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How competitive is Facebook advertising?

Usually, what we call "FACEBOOK" actually includes the entire Facebook family, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, and so on. It is understood that in 2019, facebook has nearly 2 billion users. More intuitively, almost one in three people over the age of 13 worldwide is a Facebook user.

And Facebook ads still have a lot of hits. Statistics for the year to April show that Facebook users clicked on 11 ads per person in 30 days.

As you can see, Facebook's "business capabilities" are still "very good". So how do you do better ads online on Facebook?

Facebook Image Ads

According to Buffer's research, there are several forms of popular images on Facebook:

First, toLululemonFor example, some brands use images to highlight copyright notices and call-to-call language in advertising articles. Of course, pictures can't be used in a uniform layout, especially if the productyou you're selling is a physical or digital product.

However, you can use natural posts as a test platform to test which images have ad value. For example, you can first post a picture as a natural post for a Facebook Page, and then, depending on the performance of the post, promote content that performs well, especially with high participation rates, and you can figure out what type of visual sand and copy is easier to stir up water in the Facebook community.

Facebook Video Ads

Another popular type of Facebook ad is video. There are two main tips to note:

First, brand-created videos need to be highly "visually communicative" and don't prevent users from getting your information, even when the sound is turned off. Data shows that up to 85% of Facebook videos are played and viewed in silence, so the videos you use in your ads need to be able to visually communicate their views. If necessary, you can use video captions to help express your message.

Second, it is recommended to use square video instead of landscape video. Because you need to juggle the viewing experience on your mobile device and desktop, landscape video doesn't perform well on your phone.

According to Buffer's research on multiple social media platforms, square video outperforms landscape video in terms of video views, engagement and completion rates. Some square videos are viewed 30 to 35 percent more than horizontal videos, and more than 80 to 100 percent more engaged.

If you only need to run ads to your mobile side, consider using vertical video. Otherwise, you'll be advised to use square videos to make sure your ads work well on any device.

Facebook Ad CopyWriting

Whether it's an image ad or another type of Facebook ad, another important element after the visual effects is the call-to-appeal. How are you going to convince people to click on your ad?

Here are some of the more recommended practices:

You can direct the call-to-action language to Facebook Event. Predictable benefits include that users will stay on Facebook instead of going to a new site, which could increase your click-through rate, and that users can send Event to their feed and appear on their friend's feed after filling out an RSVP form and selecting the Yes option. And when a user returns to your Facebook Page again, it brings extra exposure and hopefully brings you more fans.

You can also add social authentication (comments, pictures, etc.) to your ad copy. You can even name the Appeal button "View Comments" or "1000 plus Google Reviews" directly.

Use instant Experience Storefront. Instant Experience ads allow you to create full-screen, mobile-only ads in your Facebook app. You can think of this ad as a mini-landing page that allows people to participate in your ad campaign without having to quit the Facebook app.

Provides users with a rich visual experience and helps increase and maintain user engagement while highlighting your brand and products.

Pay attention to the relevance of the ad content and landing page. Because, in addition to ad optimization itself, Facebook ads and landing pages are less relevant and can also affect conversions. If you write on your ads, various offers, but when users click on your ad to jump to your product page, if you find that your page products and advertising products are very different, the information is not perfect, it will easily affect the user's confidence to buy.

Therefore, it is also important to optimize the landing page to ensure that the ad map and landing page image are on the same horizontal line, so that users do not feel too much of a drop. In addition, you'll need to add contact information and contact your email, improve social features, and more. Finally, try to go through the purchase process yourself, and don't "discourage" the user who was supposed to place an order because of the deficiencies in the purchase process.

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