay or human ity behind all this...
December 11, 2019

Facebook Ad Getting Started Guide: A post takes you to facebook ad reach target

Targeting Cold Audiences Cold audiences is those who don't shop on the site and haven't visited the site for a while, that is, similar audiences. But targeting similar audiences by reaching people isn't as effective as other goals, such as conversion rates. Because this audience is too large. Although you use the Reach target for a lower per thousand impressions (CPM), the click-through rate is low, the ad is not good, and you don't end up with a loss, but if you want to target a similar audience in a particular area, such as a local audience, you can use the Reach target. Because such audiences are small.
December 11, 2019

How to increase conversion rates with Facebook Ad Remarketing

1. Get pixel code on the website If you don't have a pixel (tracking) code on your website, then put it in, because if there is no pixel code, there is no way to track users. campaign and click Actions, select View Panel in the drop-down menu: then put the acquired pixel code into the website, if you don't, you can ask the programmer's small partner to come.
December 11, 2019

90% of the mistakes you make when you put in a Facebook ad! May make you pay a heavy price!

Here are 90% of the mistakes you often make in your Facebook ads, if you don't want your real money floating, take a closer look at the collection.
December 11, 2019

Watch ing-up to the Facebook Ad Beginner's Guide

First, check out some of the options in your Facebook ad. One, Right-Rail ads (right-side ads on the page) right column ads, as the name implies that when the user enters the platform appears in...
December 11, 2019

What to know about optimizing Facebook ad

Today we're going to talk about Facebook ad optimization! We can see that the final effectiveness of Facebook ads generally have the following factors: 1, ads by ...
December 11, 2019

Is Facebook going to advertise for search?

The Advertiser's Facebook Ad Test Chart on Twitter, based on feedback from advertisers who took part in the test, is not clear about the effectiveness of Facebook's search ads, although it can be like other information...
December 12, 2019

How can I use Facebook's ad automation tool to de-stop traffic?

1, Facebook Auto Advanced Match (Auto Advanced Match) Facebook Pixel is a small piece of JavaScript code installed on the site, It is possible to provide Facebook with information on how visitors interact with the site. When a visitor logs into an active Facebook account and loads a page with pixels, the Pixel starts working. Each visitor has a unique identifier from Facebook.
December 11, 2019

How can I use Facebook campaigns to optimize your budget to improve your ad performance?

Today we're talking about facebook ad optimization, campaign optimization budget methods. This article I will analyze the following points of Facebook campaign optimization budget is such as...
December 11, 2019

How can you use Facebook ads to make products explode during peak season?

Yes, this issue is to teach you how to use Facebook ads, in a day to make the product burst list, the whole high energy no moisture. Then before you read the article, first look at the sun (zhuang) sun (...
December 11, 2019

This free ad delivery tool reduces Facebook ad creation time by 72%

Passers-by a small seven, to create Facebook ads, the production of creatives always cost me a lot of time, what is free and easy to use advertising account opening and delivery tools?
December 11, 2019

How do I use Power Editor on Facebook ads?

Yes, today we're talking about the Power Editor above the facebook ad! Anyone who has done facebook ads should know that they must also understand and use Power Editor, a lot of...
December 11, 2019

One piece of advice on Facebook ad serving

First the festival, after the festival sick, and then move ... alas, all kinds of things, because recently have been doing Facebook ads, so this time about Facebook ads and ...
December 11, 2019

Facebook's latest targeting of advertising products - Media Carrier

Digital advertising has long been a battleground for google and Facebook, two of the biggest names, but this year Facebook appears to have abandoned its relationship with Google DoubleClick...
December 11, 2019

Facebook Ad Case Sharing: How Did Luxury Jewelers Achieve a 1500% ROI Surge?

Follow click on top and don't miss the cross-border e-commerce size thing today want to share the Facebook ad case from a jewelry retailer, which only uses 3 digital camps...
December 11, 2019

Why is your Facebook ad rejected?

1. Contains inappropriate content: such as adult content, controversial content, misleading, profane, forged documents, including spyware or malware links, etc. This content has broken the law in everyday life, is not exceptional on Facebook, and is prohibited and normal. 2. Misleading content: The most common misleading content is that your company or product is the first or best in your ad, which is the first or best in the whole region, country, or even the world, but you do not have proof provided by a third party.
December 11, 2019

Facebook Ad Practice Sharing . . . 2.1 How to authorize Admin on Facebook Page page

Facebook Ad Practice Sharing . . . 1.4 Modifying the Button button on the Facebook fan page Facebook Ad Practice Sharing 1.3 FaceBook fan page tied to Instagram...
December 11, 2019

5 amazing facebook ad tools to say goodbye to FB ad troubles (with steps)

For most sellers, Facebook's ads are complicated and difficult to get started, and you don't always understand some of the steps. Fortunately, some tools are very convenient and easy to use, very...
December 12, 2019

Facebook Ad Auction Strategy (1)

1 Brand Awareness Awareness Awareness, raise awareness, to be honest is to mix face-familiar brand awareness Brand Awareness, to more likely to spend more time browsing your ads to promote the reach, to promote 2 Purchase intentions to as many users as possible, Markettheization funnel middle tier, increase engagement Traffic, promote engagement to users who are more likely to visit target locations (sites, etc.), and promote interactions to users who are more likely to interact.
December 11, 2019

How do I play Facebook ads? PPE Ads vs WC Ad

As for whether to use PPE ads or WC ads when doing Facebook ads, I think everyone has different opinions.
December 12, 2019

Buffer: Facebook ads do this to get more traffic!

