How do I avoid overlapping Facebook ad audiences?

Advertising on Facebook is never easy. No matter how senior or experienced you are, you will make mistakes that you make from time to time, and what we are going to be talking about today is a very important one.Audience overlapThis is a common mistake that some Facebook ad experts make, and it could make your ad campaign a complete failure.

Although I've seen some budget-constrained advertisers create overlapping audiences, well-funded dads who like to spend money on ads are more likely to get into the trap of competing with themselves. Spending more money and advertising seems like an effective way,But in fact, you spend your own money and compete with your own user resources, resulting in a portion of the advertising budget is being lost.No one wants to waste their advertising money, but the truth is that your advertising is inadvertently wasted. So today we're going to learn some tips on how to recognize audience overlap and how to avoid it.

First, let's figure out, what is audience overlap?

In short, audience overlap refers to advertising campaigns for the same audience in different ad collections. The greater the overlap, the worse the ad campaign performs, and stop wasting your time and money getting the attention of the same audience in two or more ad collections.

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Typically, the audiences we create don't make a big difference to each other. In these cases, we end up paying competing fees for ads and seriously affecting their effectiveness.

To fully understand this problem, what we need to do is to study it.Structure of Facebook ads。 Advertising on Facebook, an ad campaign includes multiple ad collections (Ad Set) and one ad collection contains multiple ads (Ad).There's no problem with ads competing with each other in the same ad collection, because that's what you're creating different ads for, and you want to show different forms of ads with the same purpose to the same audience, and in this way we can test them to determine their effectiveness. And improve Facebook's advertising strategy.

The problem occurs when you create a second, third, or nth ad collection.You already have several ads competing with each other, so we want to avoid further competition. Let's look at a practical example:

Suppose your company sells sports wear online, and you create three different ad collections to target a "unique" audience:

  • The first target audience is defined by interest: you know that most of your clients are fitness enthusiasts, creating a target audience that is interested in fitness.

  • Then you create a second target audience based on demographic data for women between the ages of 35 and 50, because they are considered to be the best customers for your company.

  • To create a third target audience, you used Facebook's Lookalik tool, you uploaded your current list of users, and Facebook generated a similar 1% of the current user base.

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This is a very common set of ad sets, but in this setting it isUser overlapthe problem. These three audiences are likely to have several things in common between them, in particular:

  • Among those interested in fitness, you may find women between the ages of 35 and 50.

  • Among women between the ages of 35 and 50, there are people who are interested in fitness.

  • Since we've used a user-like model (Lookalike Tool), your similar users will include women between the ages of 35 and 50 and people interested in fitness.

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When a user overlaps, we pay more for advertising, but the ad's exposure is limited.The result is more money for less.Fix the overlap of your audience, don't compete with your own ads, and you'll see a big increase in your return on investment.

How do I compare your audience and find out in a timely manner that your audience overlaps?

Facebook has a tool that helps us check for overlaps in our target audience. You can open your Business Manager and find audience options under Asset.

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Next, you'll need to select the audience used in Ad Set and click on ActionViewAudience Overlay (Show Audience Overlap)

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You'll see a pop-up window after which Rowe lists some metrics for all your audiences. What do these indicators tell us? This chart compares the top audience to the several audiences listed below. Each audience shows the number of people who exist. It also shows the percentage of overlap between the top most audience and the audience below, respectively. For example, lookalike 2018 Customer List has an audience of 48 percent of users and ALookalike Add To Cart, and 17 percent of the audience of Renovation Interest. So from this chart, we can see that there is a problem with audience overlap in our Facebook ads. Note that to protect user privacy, Facebook doesn't provide any user data when you have fewer than 1,000 users, so you can't see if there's an audience overlap.

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How can I avoid overlapping audiences?

Here are three ways you can help you mitigate user overlap when you find that your user overlap percentage is high:

1. Recombine overlapping ads into a thin ad set.If the people you want to target in different ad sets are the same group, you can aggregate them into a single ad set to prevent competition.

2. Optimize your user positioning,Make your user portraits more accurate, eliminate certain interests, behaviors, special demographics, and fine-grain target each ad collection. Going back to the example above, if I wanted to advertise for the Lookalike 2018 Customer List audience and the Lookalike Add To Cart audience at the same time, we needed to make sure that each other would be excluded from their respective audiences, as shown in the following image. This will prevent us from competing with ourselves for the same user resources.

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By making some simple adjustments to your existing advertising strategy, you can avoid paying more and reducing revenue.

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