5 amazing facebook ad tools to say goodbye to FB ad troubles (with steps)


For most sellers, Facebook's ads are complicated, and they don't always understand the steps to do so.

Fortunately, some of the tools are very convenient and useful for people who are not proficient in FB ads (some of them can be great even for professionals).

Here are some of the facebook stories from successful sellers abroad.       

2012I ran my first ad on FB in 2003 and posted on the forum for it, and since then i've been on a long "advertising road" and the things I've done are getting more complicated.

And now I have more options when It comes to creating ads again. I can create different audiences, different creative options, new ad types and new pixels.

Some of these ads are created in a very simple way, for example, directly in Ads Manager, and its creation page is intuitive and easy to understand. But some ad types are really complex and tricky, and that's when we need to use Facebook's advertising tools.

一,Pixel Caffeine

What is pixel?

If you have a website and run regular ads, you need pixels. It enables you to build a precise audience, and he can measure conversions, for example, if you can see if a customer's purchase spree is coming through advertising.

It's great, isn't it?

But pixel still has two troubling problems:

1, increasing your site audience, creating pixels is relatively simple. Just add one or two lines of code, but adding conversions is more difficult. Add it only to a specific page (for example, a thank-you page). Especially if you run a WordPress site.

2Instead of targeting all visitors to your site as an audience, targeting some of them to qualify. For example, I like to target people who browse podcast articles on my page and link them to bclinics, as well as visitors who run to my Facebook blog as targets for my audience. In order to do this in Facebook's Ad Manager, I had to manually copy and paste the URL of each blog to the interface to tell it the page i wanted to build the audience.

It was a long, boring and terrifying process.

How to solve:

Pixel Caffeine is a free WordPress plug-in from AdEspresso. This FB advertising tool solves "many problems" that contain the above questions.

Solve the problem one

Let's see how Pixel Caffeine simplifies pixethe installation steps of the .

First, install this plug-in and follow the steps to bind it to your FB account. Select the pixel ad account you want to crawl, and then select your piex.

So the main pixel is installed, and then adds its conversion factor, click Conversion events:

1)Name this event

2)Link conversion factors to the page you want to add (such as a welcome page or a buy success page)

3)Select the type of conversion to measure

4)Click on Create Tracking

Problem Solving Two

FastTarget a precise audience:

1)Click on the Custom Audiences tab

2)Name your audience

3)How often you fill in your information (days)

Like in Ads Manager, you can choose a single url to build custom users, or select those who have viewed in a specific category of the site, or those who have visited a page or blog with a specific tag as your audience.

I love this feature. That's where I built my precise audience.

So Pixel Caffeine will collect audience information for you, and then you can Ads ManagerFind this information for easy participation in campaigning.

Price: Free

Next, I'll cover the next few equally useful tools in the next article, with the steps.

(Editing by Ehn Rayking)

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