Follow click on the top Hugo network above, do not miss the cross-border e-commerce size of Facebook ads how fierce market competition?
December 11, 2019

Facebook Ad Foundation 3: Facebook Ad Campaigns Create Guide (Campaign)

Set up Facebook campaigns To create new ad group levels and ad levels to manage Facebook ad bids targeting target audiences to optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns tracking your campaigns...
December 11, 2019

Facebook Ad May Product Update: Ultra-Multi-Functional Improvement

Facebook will introduce a more granular set of new ad relevance diagnostics into Ad Manager to replace relevance ratings, which will measure three dimensions of data, quality ranking, and...
December 11, 2019

Facebook Ad Product Update: Multiple Feature Improvement

On April 16th Facebook announced in a blog post that it was making improvements to its ad interface, while the new Ads Manager interface will be available to 10% of its users....
December 11, 2019

Reveal the six major factors influencing Facebook's ad costs, and did your money burn the right place?

About 26 percent of people who click on Facebook ads buy products, not to mention more than 75 percent who buy products they find on social media.
December 11, 2019

Facebook Ad Practice Sharing . . . 3.1 Setting up Business Management Platform BM

Facebook Ad Practice Sharing . . . 2.1 Facebook Page For Admin Authorizes Facebook Ad Practice Sharing 1.4 Modify the Button button on the Facebook fan page...
December 11, 2019

Facebook's advertising revenue is at a record high, so why are it so attractive to advertisers?

The latest quarterly results, helped by a strong advertising business, showed that tech giant Facebook's revenue and profit easily beat Wall Street expectations in the last quarter.
December 11, 2019

Is it effective to spend a lot of money on Facebook ads?

Recently, about $1,600 was spent on two Facebook ad campaigns aimed at those interested in the stock market, earning at least $250,000 and college education.
December 11, 2019

Gazelle Foreign Trade Class To Expand Your Business with Facebook and Google Ads?

Facebook ads are now one of the most effective types of Facebook ads you can run on Shopify: carousel ads. Facebook's carousel ads give...
December 11, 2019

Facebook blocks China app ads, what about its good brother Cheetah?

In a letter of e-mail to an advertising agency, Facebook said it would "suspend all tool-based app advertising in China," according to the Beijing Business Daily.
December 11, 2019

How do I avoid overlapping Facebook ad audiences?

1. Recombine overlapping ads into a thin ad set. If different ad sets are intended to target the same group of people, you can aggregate them into a single ad set to prevent competition. 2. Optimize your user targeting, make your user portraitmore, eliminate certain interests, behaviors, special demographic characteristics, and fine-tune the targeting for each ad collection.
December 11, 2019

Facebook Ad Production and Launch - 21-Day Shopify Cross-Border Foreign Trade Stand Explosion Single Growth Day 17

Today, mainly to talk about Facebook ad delivery, hope to help you. The brothers who need Shopify blast single template, welcome "domestic violence" Liu dove V. Note: in the first few rounds of wide...
December 12, 2019

Facebook Ad Delivery Cost and Optimization Recommendations for Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Facebook Ad Price and Optimisation Advice Australia and New Zealand: CTR 0.9%, CPC $0.67, CPM $6, of which mobile advertising spending accounted for 79% ,...
December 12, 2019

Facebook ad delivery tips!

Science and Technology Park Advertising Department concerned about the public to receive learning materials advertising optimizer operation exchange QQ group: 531322175 by Facebook refused to advertise for a wide number of reasons seem to be varied, for which we...
December 12, 2019

These 8 methods are used for Facebook Ad Targeting Optimization!

Can your Facebook ad targeting be further optimized? Are you looking for new ways to reach your ideal audience with Facebook ads? This article describes eight ways to help you optimize...
December 12, 2019

How do I prevent Facebook ad accounts from being banned? (2)

How to prevent Facebook ad account swasas, recently a lot of people mentioned that the account was blocked, in fact, the account was blocked, sealed several times, why was blocked, how to unseal? There are a few...
December 12, 2019

What is Facebook's advertising bidding mechanism?

To understand the bidding mechanism first need to understand the total value of ad 01.Facebook ad auction mechanism . . . the best ad value of the total value of the ad refers to the user body without affecting the Facebook social platform...
December 12, 2019

Facebook ads, these 8 caution machines Have you noticed?

Poke article to understand how Facebook ad target 02 do not open too many ad groups! Many of the selection of e-commerce sellers will be obsessed with opening dozens of campaigns, each ad group may...
December 12, 2019

Facebook ads are getting worse, how do you solve it?

When we were doing Facebook ads, did we find out that Facebook ads were only done for a few days, the cost of each click started to rise, and the frequency of ads was increasing.
December 12, 2019

How does Facebook's advertising bill work?

