Facebook Ad Delivery Cost and Optimization Recommendations for Asia Pacific

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Recently, Nanigans, a social mobile adware provider, released its "September 2015-January 2016 Facebook Ad Campaign Profile for the Asia Pacific Region" based on its customer delivery. Last year, Nanigans received an investment from Cheetah Mobile. The report data covers Both Facebook's PC and mobile side, excluding Facebook Exchange and Instagram.

The report notes the situation of CTR, CPC and CPM on Facebook in Australia and New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, India, South Korea and Southeast Asia, as well as recommendations for advertising optimization.

First, the following is the average delivery data:

Facebook Ad Price and Optimization Recommendations for Asia Pacific

Australia and New Zealand:CTR is 0.9%, CPC is $0.67, CPM is $6, with mobile advertising spending at 79% and PC 21%.

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan:CTR is 0.6%, CPC is $0.47, CPM is $2.82, with mobile advertising spending accounting for 86% and PC accounting for 14%.

India:CTR is 2.1%, CPC is $0.12, CPM is $2.54, with mobile advertising spending accounting for 77% and PC accounting for 23%.

Korea:CTR is 1.1%, CPC is $0.36, CPM is $4.01, with mobile advertising spending accounting for 95% and PC 5%.

Southeast asia:CTR is 1.5%, CPC is $0.11, CPM is $1.61, with mobile advertising spending accounting for 94% and PC 6%.

Second, the following are the optimization recommendations:

Australia and New Zealand:Facebook carousel ads (images or videos) are a proven way. Facebook users in Australia are more likely to click on carousel ads, with mobile app ads with 68 per cent more click-through rates than non-carousel ads and 128 per cent more click-through sprees on linked ads. So making eye-catching carousel ads can get better results.

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan:Video advertising accounts for an increasing proportion, with 33% of mobile advertising spending on video ads. In addition, the Hong Kong market, do not fear the use of English advertising. Compared with Chinese ads, the app installation rate of English ads is higher.

India:88% of Facebook's mobile advertising costs are on images and 12% on video ads. However, as mobile infrastructure improves, the proportion of video advertising will increase. "Recommended personalization" ads, such as "tailored for you" or "you might like" can achieve better results.

Korea:Mobile advertising, especially hand-travel advertising, dominates most of the market. Seventy-five percent of Nanigans users spend on mobile app ads. For a mature gaming market like Korea, focus on video ad servings to maximize click-through and installation rates.

Southeast asia:PC penetration is low, and mobile dominates. Mobile costs account for 77% of Facebook's ads. Because of the large number of regional languages, each region needs to need to localize ads, to achieve optimal results.

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