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Nowadays, the era of global links of information explosion, the corresponding traffic portal is also full of flowers, for the international lying overseas marketing construction model, Facebook advertising has become an indispensable way for cross-border e-commerce out-of-site drainage, Facebook custom creation marketing, Become a profitable promotional tool for cross-border e-commerce.

In the face of Facebook, a social giant with 2.66 billion active users, user ad delivery and marketing promotion have become a major source of social port traffic to large amounts of overseas network traffic. And can it be cut in precisely? Truly effective promotion of the effects of receiving social drainage? Become a direct reflection of the effectiveness of user advertising.

Many sellers feel most strongly about Facebook, and huge overseas traffic and accurate and efficient marketing have become the biggest pain point for users trying to promote Facebook marketing.

Facebook's ad creation, performance tracking, service management, and post-optimization often miss opportunities due to the efficiency of time, editing, and scheduling, and marketing and actual promotion.

Users often in shaping the idea of the explosion, create marketing promotion, but also in the product picture, copy and editing, the other side of the industry competitors because of the efficient creation and promotion of advertising marketing and lost the original shaping of the unique. learned that many sellers on the Facebook account of the operation and services are often through the operation team's manual management and operation mode.

Platform sellers in shaping the burst of Facebook advertising in the early stage, need to promote the model, product pictures, descriptions and other home page display to be manually edited, which caused the time node on the efficiency of comparison, manual practice efficiency is far less intelligent automatic editing.

Effect 100% overseas free intelligent marketing promotion

How to achieve intelligent and automated creation of marketing ads on Facebook?

One point of investment, a percentage return.

With Facebook's advertising management platform, papaya cross-border help, without the need to turn the wall to centralize advertising;

Can directly from the Amazon platform store to extract product Listing information, automatic use of templates, 2 minutes can create 50 Facebook ads, to achieve the efficiency of advertising 1:60 breakthrough;

The online debugging provided by the scene-based application and creative tools can continuously optimize the visual effects of Facebook ads and achieve the best state of copy and color optimization.

Papaya Mobile can not only solve the problem of users running ads on Facebook, the full Chinese interface operation is a great convenience for seller users, users can sign up to sign in can be permanently free of charge, without turning the wall can complete Facebook marketing promotion, one-click set ads creation, tracking, Feedback and actual effect optimization of one-stop service.

Highly intelligent, automated, for platform users to save nearly 95% of human and time costs, is the world's leading algorithm-winning mobile big data advertising service providers, deep lying overseas advertising for nine years, footprints have been the world's top mobile traffic platform, committed to Chinese enterprises successfully out of the country to provide 100% effect marketing solutions.

Visual feedback on ad delivery

Facebook Ad Performance Driver and Feedback is another powerful feature of papaya Mobility.

Jason, the business director of Papaya Mobile, says:"Out-of-station drainage is a very detailed work, the main shortcoming is the store to complete the drainafter after the actual effect tracking. As the official agent of shopify in China, papaya can help customers through shopify to build the brand website to meet the platform requirements, and both the role of the off-site drainage middle page, filter some less accurate traffic, access to the most comprehensive advertising report analysis. Report details how many people clicked, how many people put into the shopping cart, how many people finally paid, how much advertising was paid, how the conversion was, and so on. "

Papaya Mobile can provide the fastest creation speed, rich and varied advertising forms, as well as the most comprehensive delivery analysis report, when the user completes the pre-fabrication strategy set, papaya mobile will also automatically compare with the system internal CR or ROI minimum indicators, automatically sense real-time delivery effect, if necessary, stop delivery to reduce unnecessary losses.

Driven by the supply and demand of cross-border e-commerce market and the trend of globalization, in the face of vast overseas markets and large consumer groups, sellers are often unable to see the loss of consumer purchasing power, shrinking market and at a loss.

Facebook in this cross-border wave can be said to be a rising tide, and automated advertising marketing promotion of papaya mobile is driven by this trend, to help sellers gradually get rid of the time-consuming, inefficient bad estrangement, to achieve the global buy, global sales of cross-border development of the new situation!

"Fujian is a blessing for cross-border e-commerce, and the global market has all opened up under the new trend of mobile social e-commerce, and grasping new opportunities for industry development has become the rule to lead the entire cross-border export B2C market," says Jason. "

Aug 23, 2017

Westin Hotel Xiamen

A theme"New forces at sea"The Facebook and Papaya Mobile Cross-Border E-Commerce Summit will be held at the Westin Hotel in Xiamen.One-stop marketing promotion "public performance", Paypal official, ESG and many other cross-border e-commerce industry experts to explore new opportunities for the development of the industry, for Fujian sellers to provide overseas marketing and promotion of the green channel, to achieve high-quality goods sold around the world!

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