After setting a budget for a Facebook ad, it's not necessarily the amount you spend, for example, you're not buying an ad for $100, but through the pre-
December 12, 2019

Facebook Ad Optimization Tips and Strategy Use

Facebook ads have said a lot before, because there's so much more to learn about doing Facebook ads than Google ads, but its advertising potential is also great, for a wide range of...
December 12, 2019

Favorites Facebook's Ad Auction Strategy

Many advertisers have the experience when they run Facebook ads that advertising costs are always unstable! If the ad bids are low, the ad doesn't run out.
December 12, 2019

8 Ways to Optimize Facebook's Ad Targeting

Are you looking for new ways to reach your ideal audience with Facebook ads? Facebook's new targeting options can help you increase conversion rates for Facebook ads.
December 12, 2019

The secret to winning the Facebook ad auction

Here are the settings for the various bidding modes in Facebook's advertising operating system: Choose the right payment method to better grasp the budget in addition to choosing the right bid according to your advertising goals...
December 12, 2019

How do I prevent Facebook ad accounts from being banned?

About Facebook Ad Optimization, not yet finished... .................................................................................................................. Now facebook for any account...
December 12, 2019

How do I monitor a competitor's facebook ads? (2)

I've talked about how to monitor a competitor's facebook ads before, and it's shared how to monitor your competitors with manual methods and tools.
December 12, 2019

How do I monitor a competitor's facebook ads?

I find that many people, including some companies, don't know how to do facebook ads correctly. A lot of companies burn a lot of wrong money and in the end basically get nothing....
December 12, 2019

Study on the phenomenon of Facebook's ad price increase

Facebook Advertising Company is global-oriented and takes on business. Its advertising platform is second only to Google's, but the growth rate is closer to twice that of Google.——...
December 12, 2019

How do I test and publish a game with Facebook ads?

"In an ideal world, marketing spending and revenue when promoting mobile games on Facebook will show the trends shown in the figure below.
December 12, 2019

Facebook Ad Platform: North America CPI $2.74

Finally, the cost-per-click data, for facebook ads, CPC is also a very important data.
December 12, 2019

Google and Facebook's share of ads is falling, who's "tiger mouth"?

According to a new report by eMarketer, Google and Facebook's share of the Digital Advertising Budget in the U.S. market fell to 56.8 percent this year from 58.5 percent in 2017.
December 12, 2019

The Shapers of the Social Empire: Facebook's Advertising Business and Tencent's "Game Plus" Money Way

Facebook's advertising revenue is also simple, as it pioneered news feed Ads. Mixing ads in Facebook's Friends Feeds( Circle of Friends, will be wide-
December 12, 2019

Why should Procter and Gamble cut Facebook's advertising budget? CBNweekly

Procter and Gamble has announced that it will scale back its advertising on Facebook and believes that the effectiveness of precision marketing is limited.
December 12, 2019

Facebook Ads Are Properly Scheduled to Maximize Return on Investment

Recently received a lot of foreign trade people to ask, travel or inconvenient to access the Internet, Facebook is in a state of no one to operate, you will find that Facebook lost a lot of fans, how...
December 12, 2019

What are the types of Facebook ads?

You all know that Facebook is the best marketing platform, but do you know what kind of ads Facebook ads are? Here are some of the most common ways Facebook advertises: 1. ...
December 12, 2019

Facebook Ad Foundation 4: Facebook Ad Type Guide

This Facebook ad type has the most space to show your beautiful pictures! Select the images and you'll get a variety of comments and likes. You can also plug in the text description of the post...
December 12, 2019

How to put Facebook ads on the right people to go to sea note

(For an introduction to Facebook ads, go to Learn Facebook Ad Serving for one day) . . . seeing the beginning of the following may be confusing: Account architecture and precision delivery have...
December 13, 2019

Facebook wrong? The Boundary Debate of Accurate Lying Political Advertising

Some argue that precise political advertising is the original sin of social platforms like Facebook, allowing conspiracy theories and fake news to flourish, while others believe that improving technological security...
December 13, 2019

Facebook's ad business continues to grow strongly, undaunted by 'Privacy Gate' incident

Facebook's new earnings revenue growth exceeded market expectations Ad revenue growth was a bright spot in earnings reports showing revenue of $15.08 billion, better than expected at $14.98 billion, the same as last year.
December 13, 2019

Is Facebook going to start selling coffin ads?

Facebook will also give me an ad for the coffin... Social media collects user information, and accurate, targeted advertising is nothing new,....
December 13, 2019

Facebook's era of rapid advertising growth is over: ad revenue growth may slow next year

The reason: Facebook expects growth in "ad loads" (the number of ads displayed in front of users) to slow. In the third quarter, Facebook's revenue soared to 70...
December 13, 2019

Go out to sea and ask . . . One day to learn Facebook ad serving (10,000 words long)

Check if Pixels are installed correctly 3 Create Facebook Ad 3.1 Ad Account Structure 3.2 Create Ad 1 Pre-Run 1.1 Create a personal account First we need to register a...
December 13, 2019

What is the review mechanism and process for Facebook ads?

All ads on Facebook or Instagram are reviewed to ensure that they comply with the ad publishing policy before they can be displayed. Most ads are usually reviewed within 24 hours,...
December 13, 2019

Facebook ads are getting worse and worse after the outbreak, with these 9 tricks "bottom rebound"!

