Facebook Ad Optimization Tips and Strategy Use

Facebook ads have said a lot before, because there's so much more to learn about doing Facebook ads than Google ads, but its advertising potential is also great and it's worth it for advertising.

Today to share some of the tips for doing Facebook ads, simple and quick, but useful.


Clear advertising goals

If you don't have a clear advertising goal before you advertise, I recommend that you don't run your campaign. Because the ad has not achieved the effect, the basis of judgment is your advertising goals.

When you do an ad, you start by asking yourself:

Do you want the best participation?

Or brand exposure of the product?

Or lead leads to your store?

Or is it possible to get customers to buy directly generated conversions?

Or do you want the more people who like your FB home page, the better?

The ultimate functionality and optimization of your ad depends on your ad goals, so you must identify your ad goals before you create them. Once you've defined your goals, you're setting up your ad plan.

Many people do not do this well, and are not familiar with advertising, when the results of the evaluation of the standard will be problematic.

Like whatIf the ad's goal is engagement, then your ad can only be measured by the level of reach of the post, the number of likes, shares, comments, not conversions, or traffic as a criterionSo, this is particularly important.


Refresh your creatives

We've stressed the importance of material many times, and in Facebook ads, Facebook is more inclined to compare new material.If your creatives are new, CPM will also be lower.

In addition, the target audience will also have a feeling of fatigue on the creative, especially for some target audience, when the ads appear many times, they are prone to fatigue, so to refresh the creative from time to time.

There are several ways to refresh your creatives:

  • Re-creating ad copy

  • Edit images with graphics or filters

  • Convert a video or picture to a GIF

  • Replace the title of the video (3 seconds before the video)

There are simpler ways to also offer it here for everyone:

Change the file name of the video on your computer, then re-upload it to FB as a new video, and republish the video as an ad group, which the FB will think is a new video, although only changed the file name.

But for those who are more diligent, changing the video head will work better and reduce CPM. Of course you can also change the whole video.

If the ad group has several videos, change the order of the video, put the back in front, there will be a different effect. The FB algorithm will think of this as a new creative material.

Again, good material, and the formation of ads, can directly reduce your advertising costs.


Ad A / B test

Separate testing of different creatives to know which ads are more effective and which are not as effective.

The A/B test can test several different ad copy, video, cover map, and even whether there is an emoticon effect is any different. Don't ignore the cover map, it also has a big impact on advertising.

For example, I could test two cover charts and copywritings in an ad group:

Ad 1: Cover Image 1 Copy 1
Ad 2: Cover Image 1 Copy 2
Ad 3: Cover Figure 2 Copy 1
Ad 4: Cover Figure 2 Copy 2

Finally, according to the effect of the advertisement, I can know which cover map and copy will have a better effect, and then i can keep this cover map and copy of the ad.

Special tips, this is not an easy process, you think if you are a person to do, you have to advertise, but also to do material, but also to test, your time and energy is simply not enough, a person should not do (frustration, the chance of loss is greater)

3 people are the lowest configuration, otherwise they simply can't play.


Optimize mobile ad rendering

Now is the era of mobile Internet, mobile Internet is very convenient and fast, the vast majority of online shopping is done on the mobile side, especially to do dropshipping, 99% of the traffic from the mobile side

Then the effect of advertising on the mobile side is good or bad, on your advertising effect has a great impact. To attract potential customers, it's important to create mobile-friendly ads.

Mobile ads can be optimized in these ways:

Advertising copy

Copy as simple as possible refining, so that easy to browse on the phone, avoid the branch to mobile reading brought difficulties.Mobile characters are limited, can not exceed 345 characters, if there are branches, to ensure that the rules and concise.

In addition, the ad copy must highlight your product advantages.For example, you can show the advantages of your ads in these areas:

1. Can alleviate people's worries, avoid injury and danger.

Take, for example, the copy selling point of a wireless camera:Monitor the elderly children at home to prevent accidents.Community and corridor monitoring, crime prevention, once there are unexpected circumstances can be transferred to monitor.

2. Reflect the heat will identify, give people excellent, high-end feeling.For example, you can say how popular this product is, people are crazy about it, absolutely not to be missed.

3. Create a sense of scarcity and exclusivity, which is often used by everyone, such as limited number, time is limited, etc.

Target page

If your ad is intended to direct customers to other pages, whether it's a product page, or a funnel in the middle, or a landing page, make sure that the target page is quickly loaded and functioning on your mobile device.

This is ground-based, but important.

First of all, the target page on the mobile device load fast, can affect your sales, if a page load is very slow, you are not easy to give up to open this page.

Ideally, the page is best loaded no faster than 3 seconds

There are a lot of pictures on the product page that, if not compressed, can lead to longer load times.This software tools.pingdom.com can test the site load time.

The operation is simple, entering the link and test area to test the site load time. If the load time is more than 3 seconds, consider optimizing your page to speed up the load.


Mobile ads are not suitable for horizontal and square formats, and vertical formats (horizontal and vertical screens on our phones).

Vertical-format mobile ads, without rotating the screen, you can fill the entire phone screen, more convenient to browse.

Video subtitles

Generally speaking, video ads are the best, if conditions are recommended to do a video ad. Video ads can be subtitled, which will leave a deeper impression on customers.

Checkout process

Did you check your checkout process on the mobile and computer sides? Is mobile checkout smooth? Is it possible to check out all models of mobile phones?

Using the inspect element development tool, it detects all available mobile devices to see if they can be added to the shopping cart and checkout.


Clear call-to-call language

After the soft text of the advertisement, coupled with the obvious call-to-action language, you can let the person who watches the ad do what you want.

For example, if you want them to sign up for an email list, or to buy a product, or to view your latest video, the call-to-call language can do a good job.

If your request doesn't look like"Registered”“Buy"It's better to be so direct." The use of euphemistic call-to-call language can do a better job.

For example, in the following example, adding a learning more in the lower right corner of the post will allow customers to see more relevant content.

In addition, if you do remarketing, do not use video as advertising material, you can directly use pictures to show, call to the action clear lying, it can be.


Advertising strategy

There are many strategies for advertising, different people have different ways of playing, but today I only say one, and only one sentence:

Research several of Niche's long-tailed keywords, using small-budget adwords as a drain, because these are users who have the intention to buy, later can use this part of the traffic to build a similar audience


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