Facebook Ad Practice Sharing . . . 2.1 How to authorize Admin on Facebook Page pages

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Usually a Facebook companyIndustry page default is its own personal account for admin, then how can we achieve multi-person management of this home page?

First of allLet's take a look at some of the permissions in the current page:




Administrator:  Pages and other executives can be modified



Edit: You can only view the contents and background data of the modified page



Moderator: Ability to respond to comments on pages, post messages, create ads, and view background data



Advertising Executive: Primarily creating ads and viewing data



Analyst: The least privileged, only look at the background data and see who posted which messages on the page

Know the scope of operation of each option

So how to set it up on FacebookAdmin authorization of Page pages?

Look down with the little editor.

Go to the page page and click on settings in the upper right corner

Find the left and click on Page Roles

在【Assign a New Page Role】中

Enter the FB email address that requires authorization

Change the default Editor on the right to Admin,

Last click on Add

Page pages play an important role and authorization requires care. Improper operation by any administrator may result in the entire page being blocked. So before you authorize, make sure that the other party is familiar with Facebook's rules and is able to do so.

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