Follow click on top and don't miss the cross-border e-commerce size thing Have you ever experienced "Facebook ad performance suddenly began to drop in a few weeks after the outbreak"?
December 15, 2019

Facebook ad marketing tips, how many do you know?

Share a few Facebook marketing tips for everyone! 128 law to create a Facebook page, pay attention to the division of content, can not only send ads, in the country we may use ...
December 15, 2019

How much does Facebook ads cost?

If you've been dizzy and drink, let's explain how a Facebook ad is a charge method with a vivid, white chestnut! (I, II belongs to the technical basics, you can...
December 16, 2019

Where do ads in Facebook's Ad Placements appear?

Facebook's ad placement is where your ads appear on your platform or the web. Facebook's ads aren't just on Facebook, they're mainly on the four sections...
December 16, 2019

We're going to open our own Facebook ad account.

If you haven't been to Facebook ads before, it's not a good idea to ask an agent for help, even if you're an experienced affiliate or agency,...
December 16, 2019

Credit Suisse: Google and Facebook's threat to advertising agencies is overrated

The two giants are under threat, but at this stage they can't replace advertising agencies. Google and Facebook, which account for half of the global mobile advertising market, are no doubt...
December 16, 2019

$10 to start facebook ads and artificial intelligence tests?

Recently passed the coolly cool Amazon measure method: the legendary facebook ads and artificial intelligence messager chat, accurately match the target population for the release of the measurement.
December 16, 2019

3 Challenges to Facebook's Advertising Business: Regulatory Pressure, Platform Changes, Product Change

Facebook's advertising business is mainly facing regulatory pressure, platform changes, product changes 3 challenges. The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires companies to...
December 16, 2019

Artificial PK Smart, Facebook Ad Marketing for you to pry users around the world!

Content outline now, the era of global links of information explosion, the corresponding traffic portal is also full of flowers, for the international popular overseas marketing construction model, Facebook ads ...
December 16, 2019

After analyzing 750,000 Facebook ads, five conclusions came to a conclusion!

Facebook ads look simple, but there's a lot of content that can be optimized for better results.
December 16, 2019

15 Ways to Optimize Facebook Ad

Do you want to get a better return on your investment with your Facebook ads? To get the best out of your ads, you need to make sure your ads reach the right audience.
December 17, 2019

360 and other Chinese companies on Facebook ad blacklist: suspect ads to deceive user

Foreign Internet companies are imposing the toughest regulation of advertising content in history. According to information obtained by First Financial Reporter, Facebook on February 8th sent a number of domestic advertising agencies to...
December 17, 2019

Facebook Ad Trilogy (I)

Backstage on Facebook, you can see different advertising purposes, and the first step we're talking about today is to apply ads that enhance brand awareness/post interaction/video viewing/coverage...
December 18, 2019

Facebook Ad Map Tutorial

Facebook Ad Auction Facebook Billing Method CPM: CPM represents the cost CPC per 1,000 impressions: CPC stands for single link click cost 4, footage specification...
December 18, 2019

Facebook ads can't get their hands on it? This entry-level dry goods you have to read!

Introduction: Before you create a Facebook ad, you need to understand and select your marketing goals. Here are some of the buildings that can help you evaluate and select the campaign goals that best fit you...
December 18, 2019

Facebook's "fast-track ad" revenue surges, Zuckerberg predicts replacement of information flow within six month

According to Facebook's latest financial report, advertising revenue in the first quarter of 2019 was $14.9 billion, up 26% year-on-year.
December 19, 2019

Secrets behind Facebook ad's high click-through material

Because Facebook displays ads based on ad quality scores, the more likeyour your ad is, the higher the quality score, the more chance smaller it will be.
December 18, 2019

Official update! Facebook's advertising policy Q.A., check it out

The creative material is a lot of people on the mobile phone screen to send you a message, is it free tonight? The creative material is a map with coordinates and user images 5. Mobile main body app promotion...
December 18, 2019

The Pacing Algorithm Behind Facebook's Advertising System

The system estimates its likely click probability Pacing as an algorithm for adjusting the pace of spending budgets in Facebook's advertising system, an analogy to running athletes: premature sprints mean...
December 18, 2019

Facebook Ad Auction Winning Secrets (below) - Reasonable scheduling to maximize ad return on investment

All Facebook ad accounts are operating according to the auction mechanism explained by the master of the total rudder to everyone, even if the master's own advertising account is not exceptional scheduling mechanism in the layout optimization should...
December 18, 2019

Facebook Game Industry Advertising Policy Guide

Facebook ads are no exception. First of all, all the graphics you use in your ads must be consistent with Facebook's value synostic and user experience.
December 18, 2019

Basic Awareness of Facebook Ad

Since there have been many partners to consult about Facebook's advertising business in the near future, it is necessary to use this article to give you a brief introduction to the operation of FB Ads. First...
December 17, 2019

Facebook Ad Serving Tutorial

Watch the performance of Facebook ads on different pages. When a new ad post creates a new ad post on Facebook, the first choice is the form of the ad. Facebook...
December 18, 2019

After Baidu, Facebook is also in the pit of fake ad

Facebook's fake advertising campaign is little different from Baidu's that year.
December 19, 2019

Take stock of common BUG collections and solutions for Facebook ad accounts in June

Please wait quietly for Facebook to fix the change of personal number try to re-publish ad seven, no new assets error prompt: can not add a fan page. Please try again later or contact...
December 16, 2019

Facebook ad and mail marketing tie up to make orders fly!

