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Many advertisers have the experience of running Facebook ads that spend unstable ad spending! If the ad bids low, the ad can't run out. If the advertising bid is high, it will cost more money. Many advertisers are very upset about how to bid, how should I set my budget, how to set the budget my advertising performance is better? First of all, we have to understand the next Facebook ad bidding strategy, so that we run ads will have a direction.


What is a Facebook ad auction?

Anyone who has run Ad on Facebook knows that Facebook ads don't have a fixed price, and that Facebook ads are obtained by bidding.

We all know, Facebook.The number of users is certain, the advertising layout is also certain, if there are many advertisers want to run ads, it is natural to compete to win the opportunity to advertise exposure.

It's worth noting that Facebook has two main principles, the first is to maximize the value that advertisers get, and the second is to maximize the value that users get. To put it simply,Facebook weighs the experience of advertisers and their own users, and uses the system to calculate that ads will be given to people who might need them, rather than to say which advertisers are at a high price. Instead, the overall value of advertisers is taken into account.

As shown above, Facebook's advertising auction system looks like this, as advertisers,First you're going to give your ad a bid, and then the Facebook system will calculate yourComprehensive valueYour combined value should compete with the combined value of other advertisers, and the high bidder gets this exposure opportunity.

Comprehensive value

What's the combined value? How do we improve our overall value and make our ads stand out among the millions of ads? Let's move on.

As shown in the figure below, the combined value consists of three aspects:

  • Advertiser's Bid

  • Estimated operating rate

  • Ad quality

The comprehensive value includes these three aspects, if we want to improve the comprehensive value, we also need to optimize these three aspects.

How to optimize comprehensive value
  • Bid for Advertisers - Set the best bid and budget

  • For estimated operating rates - to optimize events

  • For the quality of advertising - to customize the content, cast its good

01、Set the best bid and budget

When we want to create an ad, we want to select the campaign here to selectAdvertising goalsIf the ad i choose is toTransformationThat's where the ad group sets the events you're going to convert

Set a campaign budget

Campaign budget hasOne-day budgetAndTotal budgetTwo, if you choose the total budget, your ad will not spend more than this amount. If you choose a one-day budget, the one-day spending may fluctuate up and down, but the overall level will remain at this average.

YinoLink InoI suggest that youSetOne-day budgetWhen the general amount is set to 5-7 times the cost of a single conversion, for example, if your single conversion cost is 10 yuan, butOne-day budgetTo set in the 50 yuan to 70 yuan, because Facebook ads do not have enough budget, there is no way to get enough data to analyze and optimize ads.

Set a campaign auction strategy

There are five Facebook bid strategies:

  • Highest value or lowest cost

Maximize your effectiveness or shopping value under your budget

  •  Maximum fee

Control costs under your budget and get the most out of your budget

  • Bid Cap

Control bids in each auction

  • Guaranteed ad spends on return

Control the return on your ad spend while getting the most shopping value on your budget

  • Target charges

Get a stable single-performance cost

YinoLink InoWe recommend that you understand the pros and cons of these 5 bidding methods when setting your bid strategy, and then choose the appropriate bid strategy based on your advertising goals.If you're running your ad for the first time and you're not sure how much it's priced, it's recommendedHighest value or lowest costBid strategy, so That Facebook will help you find the cheapest audience for your ad goals based on your ad goals, audiences, placements, and more.But after running for a while, the lowest-cost ads run out, and the cost goes up, when the bidding strategy can be set toTarget chargesyou'll get a steady single-performance cost.

02、Optimising events

Optimize events to maximize estimated ad action rates.We can choose how to optimize our ads based on our advertising goals.When my ad goals are for conversions, my ad optimization is conversions, and when my ad target is traffic, my ad optimization is based on landing page views, and the Facebook system estimates the estimated operating rate based on different optimization softens.

So how do I measure whether my optimization event setting is reasonable? 50 conversions a week is a measure of whether optimization events are reasonable, because your ads will have enough data to learn to optimize your ads until you complete 50 conversions a week.

If you're having trouble running your ads low, try optimizing for:

  • High-frequency conversion events, for example, if purchases are low, you can try to increase ad action rates by optimizing Add to Cart

  • Ad serving options, such as when your audience is narrow, you can try to optimize impressions or reach, and when you have a wider audience, try to optimize link clicks

Note: If the problem of under-serving ads is still not resolved, you can use the system's default minimum-cost bidding option to increase competitiveness.

03、Customize the content and get it right

Invest well in your message, so that your message is personalized in scale, and be sure to run ads that are highly relevant to your target audience. In short, your audience wants to set the accuracy, the audience's content has been introduced before the public number, want to understand how the audience set can click on the articleFacebook Ad AudienceYour ads need to be attractive enough, which requiresYour ad format, creative material, advertising ideas to attract people, can resonate with users, so that users can take the next step. These previous public number articles have been introduced, want to understand can click on the articleFacebook Four

AboveFacebook's Ad Auction Strategycontent,If you have any questions, you can leave a message with a public number, or contact Xiaoxiao (micro-signal:yinolink) to provide feedback.We will answer your questions in a timely manner in the Public No.

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