How do I monitor a competitor's facebook ads?

I've found that many people, including some companies, don't know how to do facebook ads properly. Many companies burn a lot of wrongmoney, in the end the basic safire satinome.

Today we're going to talk about facebook ads, and here are a few truths:

First: Ad conversion

Don't expect to spend a little on advertising now, just expect it to bring you good ROI.

Many small companies, individual sellers, will encounter such a problem, that is, why I burn hundreds a day, but there is no advertising effect. So this part of the company and individuals, often because the advertising effect did not meet their expectations, the suspension of advertising, then the previous investment in this part of the cost of water drift.

You think, some people around you are not like this

Now ad marketing, on Facebook, a lot of products really have to burn some basic data, and then analyze and track the basic data in order to have a better conversion later.

For example, using Facebook's Remarketing, or using the crowd's Looklike Audience for similar re-positioning.

Second: the correct advertising targeting

Whether an ad's ROI performance meets expectations depends on multiple latitudes, such as:

  • Choice of advertising goals

  • Location selection for ads (News feed, right column, mobile)

  • Targeting of advertising crowds

  • Bid mode for ads

  • Budget costs for advertising

  • The copy material of the advertisement

  • Form of advertising

  • Data tracking and analysis of ad performance

Take the choice of advertising goals:

If you're doing branding, then your campain choice is Brand awareness, then your ad performance should be Impression or Reach arrivals, and your bid should be CPM.

And if you're complaining about bad conversion rates and focusing on the effect of CPC, either you don't understand the ad, or you're wrong when you start advertising.

So what kind of advertising goals directly determine the marketing effect behind you, then you have a reasonable measure. Many people's advertising targets are wrong and want to expect ROI, which is wrong.

Third: the creative material is very, very important

The creative material is in fact the display form of the advertisement, not only including the display image of the advertisement, but also the advertising copy. The material of the advertisement plays a very important role.

Let's put it this way.The importance of the creatives is similar to what products do to Amazon。 Therefore, you must pay attention to the role of material in advertising.

The creative material may be able to explain it in a separate section in the future.

All right, back to the conversation.

Today's topic isHow to monitor ads by facebook competitors Including what we're going to talk about, how to detect competitors' material, copy, bid

There are two main ways to monitor competitors

First: know by hand
Second: tool query

So how to query by hand?

There are two methods:

Method 1: Install Facebook's pixel helper

The plug-in for Google installation address is:

All those who do Facebook ads should know, don't know their own face to think about it.

Okay, let's give an example.

This is my facebook feed, which is the ad, and you can see

Next we can click on it, which is to go into his official website.


Then we go into the official website and click on the pixel we installed earlier, as follows:

Clicking on the plug-in appears, the competitor's Facebook pixel id.

This method is still a positive matching idea

So how do you use reverse thinking?

That is, if you don't know your competitor is advertising, can you go into the competitor's website and click on the plug-in to see if he's advertising?

That way, it's easy for your competitor to know if he's advertising.

Method two, manual tracking

Well, after you know about a competitor's ad, what ads you're doing now, what material he's using, and what's the location of the ad is news feed? Or the ad on the right side of the column? What if you want to see these things?

The second way we say is to take advantage of Facebook's powerful tracking and information matching

What do you mean?

You see we know that Facebook is a platform based on strong relationships, and every move you do is known. Include your likes, including your share, including your comments, including your friends

Why do facebooks often push some friends for you? What's on it?

Based on your usual actions, such as you and those friends often chat, then your friends, facebook will push this part of the crowd to you

I say A and b are friends B and C are friends, then fb is likely to recommend C to A

This is how you have to take advantage of Facebook's powerful tracking and recommendations (think about facebook's custom audience, looklike audience)

Okay, explain so much back to the front.

I know this competitor is advertising, how do I know what material he uses and where is the ad?

Yes, let's use the dumbest method.

First:You can often browse your competitors' websites (your competitor's website is likely to have facebook pixel tracking pixels installed, then Facebook is aware of your personal traffic on his site)

Second:You can often leave a message on Facebook, searching, clicking, your competitor's brand name, links, and even leaving a message under his fanpage.

Above this action you repeat a few times

Then you'll find out later that facebook will show your competitors' ads in your news feed or right-hand bar, which you see is the second, proactively taking advantage of Facebook's powerful recommendations. This way you repeat the competitor's ads several times will run to your page

You look at the method is very stupid, but it's practical.

Okay, let's do it again.

One day you finally see on facebook ads, competitorads, what do you do next?

Click this place is facebook to tell you why this ad appears on your news feed

We can still click to see the discovery

Look at the red box in detail;

These two points are very important You see Facebook actually telling you about how your competitors advertise, such as this screenshot above, and you'll find that the competitor is based onEquipment and age to

One is Device, one is Gender.

So take advantage of this and you can see how your competitors are set up!

We know from the example above;

  • This competitor is facebook's News Feed.

  • Age targeting is for customers over 18 years of age in China.

  • These customers use the device that Win7

  • and then you know his copy, his material used

    This ad is facebook will show you more frequently the ads of these information opponents in the future, and this manual approach is very useful.

Method 2: Tools to query competitors' footage

Tool One:adespresso

Tool two:bigbigads

Tool three:adsviser

Tool four:adfox

Tool Five:getcompass

Tool six:socialadstoo

Tool seven:adsvantage

Tool eight:adplexity

Here's a look at the tools.

This tool can be designed for your opponent's material, and it can be very intuitive.
The tool is:

Let's enter the brand name, take anker as an example.

You see, using tools, a lot of the excellent material of anker has been unearthed!!!

Mouse over to a specific picture, as follows:

We can see the size of the picture, the time of the advertisement, and where the picture is used

In example,

This tool is also good for monitoring competitors, such as when we enter sunglasses

You see so much excellent material being unearthed!

There are also tools above that you can know the competitor's bid or the performance of his Instagram account

For example:

It can monitor

Monitor competitors' facebook and instagram ads
Can be available for posts likes, shares, and comments
Revenue from instagram ads
You can view location, industry, gender, country, date, age, ad participation
You can view the landing page of your ad

It should be noted that when we advertise, do not be afraid to spend some money, some tools are worth paying, and tools between tools can be used in many ways to achieve maximum results.

The above knowledge points, I think will certainly help you

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