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If you've been to Facebook backstage, you'll find a bunch of tight-knit options and settings, and if you're in touch with Facebook soon, you might be looking at a fog.
In fact, in a big way, Facebook ads are divided into three pieces:

  • Campaigns

  • Ad group


  • Advertising

All the other settings are all i'm going around these three pieces.
There are three ways to create a facebook ad


  • Ads Manager via facebook ad management tool

  • With Power Editor, this piece I've covered in previous articles


  • Boost Post

If a novice might ask a more idiotic question, which type do I choose?

Let's put it this way.Ads Manager this approach, which is suitable for most companies, does SOHO, which is the most commonly used. And if your company is larger, has the ability to play on Facebook, and wants to create ads in more batches, you can start with Power Editor. And the boost post is actually the simplest, is directly to advertise the post, users do not have to go into the background of Ads Manager and Power Editor, set up, you can immediately advertise, simple and convenient.

So to sum up, the most common way to create ads is actually to come to Ads Manager and Power Editor in two forms.
Power Editor's article I've written before, and today i'm talking about Ads Manager's ad settings
We go backstage at: https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/

There are 11 ad options on it, almost as you can imagine, and Facebook is all about it, so now you know why Facebook's annual earnings are so beautiful, and the ad accounts for 80% of his revenue.

Boost your posts
Promote your Page
Send people to your website
Increase conversions on your website
Get installs of your app
Increase engagement in your app
Reach people near your business
Raise attendance at your event
Get people to claim your offer
Get video views
Collect leads for your business
If you want to increase the traffic of the site, you may choose Send people to your website, then this time Facebook will invite you to enter the URL, you at this step I suggest you still make the URL traceable, such as using Google URL Builder (short chains such as bitly are not recommended)
While Facebook has a facebook pixel tracking, it doesn't prevent you from making links traceable, so you can make two-way comparisons and have more data to compare and optimize.
Ad audience
Once you've chosen your ad goals, you'll choose the people you want to target.
About crowd targeting, before I help edted you to pinpoint Facebook's advertising audience, focus ingress with you through Audience Insight to improve the accuracy of ad users, set up, direct preservation convenience later direct use. Of course, you can also set the user you want directly in the background.

Large we can see that facebook's background is divided into the following categories:

Detail Targeting

The Detail Targeting can be divided into several options:


Ethnic Affinity
Life Events
Special attention is paid here,If your set of ads runs particularly well, be careful not to reset them later by saving the user base for those ads.
If we have a set of ads running particularly well, many of us like to change on the basis of the original, in fact, this is wrong. We can reset a new one to run. Don't worry about advertising competing with each other!
Ad price settings
The price setting for advertising, divided into daily budget and lifetime budget two forms
Daily budget: Spending per day over time. It costs at least $5.
Lifetime budget: Total cost over a period of time.
You can also click on Advanced Settings to set your ads in detail:



You can set the time for an ad run, such as running immediately after the ad is set, or you can set the specific time to run the ad at.
Optimization for Ad delivery
For the ad you've chosen, whether to choose cpc or cpm, both of these settings will affect the final display of your ad and your bid. Here you can choose Facebook to bid for you automatically, or you can adjust the price manually. If facebook automatically bid, then Facebook is mainly based on the user's time period to bid, such as Facebook found and your product related to these people, most of them appear at 8 o'clock, then this time, your ads will show a lot (Facebook will be in this time time , centralized to present your ads to your users)
Other advertising settings that everyone should be easier to understand....
There are two forms of advertising that you can choose from in the ad article:
The first is: single-picture or video ads
The second is: Multi-chart Display Ads (Carousel)

The single-picture ad link is shown in the following form:

Multi-chart ad presentation


Notes of single-picture advertising copy:
Text: 90 characters
Title: 25 characters
Picture: 1.91:1
Picture size: 1200x627 (if you want to render the width of the ad image in the news feed is 600)
Multi-chart display ad notes:
Text: 90 characters
Title: 40 characters
Description: 19
Picture scale: 1:1
Picture size: 600x600
On the way back, let's see if these are the settings that have been selected after "send people to your website", different ad targets, and the options given by Facebook are different.


After your ad is set up, you have to choose the type of ad that appears is desktop News feed display, mobile ad display,The right side of the ad show.

Desktop News feed showcase:

Mobile ad display


Facebook's right-hand ad show:


Ad results performance:

You can view facebook's representations by facebook's tracking pixels, or you can click on facebook's ads mamager

What metrics do you want to follow when your ad is set up?


Click colums in ads manager to see the following metrics:
Performance: Ad results, arrival rate, cost
Engagement: Like stoofory posts, page engagement, post engagement
Videos: Video views
Website: Site clicks, billing, payment information, added to shopping cart
Apps: App Installed
Events: How many people participated and how responsive the event was
Clicks: Independent ip access, ctper, click-through
Settings: Time to run, time to end, bid, and choice of ad goals

The above advertising indicators are your focus needs to pay attention.

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