Facebook Ad Practice Sharing . . . 3.1 Setting up Business Management Platform BM

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If your company has more than one ad account, how can multiple Pages more easily operate FB ad serving and Home Page, this time BM is very important.
Facebook's business manager platform, or BM, is a free FB tool for managing your Facebook Page, Instagram account, audience list, or catalog.
So how to set up BMMake collaboration easierWhat,' and look down on the little editor.

The first step

Sign in to the URL https://business.facebook.com

Click on the top right corner to create a user

Step 2

Enter your Business Manager name

Step 3

Fill in the information according to the prompt

Note: Names need to be valid in English

Step 4

Business Management Platform Established

(The BM's ID can be seen in the link business_id sxxxxxxxxx)

Once the Business Management Platform is created

You can add a home page, ad account, app and so on to business management platform

Step 5

Add a home page

Click on Users and Assets in the upper left corner - click on the home page in the left-hand column

Enter the name or address of your Facebook page as figure 2

When you're done, click Add Home

Step 6

Add a user

(Adding a user is authorizing other people to operate the Business Management Platform)

ClickTop leftAdd a new user

(Enter Facebook's login/bound mailbox and re-enter the email to confirm use)

Many small partners in fb account opening, BM will ask some questions,

Small compilation of a few common problems, you can refer to

Will the closure of an ad account affect BM's security?

The impact of individual ad accounts being blocked on BM is not significant.

Can I file an account without BM?

Yes, contact ES little brother.

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