Basic Awareness of Facebook Ads

Since there have been many partners to consult on Facebook's advertising business in the near future, it is necessary to use this article to give you a brief introduction to the operation of FB Ads.


First you have to register a company's public home page

That is to say, FB ads are published in the name of the company's home page, which is a big premise. As follows:

Note: How to register for a Page, seeHow to create a Facebook pageArticle.


Then we'll explain from the following 5 points

1. About The Layout

From the following image we can see the main placements of the three FB Ads: the News Feed on the PC side, which is a fair circle of friends;

The form of the specific advertisement is as follows:


In addition, because Facebook has developed or acquired a lot of other software, so its ads can also be run to Messenger, Instagram, Audience Network.

Note: If you're a developer of a website or app, Audience Network allows advertisers to expand FB ads to thousands of premium websites and apps over the Internet. It's consistent with the principle of seeing Google ads when we go to a lot of websites.


2. About the form of advertising

Mainly divided into single pictures, video, picture carousel, we take the mobile phone side as an example.

Here's a complete display of your ad content:

1. Include the name of the home page;

2. It will be indicated that it is sponsored content (in order to make it easier to distinguish whether it is an advertisement);

The text (1-2 sentences);

4. A display of pictures or videos or carousels;

5. CTA button at the bottom;

Single-image ad


A single video ad for up to 15 seconds can upload your own video or add several images to your video using a video template provided by FB.


Picture carousel ads, can add up to 10 pictures, a one-time display of more content;


Regardless of the type of ad, there is a Call to Action button at the bottom right that you can choose from according to your needs, as follows:


3. About advertising objectives

From the general direction, there is brand awareness, purchase intention, action conversion three major categories.

What are the types of advertising that are more suitable for foreign trade companies or cross-border e-commerce?

1. Interactive Rate - Page Like Ads: Let more users become fans of your company's Page, and when users like and follow your Page, your posts posted on the Page will appear in the fan's news feed;

2. Access - Access to the official website: through advertising to allow users to go to your official website (home page or product details page or other page);

3. Interaction rate - post interaction: by promoting the popular product or new product post interaction, increase the likes, comments, sharing of this post, encourage users to inquire about this product;

4. Message Engagement: Attract users to send inquiries via FB messenger to your company's home page;

5. Lead development: through the lead advertising form, a large number of potential customers name and mailbox;

6. Interaction Rate - Event Response: Create the company's exhibition event page, publish the exhibition information and exhibits information, through advertising, to attract more users to participate in this event, and to visit your booth;




4. Target audience for ads

FB Ads is certainly not delivered out of thin air, and we need to identify the following before publishing an ad:

1. Countries placed in the region: are resident people in these areas, or those who have been there recently, or those who have just moved to these areas, or those who have been travelling, can choose from their own;

For example: recently in Frankfurt there is an industry exhibition, then choose Germany, you can even choose the exhibition center within a radius of how many kilometers of the area, we can choose users as the people who go there in the near future, then the audience is likely to be exhibitors or visitors.

2. Age: the age group where the client has the decision-making power to purchase;

Gender: free choice;

4. Language: do not need to fill in by default, if your target is to say Chinese people in the UK, then you can fill in the Chinese here;

5. Audience segmentation targeting: fill in industry keywords or product keywords;


5. On budget and scheduling

The amount of money served, the start date of your ad, and the time period you run are all controlled by yourself.

One of the things to note is that the delivery time is more intelligent, if you serve in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Thailand, the three countries have different time zones, set the time is working hours (9:00-17:00), the FB system will automatically according to the country's time zone to the local 9 to 5 o'clock ads.


With a brief introduction to the above 5 points, I hope you have a preliminary understanding of FB Ads.

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