How can you use Facebook ads to make products explode during peak season?

That's right, this issue is about teaching you how to use Facebook ads to make your product explode in a day, with no moisture throughout the day.

So before you look at the article, let's look at the "zhuang) sun (zhuang) graph (bi)...

The chart above is what I've done in a single day with the delivery i'm going to talk about today.
Okay, it's over, so let's talk about how facebook ads are run today, in the following sections:

About video delivery
About Page Similar Audience Delivery
About secondary marketing ad delivery
Below I will be divided into details, the following body.
First, about video delivery:

1, first create a video post, and then upload the prepared video and content, if there is no video, recommend a method, first do a 3 to 5 page PPT, and then use PPT to convert video conversion into video.


2, then create a campaign, ad target to choose "increase video viewing"


Set a good audience range, if the business audience is the U.S. Emperor's side, that the country will fill in the Meidi, interest audience to fill in the usual run advertising effect is better interest audience.

3, after the creation of ads, the following in the selection of a good video below there is based on the user who watched this video to create weight (generally we ignore this place) hook up, and then save.
4, such as the ad ran 24 hours later, the ad background will have this data.


5, select the audience in Ads Manager, and then open


This is the time to find out that there are two previously unarisen audiences, this because we have the choice to save the audience to watch the video when we set up the ad, so this is the automatic generation of Facebook ads, so how do these two groups of audiences define? Keep looking down.

a) A category of audience sits for all who have seen your video;
b) A category of audience is the person who has read your video in its entirety;
Pay attention to these two sentences, the audience who have seen the video in its entirety and the audience who have only seen the video means a completely different meaning to us, the audience who has seen the video may just be a Facebook-recommended ad, and then just glance, or just glance at the person who finds out that he is not interested and then jumps away, But the audience that completely watched the video represents the audience is very interested in your product, this kind of audience is our precise users, with a sentence to sum up the above steps: the use of Facebook video ads, ring accurate advertising audience.
Then we can use this kind of audience to run other ads, such as using this kind of audience to run conversion ads, define the above circle to the audience, set the age, save the ad release, and then track to continue to optimize
2. About similar Page Audience Delivery

1, first in the ads management tool within the audience there to choose to create a similar audience.

2, the source selects the home page name, creates a similar crowd of users who have clicked the page's likes.


3. If your page's likes are from different countries, you can first use Facebook's own Audience Insights tool to analyze the main source countries of the audience, and then select a country where users like it to do a similar audience, which will be more accurate.

4, after the audience is created, you can use these audiences to run ads, ad settings what can refer to the above content.
Third, about secondary marketing advertising

Before we talk about this ad, let's review this articleTalk about SEO and operationsThose things.

Stage 2: The user finds the solution, but does not know your solution.
Stage 3: Users know your plan, but are still hesitant to choose your solution.

Pay attention to the above two sentences, in fact, we do Facebook ads, the ads to the user, the user has risen from stage 2 to stage 3, this time most users have begun to know our products, but not enough to understand our products, also did not consider whether to use our products, So how do we make this kind of audience come to buy?

Take a chestnut, we run ads, first use Facebook pixel tracking to find previously visited a specific website page users, such as car purchase page, this time to think, why so many people into your site, but did not generate a purchase? Is it because of the price issue? If it is a price issue, then we can try to reduce the price of this product, and then define this kind of into the shopping cart page and did not generate the purchase of users, do this kind of user marketing again, do a good copy, choose the material, and then re-advertise.

Of course, we can also create people who have visited specific pages in the last 30, 40, and 50 days, test separately (about Facebook ad tests that read about optimizing Facebook ads), identify the most converted audience, and then create similar audiences and related ad groups to keep track.

Finally, summarize Facebook's ad campaign in a few words:

1, there is a further optimization of high-quality advertising;
2, carrying new content (audience, footage) advertising generation;
3, there is a continuous generation of high-quality ads. 

How's your ad? Tell me.