Facebook ads, these 8 caution machines Have you noticed?

Many advertisers on the facebook when the ads will have a lot of doubts, why is the same choice, other people's advertising effect is good, conversion rate is high, their advertising performance is not satisfactory? But still not the expected advertising effect ... These problems are particularly common among novice white sellers, most lying because they are not familiar with Facebook's ad-serving rules and systems and don't know how to exert their power. Today YinoLink Yino to introduce you to some of the ad when the careful machine, to help you better run ads, to obtain higher revenue!


Choosing the right business objective

When creating facebook ads, we are asked to choose our own marketing goals. Some advertisers will be eager to convert, so cast a lot of conversion stouss of ads, but the effect is not good, which means that the wrong current stage of business objectives. There are some advertisers who want to convert, but cast "traffic" as the target ad, and then wonder why they didn't issue a ticket... This is that the advertising target does not match its own needs.

From the point of view of the marketing funnel, facebook ads are also divided into"Brand Awareness," "Purchase Intent" and "Action Conversion"These three levels, if it is a new website, in the early stage of the delivery of the strong conversion volume, not only did not give the ad learning system time, pixel code is also likely to crawl data for a period of time, and thus can not be optimized for future ads. Therefore, we should arrange the business objectives reasonably according to the current situation of the website. In the medium term to pull new at the same time, do not forget to do remarketing, explore the customer's life-long shopping value. Poke article to understandHow Facebook's ad goals are set


Don't drive too many ad groups!

Many e-commerce sellers in the category will be obsessed with opening dozens of campaigns, each ad group may have only one ad, but do not know that this is likely to overlap the audience, or in a certain period of time caused their own advertising internal bidding situation.

Over hereRecommend sedators to use CBO(Campaign Budget Optimization), the CBO takes an ad group in a campaign as a whole, allocating more budget as far as possible to the best performing ad groups based on system bidding, maximizing cost savings and increasing reach and impressions. CBO also saves a lot of time, without manually setting a budget for each ad group, and without having to budget for your ad performance. Use CBO recommendations to best with no more than 5 ad groups. poke here to understandCBO things.


Tools for audience analysis

Advertising performance is good or bad, the audience is a very important determinant. If the ad is for people who don't want to see it, there will certainly be no high conversion rate. How can you tell if your ad audience is appropriate? Here we're introduced to you in the three stages before, during, and after creation.

The first is before the ad is created. We can see the audience we want to know in the Audience option of Business Manager Platform. Depending on our own settings and choices, audience analysis tools will provide us with different audience portraits. Based on these images, we can select the target customer base and save it as the audience for the ad, which can be used directly when creating the ad.

The second is in ad creation. If we want to create a new audience and aren't sure how big the audience is, you can use your ad to create a prompt in the right column. In this dashboard, red indicates that the audience range is too narrow, yellow indicates that the audience range is too large, and the green range indicates that the audience size is quite large. WeYou can exclude, filter, or increase audience tags based on the display of the dashboardto set the right audience size for your ads.

Finally, after the ad is created. We need to see if our audience is saturated. What is audience saturation? When you continue to show ads to the same audience instead of new ones, or when people no longer respond to your ads, it means that your audience is saturated. We'll log in to our business management platform, click on Ads Management, and select the ad account we want to view the data. The page jumps to the account overview screen and selects The Ad Group on the right. In "Column", we need to check "Performance", put the mouse in the drop state column, will jump out of a floating window, will appear to view the delivery results analysis of the entrance, click to jump the page.

Audience saturation may result in a decline in ad performance.In the figures, for example, if our target performance and first-time impressions drop significantly, such as a 15.4% drop in first-time impressions from April 6th to April 7th, we can consider showing new ads to our audience or replacing our audience. The first show on April 2nd was 95.99%, which means that most of our ads are first-time. For more on your audience, see:Facebook Ad Audience: Why is it so accurate?