So when this time comes to pass, if they see your Facebook ads again, they've already made an impression that the "user education" in the early part of the mail has been completed, and that's when the ads start...
December 17, 2019

Can Facebook ads still explode? Actual case sharing

Following the above monthly sales of $1 million is not a dream . . . After a full set of video ads, we want to continue talking about the way Facebook ads play.
December 17, 2019

Is Facebook's ads really working so well?

In the last two years, mobile advertising product innovation has two stars: one is a facebook-based original ad, the other is an incentive video ads.
December 18, 2019

Facebook: Advertising is our job, and it shouldn't be blocked by software...

Andrew Bosworth, Facebook's vice president of advertising and corporate platforms, said: 'In recent years, more and more people have adopted ad blocking software, especially outside the U.S., according to Andrew Bosworth.
December 18, 2019

How does Facebook's ad-scale pain break? Here's a free answer.

It's a headache for a lot of Facebook ad marketers, and when the more ads there are, the more difficulties multiply so that in order to simplify the threshold for Facebook delivery to the maximum extent...
December 21, 2019

Facebook Ad Goals How do I set your ad goals?

Facebook ads are very diverse, but they can only be most effective when you focus on what you want to achieve. First, let's get to know the Facebook ad endings...
December 19, 2019

Q1 Digital Ad Report 2019 Read: Facebook Ads Overall CPM Drops to $3.16, Instagram Fast Snap Ads Still In Bonus Period

Information search and social remain the two biggest engines of growth in ad spending, Google and Facebook... according to the 2019 Q1 Digital Advertising Benchmark report released by Marin Software this week.
December 19, 2019

Facebook Ad Foundation 2: How to set up your Facebook ad account

In this chapter, we'll discuss how to set up your Facebook ad account after 30 days at the Facebook Marketing Academy to double your ROI...
December 18, 2019

Don't step on the thunder! New rules for Facebook ad serving are in effect

Teach you to expand your Facebook ad size while still ensuring a good ROI Facebook ad serving: CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) and AP (Auto Edition) ...
December 16, 2019

E-sellers, do you have these 8 misconceptions about Facebook ads?

Most sellers have some misconceptions about Facebook ads that lead to below-average return on investment, overspending, and unoptimized ads, which ultimately lead to Facebook's wide range of...
December 20, 2019

"Real practice" Facebook ad format detailed

1. In the "Advertising Identity" here, select the corresponding home page, if there is no FB home page need to create 2. In the ad level, click on "Create Ads", select "Carousel" 3. Select "Picture" 4. Fill in the "Title", "Description" and other information 5. Fill in the URL, "Show connection," select "Call to Action" and other information 6. In the conversion tracking here, binding the corresponding pixel code, click on "publish" such a carousel ads to create a complete, here are some of the creation of carousel ads notes, you advertisers pay attention to the next Oh
December 19, 2019

Facebook Ad Audience: Why is Facebook ad serving so accurate?

The above is the content of the Facebook ad audience, if you have any questions can be sent a message by the public number, or contact xiao editor (micro-signal: yinolink) feedback.
December 19, 2019

Reasons and solutions for Facebook ads to be rejected

1. Misleading content: The most common misleading content is that your company or product is the first or best in the whole region, country, or even the world, but you do not have the relevant proof provided by a third party company. That is, the user believes that your ad has some actual and does not have features of the picture (such as adding a video playback button on a still image) 2. Contains inappropriate content: such as adult content, controversial content, profane words, misleading, forged documents, including spyware or malware links, etc.
December 17, 2019

Foreign trade people must know about the Facebook ads run 8 cautionmachines! 5-minute foreign trade cl

Come and tell you about some of the cautions you need to do with Facebook ads to help you get more money today! 1. Select ingy business goals when creating facebook ads...
December 26, 2019

Detailed tutorial: Multi-account ad data analysis gospel! Facebook Efficiency Tool Excel Report (FAME)

Bring you a very practical Facebook ad account analysis god - Excel version of The Facebook Ad Manager. Advertisers often use Excel to manage ads...
December 27, 2019

2 Strategies for Facebook Ad Expansion

How to do a good job of Facebook ad expansion? If you ask different Facebook marketing experts, the answer is certainly different. Do a good Job Facebook ad ad expansion is not a dish after all...
December 26, 2019

Knock on the blackboard and draw the point! Facebook Ad CBO Best Practices Strategy, where the valuable experience of advertisers is here...

