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Owned more thanFacebook, the world's largest social network with 2 billion users, is sure to be a marketing treasure trove every business wants to explore. How can You connect to global opportunities with Facebook ads?


1, advertising process

Ad process settings


Ad levels and settings

Overview of ad accounts



Ad target purchase type

1. Auction Of The

2, coverage and frequency Reachand Frequency


Campaigns:Choice of advertising goals

2, ad audience analysis

Ad audiences by type include: Core, Custom, Similar Audiences

Core Audience:

Facebook's core audience is the audience that marketers develop based on demographics, regions, interests, and networks

Custom Audiences:

Customer List Custom Audiences

Site Custom Audiences

Mobile Custom Audiences

How do I choose which audience to target?


Offline event custom audience

Interactive Custom Audience

Similar audience:Create similar audiences that are similar to existing customers with generated custom audiences, with the same or similar traits that may be reflected in region, age, gender, interests, behavior, and so on, so that ads reach more people who care about your business

3, Facebook ad auction



How Facebook is billed

CPM : CPM represents the cost per 1,000 impressions

CPC: CPC stands for single link click charge


4, material specifications

Facebook Ads Footage Specs

Single image click / conversion ad


Single graph form: 1200 x 628 pixels

Picture aspect ratio:1.9:1

Text:90 characters

Describe:25 characters

Link description:30 characters

Carousel Picture Click / Conversion Ads


Carousel form:600×600\1080×1080

Picture aspect ratio:1:1

Text:90 characters

Title:40 characters

Link description:20 characters

Fan page picture like ads


Page likes picture form:

Picture size:1200 x 444 pixels

Picture aspect ratio:2.7:1

Text:90 characters

Title:25 characters

- Interactive Image Interactive Ads


Post Engagement News Feed

Picture size:1200 x 900 pixels

News Feed image aspect ratio:4:3

The picture aspect ratio of the right column:1.9:1

Text:90 characters

Facebook Ads


1. Image size - - Set the dimensions according to different marketing objectives and advertising forms (single picture/carousel)

2. Picture quality requirements - - High definition

3. Text on pictures (text on pictures follows 2/8 principles) - Text on pictures does not exceed 20% of the size of the picture

4. Picture text ratio test link


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