7 moves to simplify the pre-testing and post-delivery process of Facebook ads



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This year, there have been structural changes in the way Facebook's ads and ads, along with Facebook's Instagram and Messenger platforms, have changed. For advertisers, there are challenges for advertisers to adapt to new placements, Facebook audience targeting strategies, ad types, Facebook ad tools, and machine learning.

To help you better take advantage of your new Facebook ad, here are seven Facebook ad tips:


Take advantage of Facebook Power 5

To optimize your ads on Facebook, many advertisers do a lot of work manually. But in fact, Facebook's machine learning algorithms do most of the work for you.

Facebook Power 5 is Facebook's automated ad strategy that helps advertisers improve ad performance and return.

The bright thing about Power 5 is that advertisers don't have to choose a placement, but instead can use all of them. And Power 5 will find a better ad for you, expand your budget, and cut the budget for other ads reasonably, ensuring that all bids are on the cutting edge.

This is useful for advertisers because you'll have more time and energy to focus on other things like ad creativity and ad testing.


Create interactive Click-to-Messenger direct ads

Facebook Click-to-Messenger direct ads are one of the most efficient tools advertisers can use.

Click-to-Messenger direct ads are presented with a "call to the language" button attached to an ad that appears on a news feed, and users click on the button to jump to the branded Facebook Messenger interface instead of the brand landing page.

(Source: searchenginejournal.com)

And, of all Facebook ad goals, including traffic ads, conversion ads, and so on, click-to-Messenger direct ad boot registration fees (CPL, or Cost per Lead/Cost-Per-Acquisition, commission spending on the number of successful registrations) are also relatively low.


Run Instagram Story

Instagram's user engagement is among the highest of all social media platforms, so many businesses choose to run Instagram Story ads.

The Instagram Story feature has been used for advertising in recent years because instagram Stories have a relatively low cost of a single impression of all Facebook ads, but millions of people view Instagram Storie every day.

(Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, Instagram Story, Snapchat CPM (Thousand Show Fee) Comparison)

Note that if you choose to run these ads, your creatives should be optimized for Instagram Story formats, including vertical orientation, text, emoji, GIFs, and more.

In addition, you need to be aware of the use of call-to-appeal language. The Swipe Up feature in Instagram Story lets users take the Story up to the advertiser's pre-designated landing page.


Use Dynamic Footage

The Live Footfeature feature is a very useful tool in Facebook Power 5. Because, for Facebook ads, material is a top priority, a group of creative, well-organized material can make ads have more opportunities to stand out, so advertisers are constantly testing what kind of advertising ideas will be more popular with customers.

In many cases, you don't just have one set of materials, you don't have just an advertising copy. Often, you need to upload many ads at the same time, each changing only one element of the footage, and then arrange with different audiences to test how well each ad is performing to decide whether to continue running or suspend it. Such extensive testing and optimization is a drain on time and budget.

However, Facebook's dynamic footage feature automatically arranges and delivers different creative materials. The system further optimizes these elements by selecting the various components of your ad (images, videos, titles, descriptions, and call-to-word buttons, etc.) to combine these elements into different creative solutions and deliver them to your audience to find better-performing creative portfolios.

(Source: searchenginejournal.com)


Use Campaign Bid Optimization

Another utility in Facebook Power 5 is the Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) algorithm.

Previously, advertisers had to manually allocate budgets to individual ads or ad sets that performed better in your campaign, and that was a lot of work.

(Source: searchenginejournal.com)

With the CBO algorithm, the CBO will automatically do this part of the work for you to optimize your ad budget and improve time efficiency.


Use Facebook Ads Library to monitor competitors

Facebook Ads Library is a relatively new tool that just came out this year.

In Facebook Ads Library, any user (not even an account) can search a database of all live ads on Facebook.

This is a great tool for advertisers to make their ads more effective by reviewing competitors' behavior.

(Source: searchenginejournal.com)

You can use it to research competitors to see which competitors have the longest time to run.

That way, you can view what's valid or invalid for your Facebook ads, and manage and create your own ads.


Remarketing ads with Sponsored Message

Sponsored Message, a sponsored message, is a unique remarketing tool for Facebook that allows businesses to send messages to their existing Facebook Messenger contacts. As a result, Sponsored Message has become one of the main ways advertisers can reach an existing target audience.

Sponsored Message ads are not visible on Facebook Feeds, but only to users in their Messenger inbox. The experience is also more personalized for users.

The Blenders Eyewear case shows that Sponsored Message ads get 10 times more clicks than other Facebook ads.

Small knot

New technologies and new ad settings have dramatically changed advertisers' Facebook ad delivery strategies. To be able to take advantage of new technologies like Facebook Power 5, as well as new placements like Instagram Story and the true value of new features such as Facebook Messenger ads, advertisers need to update their ad formats in a timely manner and have a greater level of trust in machine learning.

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