Facebook Ad Auction Winning Secrets (below) - Reasonable scheduling to maximize ad return on investment

Advertising auction, learning endlessly. Don't think you're learning.Accurate lying and creating high-quality adsyou'll be able to travel all over the world. Walking rivers and lakes, pay attention to the skill is not pressure body, this child a total rudder master open edgy, and then teach you a trick - reasonable schedule, with this magic weapon, you can control the pace of advertising, maximize the return on investment of advertising.

Reasonable scheduling, the most affordable delivery opportunities into the bag

Successful advertising requires "three pairs", the right time, the right people, the right information. Facebook's scheduled mechanism gives you the freedom to set a specific time when your ad reaches your audience, allowing the right information to meet the right people at the right time. With proper scheduling, you can also help you maximize your ad's return on investment by adding the most affordable delivery opportunities to your pocket.

The user with different price codes shown above is on the timeline, excluding users who exceed the budget, and the rest are within delivery range. The following two charts will show you how different the ad's delivery and the cost of a schedule will be.

If you don't schedule, the system will help you match your delivery opportunities as soon as possible, i.e. as long as the price of the ad delivery opportunity is lower than your bid (As shown in the lower left corner of the color label), it is possible to win the auction. This will cause two problems:

  • Spend your budget too early:When you want to run a long-lasting marketing campaign, not scheduling will lead to premature budgeting and weakness.

  • Higher advertising costs:Resources are likely to be consumed in the more expensive installation share when the early stages are highly competitive, and missed the opportunity to deliver at a lower price later.

If the scheduling mechanism had been applied, the situation would have been very different. As the green label user below the figure shows, the budget is more evenly distributed over the set ad time, allowing:

  • Marketing campaigns are smooth and continuous

  • Be able to avoid some of the most competitive, high-priced placement opportunities and get the same, or even more, install share at a more affordable price.

It's like a race, running too fast at the beginning easily leads to weakness, running too slowly and physically excess. Ad scheduling tool is to help advertisers balance their efforts in the campaign to run ads, better use the budget to get as many opportunities and conversions as possible, and maximize the return on investment of ads.

Specific how to schedule, immediately for you to detail the way.

Facebook's scheduling mechanism is detailed

Under Facebook's schedule, you can:

  1. Set the date and time when the ad starts and ends;

  2. Set to deliver at a specific time period (such as a period of time in a day or day of the week);

  3. Set the pace of delivery: Provides standards and acceleration options.

Ads can be launched after they have been reviewed and approved by Facebook. Typically, the review process can take up to 24 hours, and a small number of ads require longer review times. If you schedule your campaign to start immediately, your campaign will start running as soon as the review passes, and if you select a specific delivery date and time period, your ad will automatically run based on the time in your audience's time zone.

How to choose the pace of delivery? Reference may be made to the following guidelines.

Standard Delivery

Characteristics:Spend your budget evenly throughout your campaign and reduce your bid when you can spend less, so that your budget is maximized and you're aiming for a "small spend on big things." In fact, the standard delivery is the use of just introduced scheduling mechanism for delivery.

When to use:In most cases, Facebook recommends standard delivery.

Accelerated Delivery (Accelerated Delivery)

Characteristics:Spend your budget as quickly as possible to find the right launch opportunity. The system will prioritize delivery speed over delivery efficiency. In fact, accelerated delivery is to abandon the use of the just introduced scheduling mechanism.

When to use:When advertisers have a high budget and marketing campaigns are time-sensitive and need to be quickly targeted at users within a specific short period of time, you should consider using accelerated delivery.

In order to ensure that the system smoothly schedule ads, do not frequently change bids, budgets and other advertising settings, because:

  • The system takes time to reschedule:About 30 to 60 minutes, which can cause advertisers to miss out on quality delivery opportunities that might otherwise exist during this time.

  • After the ad settings are adjusted, only the secondary optimization effect can be achieved:The scheduling mechanism helps advertisers find the most affordable ad delivery opportunities based on historical data, and a change in ad settings can lead to a lack of comparison with historical data and the need to "start all over again." Sometimes complex, huge ads can even take two or three days to get the system back to its previous momentum.

Important reminder: There are Chaoyang people claim that some Facebook ad accounts have the privilege of serving optimization, where to open such accounts cloud, so that many advertisers and people eat melons, the chief rudder in this careful statement:There's no such thing.! All Facebook ad accounts operate according to the auction mechanism explained by the head of the rudder, even if the head of the company's own advertising account is no exception

Application of scheduling mechanism in layout optimization

After understanding the scheduling mechanism, let the master of the main rudder to extend to everyone to a practical tips. When you launch, you'll see the options selected for the placement (Placements). The master of the main rudder pat chest strong lying to give everyone advice to select all the plates. Because this can minimize the advertiser's price, the maximum amount to the maximum. What do you say? The truth is that this gives you the truth:

If we only click on Instagram, we can naturally only schedule for you by the users in the existing Instagram page, and if the average Instagram CPM is just too high at the time, your average bid will be higher, even if there are a few low-cost Instagram users available at the time.

And if we only click on Facebook and Audience Network, we'll only be able to schedule your placement in the existing Facebook-Audience Network. Even though Facebook and Audience Network have individual low-cost users, there may also be individual over-expensive users who pull up the overall average CPM.

If you click on all the places in advance, the system can find the cheapest users from all of the Instagram and Facebook and Audience Network user base through the scheduling mechanism to help you get the cheapest and most affordable amount on your existing budget.

Today's Facebook family spans Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network, and more, with a large user base; All you have to do is tick all the placement options and have Facebook's powerful smart system optimize for you.

Good ad auctions - high-quality creatives , correct bidding , reasonable scheduling, plus placement-optimized tips, and the second phase of a dry-filled Facebook auction tutorial that will make you say goodbye to the unsuspecting launch of the teenage years - this time you get it?