Facebook Ad Trilogy (I)

Today's push is a mobile Internet advertising science, although the subject is very technical, but the author said the depth of shallow, I believe that even if not the industry, but also very good understanding. The author is also a heavy-heavyweight! Look at it.

Author today:Kisson Lin

Facebook and Instagram Greater China Partner Manager

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Last week we introduced the days and the days of mobile-era advertising, and this week we'll see how to get started.

We go back to the concept of buying funnels. If your brand is not known to so many people, the first step is to let more people know your brand.

In an era when mobile is gradually replacing television, we have more control over our own time, and these fragmented time is stitched together quite impressively, watching seven hours of content every five hours.

But what's the cost of you imagine so much content, the information explosion? Is that we can give each piece of information less and less time.
Do you know what average page time per post on Facebook is?

Table machine 2.5 seconds, mobile phone 1.7 seconds. Try 30 posts in a minute and ask yourself, What do you remember? Which brands? Believe that you can call up, mostly from your friends or you are already familiar with the brand. And cross-border e-commerce, especially the start-up cross-border e-commerce, products are attractive, the price is more affordable, the biggest problem is that consumers are far in the end of the world, before i heard of your brand. If your material is mediocre, thumbs are drawn, how many people's eyes will stay in your ads? How many people can remember it later? Sweep past once, but even the impression is not the words, you said he would suddenly think of one day to enter your WEB site to the online shop to buy? So, whether you are for the purpose of bubbly or marriage, first of all let the sister know you, but how to let the sister know you? Here's a summary of a few tips: timely and instant, sensory stimulation, interactive entertainment, cast their good.

1. Keep up-to-date:

With the hottest topic steaming, Durex is an expert.

For example, the recentfire PPAP, a taiwandigital advertising company used PPAP to show you how to cast Facebook ads.

Of course, the choice of hot topics also have learning, fun topics used to flirt, celebratory topics used to play with music, sad or cause public outrage hot topics can not be casually used, otherwise borrowing chicken eggs to make a bad way to become a fire-taking, will make a clumsy. Such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, accidents and so on. On this, John Oliver, a well-known American journalist, has a hot review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v-Jaf-WhecTSo.

2. Sensory stimulation:

When it comes to sensory stimulation, of course, the richer the media, the better, and studies have shown that the more senses you move, the more you can strengthen your memory. So video is the best way to attract attention and make people remember. And most of the video viewing takes place on Facebook. Guess how many hours of video you watch every day on Facebook?

100 million.

From text, to images, to video, to virtual reality, the world of the future, there will be more and more sensory stimulation. Video is the best way for customers to slow down and stop thumbs. In a few years the video will be as common as today's pictures, then the cost will be more and more low, in fact, now, you use a mobile phone to shoot, and then use the image processor to deal with, can also be low-cost production, the key is whether there is no intention. And the first three seconds of video advertising is the essence, is the key to determine whether people will stop thumb, but in fact remember an ad, two seconds enough. The following ads from Marks and Spencer take this speech directly to the extreme.

3. Interactive entertainment:

Television or paper media can give very little interaction, but the mobile era is different, you can send a message to the brand, you can click /click/click like/comment/share people's ads. The more effective part of interaction than multimedia is that there is the user's active output, which strengthens the memory. Earlier this year, Facebook launched a new type of material, Canvas, to maximize consumer interaction with the brand. It's the equivalent of a simple landing page that puts pictures, text, videos, buttons, all in it and lets the user see it for themselves. And because it's on Facebook, it doesn't have to leave the app to open your phone browser, so it's much faster, ensuring that users don't jump because they can't wait for the page to download. And you can see users in the background for a few seconds, what content to interact with, and these user systems will help you write down, the next time the ad can be directed to them. 