Test! Test!

How to judge whether the creative is good? How to know my audience age? How to determine which of the many products sell well?—— the answer is test! test! test! Want to build a good advertising, testing is essential. Whether it's creativity, material, or audience, delivery optimization, you canTest with A/B test。 In general, the test will give results over a period of about 4 days, and if one of the groups performs well, the test ends early. Based on the system's judgment, we can know which ads will be more liked, choose these winning ads to run, can save our budget and time.

Some people might say that I open two ad groups myself and only set one variable, which is fine? Why do you have to test it? The answer is that we can't guarantee the audience. (i.e., a user may have seen ads in Groups A and B and ended up placing an order, but we can't tell if Group A or Group B had an impact on him) And in A/B test, Facebook's system divides the audience into two groups, as much as possible to ensure that the audience does not overlap. In such a strict environment, the results of advertising tests will be more accurate. A/B test details:Talk about A/B test.


Create ads quickly and quickly with templates

Often customers say that their products are too many, the site is not finished, there is no time to create creative material. So often use pictures of factories, or some network diagrams instead. There are two disadvantages to doing this: one is low quality of material, will directly lead to bad advertising effect, difficult to have high conversion;There have been infringement disputes or reports, and it is likely that facebook will block the ad account.

In fact, in the facebook ad creation process, there are templates can be used to nest, we just need to upload product images and brand elements, using different ways to combine ok. Select Use Video Templates in Create Ads - Multimedia Footage, and then quickly create unique creatives by following tips and your needs in the Video Production Toolbox, which jumps out of the Video Production Toolbox.


Set more granular schedules for your ads

7 x 24-hour run ads too burning money? Ad switch off effect? If you have such confusion, then set a more detailed schedule for the ads!

In the process of creating an ad, in addition to setting the start, end time, long-term delivery, ads can also be accurate to a certain hour of the day. You can shut down your ads during the least active period slots in the Account Overview, which makes it easier to budget your ads, based on user activity. It is important to note thatIf you want to do this, your ad's budget must be set to the total budgetinstead of a one-day budget. When the ad serving time is selected, the time period turns blue.


How often does the ad idea adjust it?

After the successful release of the ad, we need to change the creative from time to time. So how often to replace the footage is more appropriate? There are many dimensions to be referred to, mainly here two:Ad performance and website synchronization。 Ad performance is from the ad itself, when the ad more than 2 times, or the ad after a period of time began to get worse, then you can consider replacing the material. "Visual sense" is very important, if the user has been seeing the same ad, there will be fatigue, then the replacement of material, not only can show the product characteristics in a different way, but also can bring a refreshing feeling. In addition, the material should be consistent with the site's marketing campaigns. If the site of new, limited time promotions or holiday activities, creative materials should also be based on these content changes, to give users a high degree of uniform sense of shopping smoothness.


Focus on the overall effectiveness of your ads, not just ROI

Some advertisers will be dazzled when they see back-office advertising performance, often wondering what key data to focus on, and simply just look at the return on advertising costs. For example, A ads in the first day of delivery out of a single, ROI reached 10, the third day of the second day did not issue a single, ROI plummeted, when the advertiser simply closed the ad, choose to reopen. So cycle repeated. This is not true. Advertising effect is good or bad, should be based on the overall results, rather than simply looking at ROI. ROI is important, but there is a lot of data that can be analyzed, such asCoverage, impressions, thousand stake, single plus purchaseWait a minute. We can optimize advertising based on the response of relevant indicators, such as adjusting the budget, updating the material, rather than seeing the ROI down and turn off the ads directly, so that we never know why THE ROI is low, next time may still make the same mistake. More Ad Effectiveness Analysis Content Stamphere here learn:Facebook Ad Performance Analysis

The above is YinoLink Yino for the advertisers summed up the facebook ads set out by the 8 careful machine, welcome to add WeChat yinoLink into the group exchanges .

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