You can refer to the CBO article we wrote about Facebook ad ad , CBO, which is enforced by Facebook, so that you will do more with less!
December 27, 2019

Facebook Ad Account Problem, See this is enough

In the previous Shoppingify store and Facebook ad-serving basic series of articles, I believe you have mastered the Facebook profile, the page, the Facebook store and so on the most basic...
December 27, 2019

Dry Goods - Facebook Ad Copy Quick Facts Tips to Boost Your Click-Through Rate

Want to write a compelling copy of your Facebook ad? Want to know how to make your Facebook ad work better? There's good visual creativity (video or image) and no...
December 21, 2019

One day to learn Facebook ad serving (10,000 words long)

Check if Pixels are installed correctly 3 Create Facebook Ad 3.1 Ad Account Structure 3.2 Create Ad 1 Pre-Run 1.1 Create a personal account First we need to register a...
December 27, 2019

Explore the price of Facebook's ads in 2019

To date, Facebook has nearly 7 million active advertisers, and data shows that 26% of users buy their products by clicking on Facebook ads....
January 10, 2020

The most detailed Facebook ad delivery tutorials in 2020

Facebook ad streaming has always been an independent stand children's shoes mind, there are many through Facebook ads to obtain a large number of orders of foreign trade people, with the chinese people in recent years...
December 30, 2019

All sellers! How did my Facebook ad account break up?

Follow click on top and don't miss cross-border e-commerce size slots you often encounter the blocking of Facebook ad accounts, then when your Facebook ad account is...
December 24, 2019

Facebook . . . Just an ad? You're double-sealed again?!

Facebook ads prohibit the use of hyperbole and unsubstantiated statements that induce and mislead users with such statements, resulting in a negative user experience, which is blocked by Facebook.APP...
December 24, 2019

Revealed: $10 to start Facebook ad reviews? Is it really that cool?

Mr. Wang wechat: wsir-life the second half of this year is said to be cool amazon measurement methods: Facebook ads , Artificial Intelligence messager chat , precise match target people to do...
December 25, 2019

7 Tips to Reduce Facebook Advertiser's Acquisition Cost

5, variable testing Most users at any time have 2-6 active Facebook ads. If not tested, then this is a good number.
December 26, 2019

Dry Share: Facebook Ad Copy Tips for Selling Private Collections (Part 2)

How did Facebook ads fail to work? How did they get blocked as soon as they cast ?... In fact, Facebook ad delivery is full of tricks, before our service number posted Facebook ads...
December 26, 2019

Dry goods , Facebook ads are always ineffective? Maybe you should read this article.

Facebook Ad Copy Tips 1. It's not long to get an early audience's attention for users to interact with mobile content. Data shows that 47% of the value of mobile video is delivered in the first three seconds....
December 26, 2019

How do I reach my target audience by serving Facebook ads?

And Facebook has naturally become the premier advertising media choice for these overseas companies, the realization of precision marketing is one of the important work, the following is a brief description of how to use Facebook ads...
January 02, 2020

Facebook Ad Foundation 5: Create your Facebook Creatives and Copy

The 30-day Facebook Marketing Academy to double your ROI and then follow up on Facebook creatives and ad copyisis is one of the key advertising elements that determine the success of your campaign....
December 17, 2019

Some real-life experiences of Facebook ad

Warming up an account with a fan page that never posts and has a high level of interaction with users, the ad thousand shows will cost a lot more. Facebook wants you to leave users on the site because...
December 27, 2019

"Budgets are burning" and Facebook ad spending is tied to these eight factors...

Follow click on the top Hugo network, do not miss cross-border e-commerce size run Facebook ads, no less to "fine-cut", if you want to develop a more practical, reasonable wide...
December 25, 2019

From the desktop to the mobile side, Facebook ad serving and these learnings...

Facebook advertisers can choose to run new or existing marketing campaigns, so that reading ads can complement awareness and brand ingress.
January 07, 2020

How is the algorithm of Facebook ads calculated?

CreationMedia Your professional online promotion consultant sits on how Facebook ads are calculated by performing algorithms. Merchants running ads are nothing more than one purpose: to make money.
January 13, 2020

Second bomb on Amazon: Facebook ad delivery setup process and cost impact factor

Facebook Ad Serving. Today, let's take a look at how to run ads on Facebook.
January 09, 2020

Facebook's principle of ad-serving bidding (above)

Facebook ads, this year's hottest, do off-site must not leave Ta, but this one of the tao, really too many.
December 26, 2019

The Facebook of Extreme Ad Creation

Facebook ads are about pushing you the information you might want when you're not quite sure what you want. There's a big difference between the two filters.
December 25, 2019

Facebook Ad Target

Facebook Ad Goals While Facebook ads are very diverse, they can only be most effective when you focus on what you want to achieve.
December 24, 2019

What does Facebook Ad Format look like for ads?

The above is the content of the Facebook ad format, if you have any questions can be sent a message by the public number, or contact Xiaoxiao (micro-signal: yinolink) feedback.
January 12, 2020

Facebook sets up local advertising technology team to attract Chinese advertisers Morketing Global

China has been Facebook's second-largest advertising market, reporting revenue from more than $5 billion in 2018, second only to $24.1 billion in U.S. revenue.
January 10, 2020

Case study: Spend $10 a day running Ads on Facebook, and one month later...

Record edgy 30 days on Facebook.Source:Instagram If you know a little about Facebook ads and have a relatively small budget, and because you hear you're going to "burn the money"...
December 23, 2019

Climb the Facebook Creative Gallery (with tools attached)

The other day, a classmate asked me if I could grab the ad material in my Facebook ad library and automatically send new material for the specified product every day as needed. Facebook's ad library theoretically...
January 09, 2020

Ad optimization column - Facebook ad delivery results improve, reasonable bidding strategy to go first!