Canvas的制作很简单,到专页 >> 发布工具 >> Canvas,就可以。接下来把你的素材一股脑儿丢进来,再设一下标题,按钮等,就可以生成一个链接,这个链接,你就可以用它来投广告。

4. Cast its good:

The most important thing is to know what your users like, talk to them about what they like, and it's easier for users to notice and remember your brand. Think of what kind of topic to talk about, it is easy to attract what kind of people. For example, you do not move is a three-fold discount, naturally easy to attract price-sensitive people, the unit price is low, and when you want to enhance the brand positioning, improve pricing, these people are also easy to lose. But when you use everyone's longing lifestyle, love activities, admire the group, to attract users, you are selling is the feeling, is a dream, even faith, so that the brand recall rate and user adhesion will improve a lot, the unit price can also be much higher. For example, a hair removal product initially put to the interest of positioning is 'hair removal', 'beauty', 'slim' 25-55-year-old women, the picture is also the same kind of, beautiful women wearing a bikini to show off her glossy thighs, next to a limited time of ¥899 package. I asked him, who would be interested in hair removal? Does the dentist have to find a client interested in tooth extraction? Is your product spicy expensive, what kind of users will often use? Attend public events a lot, or love the sun beach, love to travel, dress up stylishly. Later they used cruise ships, Chanel, SKII, sports, travel, and so on to do orientation, pictures, they changed to summer beach and sea water as the background, the beach put a very beautiful bikini, and add filters. Even models are saved. Users of the brand recall rate and user interaction rate suddenly improved a lot, signed more customers. For example, selling outdoor furniture can add a budding dog to the garden scene, sell wigs to let models walk the red carpet, sell wireless Bluetooth headphones to let models run, and so on. Of course, not everyone applies, here is just throwing bricks and jade, trying to open everyone's brain hole.

Speaking of which you might ask, how do I know what my clients are interested in? We don't know each other. Ha, good question! Here's an excellent tool: Audience Insights. With it, you can find a vaguely defined user base (also fans, website visitors, your loyal customers, etc.), their interests, relationships, even income ranges (for the U.S.) and so on, and which pages they've liked. That way, you can easily grasp their preferences and cast your vote. For example, if you have a VIP customer's mailbox, upload it up and you can analyze their preferences. With this preference to advertise, you can attract a similar group of people. 

Or if you don't already have an ad account, you can go directly to Facebook IQ (http://insights.fb.com/category/people-insights/) to see our research.


With enough material to get the audience's attention, let's see what ads are being cast, where to throw, and who to throw.

Backstage on Facebook, you can see different advertising purposes, and the first step we're talking about today is to apply ads that increase brand awareness/post interaction/video viewing/reach. Later content I will give you a detailed description of these types of advertising in the end what is different, but simple generalization, brand awareness will let the most people remember your brand, post interaction can let the most people by like message sharing, video viewing is to let the most people watch video, the number of coverage is to maximize your advertising exposure. Personal experience, if you have good video content, you can directly do video viewing, if you are a picture, can do brand awareness, if you have a small budget and only pictures, can do post interaction. And the best way is to do a/B test, contrast touch and brand recall promotion, which ads are good, put the budget allocated to that.

Land:These types of ads can be run on Both Facebook and Instagram at the same time, with extra touches, that is, people who only use Facebook or Instagram during your campaign, and people who use Facebook and Instagram during your time. If you see your ad once each, it's much better than seeing your ad twice in one.

People and:For this link, rather than ask who does not know your brand, it is better to ask who knows your brand, so that the rest of the people just do not know your brand, we do a classification between them. So, who knows your brand? Your fans, your website visitors, APP users, people who have seen your videos or canvas, people who have previously purchased your products or registered. These people, you can all circle them in the Audience tool. The rest of the people, then use gender age interests and hobbies and other categories, and other categories, and each group-related ads.

Good, master the key to attract the user's eye, next week we come to introduce, how to take advantage of the hot iron, stimulate desire, just know your sister, oh no, what I'm talking about... Attract just-known customers to the site.

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