Facebook ad and mail marketing tie up to make orders fly!

These days there are always people in WeChat asked me, small editor you why do not FB outside the traffic of the article? In fact, so far we have not out of the system of the article to tell, but the site before the land has been some in the release. In fact, these articles are also a summary of the experience of some of the marketing gods abroad, but no one has found and translated (the latest information on the operation, because some of the small features are constantly changing), and the official activities are also small in the development. Recently FB official has held an event in Shenzhen, conditional sources of information sellers should have been involved.

Today's article is about how Facebook ad combines with direct mail to do marketing.

1, ready to upload mail data to Facebook

Direct mail data is valuable for FB marketing. Usedirect mail can send FB ads to potential FB users at the same time, which is also a kind ofreach The customer's way.

Create a CSV file first, import mail data to BusinessManager or Ads Manager, import as much data as possible, because you can create a few more factors later with FB to create customer positioning, and the more accurate the positioning. The factors are shown below:

Because this data is more, it is best to set up an Excel table, the CSV file contents into, each column contains a title, like this:

(If you still don't, Facebook hasA detailed description of the data format

https://www.facebook.com/business/help/606443329504150?helpref?faq_content-data, click on the original text, and use the hyperlink directly after entering the website)

2to create a custom audience

When the first step is ready, open Facebook's Ads Manager或Business Manager,找到Audiences tool

Click Create Audience, select Custom Audience, and select Customer File user files in the pop-up window.

You can also add user profiles that you saved previously:

Next we'll upload this you created.CSV file, will be prompted when you upload.

Then create customers based on the factors uploaded, the most basic is the practical name andzip code, of course, the more other factors, the higher the match.

If there is too much data, the upload time may be slightly longer, just wait.

3, set up different sign-in pages for direct Mail and Facebook Ad

Direct Mail and Facebook ads each require a login page so you can see how well the customer responses from these two different channels are.

It is very important to include this item on the landing page that causes "conversion", the so-called "conversion" project, may be a video, it may be a coupon downloaded by the user, or it may be a purchase directly, these behaviors can help you understand the user's behavior.

4To target "remarketing" users

For users who go to your site without creating a conversion (no clickvideo, no coupons downloaded, etc.), they're your remarketing target.

Then you need to set up two additional custom users, one is the abandoned mailers, the landing page that accepted your email but didn't get into the message, and the other is the abandoned Facebook user, responding to the ad (see, read) but did not act on the people.

The creation process is the same as the first audience above.

5, stagger mail and FB ads at the time

In general, it takes a long time to get from sending a message to the user, to the exposure of the message content to the user, to the user's response to it. So when that time comes to them, if they see your Facebook ads again, they'll be impressed that the "user education" in the early part of the mail has been completed, and that's when the ads will maximize their role. This cycle is usually 1 to 2 weeks, so the mail and FB ads to put one after another, is a step-by-step combination of punching way.

In addition, the creation of competitive activities should be maintained in the creation of a certain degree of innovation, segmentusers, differential treatment:

1)People who have browsed the message but have not logged in to the page

2)People who have viewed the landing page but have not converted

3)Browse the people whose landing pages have been converted

For the first part, you can email again to ask the reason in a euphemistic tone and invite the other party, for the second, you can use a more direct than the first tone to guide the other party to form a transformation.

The final step is performance monitoring, pay attention to how often your ads are clicked (related to your audience base) and the effect of forming a conversion, make timely adjustments.

(Editing by Ehn Rayking)

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