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Facebook Ad Review Policy

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Consequences of a policy violation

First of all, let's talk about what it might be like to violate the advertising policy.Effect:

🔹 negative reviews from users affect ad ratings and ultimately ad costs

🔹 ads are disapproved, impact level stakes

🔹 account is blocked, resulting in a penalty

🔹 to open an account is subject to more scrutiny and takes longer

🔹 if a product or advertiser is blacklisted, you won't be able to continue serving ads


Facebook Ad Review Principles and Content

Two core principles

1. Business model

Is your business model appropriate to appear on Facebook?

2. Users' reactions to ads

Can your ads improve the user experience?

Two primary purposes

1. Ads can and should help improve the experience of Facebook users

2. Advertisers and their ads can't break trust between Facebook and users

Basic Principles of E-commerce Advertising

1. The product is allowed to be delivered.

2. The content of the ad is true

3. Use the right terms and materials

4. Accurately reflect products and services

Review content

During the ad review phase, Facebook will checkContent for ad text, creatives, audience targeting, and ad landing pages。


Common Minefields and Mine Protection Guide

01 Ad text minefields

1. Clearly and clearly state the products/services you offer

Advertising must clearly and clearly state the company, product, service, or brand it promotes.The nature of the services it provides should be clearly and unambiguously stated, such as direct access to certain content, downloading a game, or a subscription service.

Example: Clearly and clearly state the offer you offer

2. The user's attributes or personal characteristics should not be expressed or implied

WideThe user must not be expressed or implied (including directly or indirectly) that the user has certain personal characteristics, including the user's name, race, age, ethnic origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or intellectual impairment, physical condition (including physical or psychological), financial status, criminal record, or union membership.

Example: The user's attributes or personal characteristics should not be expressed or implied

3. Do not use offensive language

Ads must not contain indecent terms or irregular grammar and punctuation. Symbols, numbers, and letters must be used in a regulated practice.

Example: Don't use offensive terms

4. Avoid misleading or deceptive content and propaganda

Ads must not contain false, deceptive or misleading content and publicity.

For example, the ad copy refers only to "50% discount" and needs to share it after moving to the landing page to get a discount, which is not clearly stated in the copy.

Example: Avoid misleading or deceptive content and propaganda

02 Creative Minefield

1. Do not use images or videos containing adult content

WideDo not include adult content, including display or implied nudity, display or implied sexual activity, display of excessive skin or cleavage, and postures and behaviors that contain sexual innuendo.

Example: Do not use images or videos that contain adult content

2. Do not use misleading buttons

The creative material must not mislead the audience into thinking that the ad has additional features.

We recommend removing the following elements from your ad:

(1) Start button (e.g. triangle to the right of the arrow) or make an ad similar to a video screen or any other button (e.g. pause, stop, fast-forward, or rewind)

(2) Fake notification icon (e.g. Facebook notification icon, or green dot showing someone "online")

(3) Check boxes, radio buttons, or buttons that indicate multiple options/actions (e.g.: Yes/No,""submit"/"cancel")

(4) Mouse cursor

Example: Do not use misleading buttons

3. Facebook References/Platform References

Ads should not violate both brand guidelines when referring to Facebook or Instagram. Content that implies a partnership, sponsorship, or certification relationship with the Facebook or Instagram brands is not permitted, including but not limited to the following:

(1) Use elements with Facebook or Instagram features (e.g. like icon) in your ad, or use Facebook icons, images, screenshots, trademarks or copyrights

(2) Use the all-English lowercase letter "Facebook" when referring to Facebook

(3) Use the Facebook or Instagram logo as the old logo

(4) Combine any element of the Facebook or Instagram brand with another company name, tag, or other generic name, and make Facebook or Instagram the most prominent or eye-catching feature in designing your ad, including "insta" or "gram" and so on, the words are combined with your brand.

4. Do not add too much text to the picture

The image material of the advertisement Chinese should not be too high, xiao seven suggested that we put most of the text into the ad text area, rather than in the ad image. If you have to use text, use a smaller font and reduce the amount of text to reduce the proportion of text in the picture.

You can check the text ratio of the picture through the tool linked below:


Example: Don't add too much text to a picture

5. Cannot focus on a particular part of the body or pain point

The creative material cannot focus on a certain part of the body or pain points, such as abs, hair, stomach, etc.。

Example: You can't focus on a part of the body or a pain point

6. You can't use the material that compares before and after

The creatives cannot use back-to-back comparisons, including advertisements for health conditions, hair loss, medical or dental surgery, skin care, and weight loss.

Example: You can't use footage that compares before and after

03 Landing Page Minefield

1. Landing pages must not be incorrect pages or websites still under construction

2. The landing page must not be a PDF or JPEG file

3. Landing pages must match the products or services promoted by the ad

4. The landing page of the file is not allowed to be automatically downloaded to the user's computer

5. No downloader is allowed to access the landing page of the page content

6. Low rating on the trust page on the landing page

7. Users are not allowed to direct to closed or private groups on Facebook

8. Users are not allowed to jump to www.facebook.com

9. Landing pages must not contain any prohibited content, products or services

04 Audience Targeting Minefields

1. When promoting eligible adult health and care products (e.g. weight loss, medical surgery, vitamins and nutritional supplements), advertising targeting users mustAt least 18 years of agePeople

2. Advertising targeting of alcoholic beverages must beReach the minimum local drinking ageand comply with the specific laws and regulations of the country where the advertisement is served. Even if it is not promoting alcohol, linked websites may promote alcohol advertising must follow these policies.

3. Do not use the positioning option forDiscrimination, harassment, inciting or defaming usersthe purpose of which is not to use predatory advertising.

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