So 95% of advertisers choose to bid automatically rather than manually in the process of running Facebook ads. It's worth noting that the value of automatic bids fluctuates with the market...
January 15, 2020

How can Facebook creatives be optimized?

In fact, the key to how effective Facebook ads are is two: one is the analysis of the audience, testing your understanding of the audience and how to use tags to find the exact audience.
January 10, 2020

Why is the CPM gap between different categories of Facebook ads so large?

First say the wrong idea: ----- Facebook should be no manual intervention----- Facebook ads in the same region of different categories of users of the cpm gap is very large.
January 10, 2020

How does Facebook Ads Choose the Right Marketing Target?

Facebook ads offer multiple marketing goals that can help you achieve your business goals. Marketing goals are actions you want people to take when they see ads.
January 04, 2020

How to play CBO (Facebook Ads)

Long time not see, I am the third operation Wang, I have not updated the soft text for a long time, not because I changed the industry, did not do Ali International Station, but to do Facebook advertising ...
January 12, 2020

Which is better to put cross-border seller ads on Amazon and Facebook?

For many people, Facebook ads are actually an intrusion. For many users, Facebook is just for sharing or connecting with friends and family, and the frequent occurrence of a wide range of...
January 02, 2020

Learn to run Facebook ads one day, how to put Facebook ads to the right people!

Ad groups, promotion sons and promotions avoid name repetitions Facebook's ad account structure actually consists of three levels: campaigns, ad groups, and ads.
January 18, 2020

How can I take fewer detours in your Facebook mobile game ads? (front/mid/late)

Poor advertising tends to backfire. Papaya Papaya Mobile is An official Lynupa Mobile, An official facebook agency with a wealth of experience in running Facebook ads.
January 18, 2020

Big Curry Analysis . . . Facebook and Google are 'cracking'

A platform focused on media convergence, media technology and industry development, will we see the decline of Facebook and Google's dual monopoly in advertising?
January 18, 2020

Operating Notes . . . Hey! Here's a Facebook creative shelter guide for you to check

Ads-to-post Facebook currently has 70%-80% of users most lying online with their mobile phones, so the right side of the site has fewer opportunities to show the ads, most ads tend to flow information...
January 11, 2020

How Facebook ads set your audience

This issue looks at how well Facebook ads are performing, and the setting of your audience is a very important determinant. When creating an audience, you need to think carefully about what's most likely to be your product, service, or...
February 07, 2020

Facebook campaign budget optimization: Will it work? A $1000 experiment

This is the structure of Facebook's campaign, and the CBO has raised its budget from adset level (blue box) to campaign level (green box).
February 13, 2020

Facebook Ad User Value Division and Corresponding Optimization Method

Then Facebook will choose the user who prefers to place a shopping order exposure ads (and judge the corresponding most likely users to be exposed based on the category/product you serve), the conversion will...
February 20, 2020

CBO FAQ Questions for "Teach You to Play Facebook Ads" serie

And CBO is The Facebook advertising platform automation, intelligent witness and product. Under the influence of internal and external factors, the use of CBO is more domestic game manufacturers to achieve overseas delivery...
January 27, 2020

Facebook Marketing 5: Learning to Use Ad Delivery Tool

Photo City: Manila Philippines This article We learned the process of creating facebook ads. First, open the commercial advertising platform's ad management tool: click on the top left corner of the green...
March 03, 2020

There are foreign teachers how to advertise advertising_Facebook advertising, have to say the propaganda skill

Today' little editor and group to share, Facebook advertising tips! First, use Google Ads advertising before to do a comprehensive and careful survey of the customer group, make it clear...
February 27, 2020

Facebook ads don't change! Beware reset the learning phase of Facebook ad

Shortly after launching your new Facebook campaign (or editing an existing campaign), did you experience fluctuations in ad performance?
February 27, 2020

Ad review column - Facebook ad release policy content updates and interpretation

1. Facebook's Ad Release Policy Update January 29, Facebook Update Ad Release Policy, explicitly targeting the promotion of certain health, beauty and medical procedures (including: Laser...
February 27, 2020

Facebook . . . A secret to increasing ad conversion rate

Many things are not the best but better, Facebook ads are no exception, always through a variety of techniques and means to optimize and optimize, attract more customers, improve conversion rate.
February 22, 2020

Facebook Ad Product Update

Facebook Ad Update Facebook Advertising Proguct update Asks What is Facebook?
February 28, 2020

Four factors contributing to Facebook's decline in ad performance

Let's first look at the next indicator, first time impression ratio, which is what percentage of exposure is the first time your audience shows it for a certain ad group on a given day...
March 03, 2020

2020 Facebook Ad Ultimate Guide

We'll use the different features of Facebook ads. We should treat it as a must-have tool. Here's a look at how Facebook ads are run and different stages...
March 04, 2020

Video: Teach you everything you need to know about Facebook ads and how to get to the harvest for your customer

Teach you everything you need to know about Facebook ads and how to get what you're getting for your customers.
January 30, 2020

How does Facebook ads optimize product-to-pop products?

