$10 to start facebook ads and artificial intelligence tests?

  The coolest Amazon review method recently: legendary facebook ads+Artificial intelligenceMessengerChat, accurately match the target population for the release assessment.

It is said that the whole program down, the follow-up effect can be done3-5A us dollar assessment. But also can accumulate a large amount of massive real private traffic, to their long-term use. Such an enticing scheme, as if Amazonians would miss the next era if they didnot !!!

So what is the matter with this method?

This approach requires four basic conditions:

1. A facebook ad account

2. An Artificial Intelligence Chat Tool

Target population data

4. More than one advertising officer and the operations team responsible for evaluating docking


Condition one: A facebook ad account (a few hundred dollars)/1000U.S. dollar start)

If it is a corporate account, the starting top-up is 1000 u.S. dollars of advertising fees, you can open an account. That's pre-recharge.1000U.S. dollars. If you encounter a high starting top-up requirements, you can contact us, need to dockfacebookaccount opening a first-level agent. Add Assistant WeChat:damaijiaff, you can dock. (Note:facebookAdvertising agents, first-level agents on a few, second-level agents have a lot of home. )

If you open a personal account, due to the domestic facebook personal account advertising instability, the recommendation is to register or buy a foreign personal account, a few hundred yuan a. Ad account recharge there is no starting requirements, you can think how much to charge on how much.


 Corporate account, starting investment: $1000.

Personal account, start-up investment: no money, or a few hundred yuan.

Condition two:An artificial intelligence chat tool ($10 a month, shown)


  The aia chat tool, which has been running abroad for many years, costs about $10 a month.

  Look at the bottom of this picture below:

Summary: This section will cost10Dollars a month.

Condition three:Data on target population (dozens of dollars) VS Cost of Other Data Services Tools)


   If you use the buyer's mailbox where you have purchased a competitor's product on Amazon, and the buyer's mailbox for wishlist, go tofacebookMatch the crowd, and then put the ads on, how good? (Note: There are tools on the market that crawl Amazon's buyers'profiledata, then compared with the database with the large mailbox database they stocked, and picked out both Amazon buyers andfacebookThe user's mailbox data comes out. )

However:Familiarize yourself with the audience data for facebook adsfacebookAdvertising veteran sage knows that mailbox packets must be recent2-3Months infacebookThe active users above can accurately target the target population when they are launched.

 So:Amazon above the buyer's mailbox, need to meet the following conditions:

1. The amount of data is large enough to be accurate (e.g. hundreds of thousands of users with beauty products in the hundreds of thousands of wishlists?) )

2. These users will also buy similar products again (products such as wedding dresses, users will not buy similar products again)

3. These users recently posted on Facebook2-3Months are more active

Meet these three criteria at the same time many users, can help you filter users?

  This is a very critical issue.

  The question is not answered first.

Let's consider another angle first!

So is facebook the alternative to more efficient access to this data?

There are, of course, alternatives.

WeCan can be added: damaijiaff/18820209509. Private chat.

Summary: This part can be replaced by other methods without spending money.

Condition four:A Facebook ad-serving persona to and an operator who evaluates docking

  How much it costs to hire a facebook ad on the market:2w/Month?

  Of course not!  

 There are several big sales on the market that rely on facebook ads (annual sales)10more than billion called big sale),You can look at the salaries of their facebook ad-per-view staff.: 4000-4500Yuan(Renminbi)/Month.

So can Amazon's rating ads be a little lower without so many fancy tricks? (4000 yuan, can not be low ... )。

Then with the existing operators, training is not possible to do this thing, I think it is possible.

As for the evaluation docking of the operators, your shop if you do quality, operators do this along with the line, do not have to recruit specialized personnel?

Summary: This part is used by existing people, without additional input.

It's only $10 for the four conditions above, and you can drive it.So why don't so many people do it?Because someone who needs to be able to control the whole processAdd WeChat: damiajiaff/18820209509 to understand the overall process

Here's dessert.
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