After analyzing 750,000 Facebook ads, five conclusions came to a conclusion!

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Recently, AdEspresso released a report. The report analyzed 752,626 ads and reached five conclusions.

This report will help you better understand how the best-performing ads of 2018 are produced. The report analyzes the ad text, detailing the call-to-action terms and links used by advertisers, with a large number of cases.

While Facebook ads may seem simple, there's a lot of content that can be optimized for better results.

Before you get to the point, review the basics:

The content of Facebook's ad text mainly includes the title, body, link description three parts.

The balance between the three determines whether the ad will attract viewers to continue reading, clicking and so on. Finding the balance between the three as much as possible is the skill that marketers need to learn.

Here's a look at what the five conclusions of the survey are!


The average length of the body is longer

The length of the title remains around 5 words, but the 2018 average text length of 14 words has increased to 19 words in 2018. Marketers should focus on optimizing content to reach a more engaging audience.

Positive case:The title is simple and clear in its text.

Negative case:The title is standard, but the text is too long and boring. People don't have the desire to read, let alone click on ads.

Of course, just talk about the number of words, do not look at the content of the advertising text are playing hooligans. The most important thing is to keep the perfect balance between the number of words and the attention of the content.

Here are some proven strategies for developing the best title:

1) Use numbers at the beginning of the title;

2) Create a sense of urgency through limited-time offers;

3) Clarify your proposal (avoid being too vague);

4) Ask questions that people want to answer.


Link description shorter

The average number of words described in 2015 was as high as 18 words, but after three years, the average word count was reduced to 13 words. Why is there such a change? Let's take a look at one.Negative exampleLet's go:

The text already mentions the management characteristics of Upserve, and the link description repeats it again without providing any new messages. At the same time, the number of words is too long, making the whole advertisement seemvery crowded.

Positive example:Although the weWork link description is less than the 13-word average, this four-word link description highlights more content in the body.

According to an official Facebook survey, users have less than eight seconds of attention to an ad. Don't use your long sentences to challenge the user's limits.


More ads highlight floor-to-ceiling links

The report shows that nearly 90 percent of ads highlight floor-to-ceiling links. Highlighting floor-to-ceiling links in your ads eliminates the middle steps.

The Williamstown Theatre Festival, a non-profit organization, puts the link description in the middle and uses to reduce the number of linked words.

While it's almost useful to use floor pages, if your marketing goal is to find potential customers or convert, be careful not to actually take action on the ad viewer.


70% of ads use the Call-to-Action Button (CTA)

How many call-to-action buttons are used: Learn More, None (not using CTA), Shop Now, Sign Up, Book Travel.

Choosing the perfect call-to-action button isn't as simple as you might think, which is why the CTAs that people like to use on the list have been changing in recent years. As of 2016, nearly half of all ads did not use CT, and by 2018, 70% of ads used CTAs, with the top three CTAs being "Learn More Shop Now" and "Sign Up."

Facebook has three main types of advertising, with the goal of increasing brand awareness, increasing purchase intent, and conversion. While using the five call to action mentions above proves to be effective, using other call buttons can also make your ads unique. Sometimes, like Send Message, Image Click (the image itself CTA), CTA buttons can work better.

Positive case:The New Yorker could have used simple call to action, "Buy Now" and "Know More," but "subscription" was more in line with his marketing goals and more able to distinguish it from general advertising.

Facebook is also rolling out new call-to-action buttons.


Richer ad types

Finally, more and more companies are deciding to be creative with Facebook's ongoing new advertising offerings.

Traditional ad types are still relatively large, but there are many other types of advertising that appear more creative. The trend of video advertising is on the rise.

There are some suggestions for video ads:

1) Show the most important content in 5-10 seconds before the video;

2) Use the basic color;

3) Merge the scrolled text.

While you need to focus on this new trend in video advertising, you can't ignore the effectiveness of image ads. Because of 2015, image advertising has been consistently consistent and consistent.

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