In fact, the optimization of facebook ads is far more than these content, including similar audience tests, turn off those poor performance of the ad group and so on.
March 09, 2020

Want to know about a competitor's Facebook ad? Get to know Facebook Ad Library first

Facebook has been pushing for greater transparency on its platform after cambridge analysis, launching a search tool for political ads in the US in the middle of last year, as well as adding...
February 27, 2020


Understanding Facebook's new mobile advertising policy is critical to how to develop a 2020 delivery strategy. Many advertisers see Facebook as an important part of their marketing strategy....
February 27, 2020

Is your ad getting worse? Facebook ad frequency Do you set the right

This can seriously damage your Facebook ad performance. As you can see, the more frequency you increase, the more click-through rates drop, and the higher the average cost per click.
January 19, 2020

Lin Shuai Select Foreign Trade News: Facebook, which has been seeking to tap into China's online advertising market, has set up a new technology team in Singapore focused on China's advertising business.

Lin Shuai Select Foreign Trade News: Facebook, which has been seeking to tap into China's online advertising market, has set up a new technology team in Singapore to focus on China's advertising business.
January 19, 2020

The second-generation credit system went live today; Facebook shut down WhatsApp ads; Gansu Province opened WeChat PayPal to pay social insurance premiums...

Facebook shut down WhatsApp ads on January 19th, and the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook was shutting down ads in WhatsApp al-Like and cutting out ads as a whole.
February 27, 2020

How to use Facebook's campaign budget optimization to improve result

With the CBO, Facebook continuously monitors the performance of each ad group in its campaigns and distributes budgets to the best performing ad groups in real time and automatically, so that...
February 29, 2020

Dry Goods . . . Facebook Ad Performance Analysi

Facebook's advertising management tool, Facebook Ads Management, helps us view your ad account data in real time to keep abreast of the overall performance of our ad accounts....
March 23, 2020

Content update notifications! Facebook Ads - Shopify Selection - Instagram Promotion

v-pxsSZMGNfwo?t?8.facebooka tutorial s. product recommendations, novices are right...
February 27, 2020

Independent site Facebook Drain, what metrics can measure the effectiveness of Facebook ads?

Do you want to know if your Facebook ads are effective? What key metrics should you track? In this article, you'll learn about 7 key Facebook ad metrics you need to know,...
March 25, 2020

Facebook Ad Term Collection

This improves advertising performance. API integration integrates customer data systems from customers directly on Facebook for real-time understanding of offline activity data for the business. App event logging users...
February 03, 2020

Will user likes boost Facebook ad performance? A $1000 experiment

Algorithms and ad optimization thinking . . . and forgetting that Facebook's main goal is for people to interact with posts and comments. So in this experiment, we'll look at social ...
March 25, 2020

Express Facebook ad review slate; "Group Buy" feature on Instagram; LinkedIn posts conversation ad

MON01 Facebook is affected by the outbreak, and the ad review is expected to be delayed Facebook's announcement that, given the critical situation in which the new crown outbreak is spreading around the world, the platform and its partners...
March 25, 2020

Tips for marketing to relevant audiences with Facebook ad

Before Facebook creates an audience, you should think carefully about the characteristics of your existing customers and use that information to create a Facebook ad audience.
March 25, 2020

Facebook Ads and Facebook Tips Collection

Do you often feel confused when you run Facebook ads, and don't know how to solve some problems when you run Facebook? It doesn't matter! Wanquan Cloud is ready for everyone...
February 19, 2020

Four general concepts of Facebook ad

"No social, no marketing", we do cross-border e-commerce, presumably all understand Facebook advertising, that how to play Facebook marketing, and see Wanquan Cloud Academy to bring you...
March 13, 2020

7 of the most overlooked Facebook ad marketing tips, which one do you miss?

Here are seven of the most overlooked Facebook ad marketing tips to see what you're missing? 128 Law When creating a Facebook page, pay attention to the content...
March 25, 2020

Facebook video ad copy guide, check it out!

Facebook's Split Comparison Test (A/B Testing) can help us choose to separate different ad copy ideas from...
March 04, 2020

Unlock Facebook ad account setup in all its aspects, and details of CBO's operational strategy

From setting ad goals, scheduling and budgeting, setting a target audience to selecting your placement and material, Facebook ad account scares up...
March 26, 2020

Facebook's advertising business still hit by traffic under the outbreak

And Facebook's advertising business is still under hit. Traffic and usage have indeed increased, as people have to stay at home and be isolated and have an online conversation with friends and family、...
March 25, 2020

How big is the impact of the outbreak on Google and Facebook's advertising revenue?

As the U.S. economy hits the brakes, big digital advertising platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter are already feeling the "spring chill.、..."
January 18, 2020

To protect the user experience Facebook wants to allow users to decide whether to receive specific ad

Facebook is recently developing a new feature that lets users choose whether to receive ads from Custom Audience advertisers," according to foreign media reports.
December 29, 2019

Beyond Facebook's ad text limit

It took me a while to discover a Facebook ad that would make the Facebook text overlay unrecognizable.AI finds one of the rules that follows the text overlay is to view...
January 21, 2020

Is your Facebook ad account blocked? How can I restore my Facebook ad account?

Follow click on top and don't miss a cross-border e-commerce one day, you may sign in to your Facebook ad account and then find your account blocked by Facebook...