How do I play Facebook ads? PPE Ads vs WC Ads


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Often when we do Facebook, we hear whether we use PPE ads or WC ads?

Okay, so it's PPE, what's WC?


PPE: Page post engagement, is the post interactive ads, interactive content includes likes, messages, share.

WC: Website conversion, is the conversion of ads to be translated into targeted ads, including: watch content, add to the shopping cart, purchase.


These are two different advertising targets!

As for whether to use PPE ads or WC ads when doing Facebook ads, I think everyone has different opinions.

For me it may be better for WC, it may be more effective for you, so you can't say which is better than which one.


The point is: Test test retest...


Only test to know what kind of advertising you are best suited to do, must not choose by preference or intuition, rely on data to speak!

1, WC ads

    Wc ads to be translated into targets (to install Facebook pixels) include the following:

    Watch what:Audiences see the content of the product page;

    Add to the shopping cart:Audiences see the content of the product page and add the product to the shopping cart;

    Buy:Audiences really generate shopping behavior.


    In general, I prefer to advertise with WC because:

    First: the purpose of advertising is always sales

    To do a WC ad is to tell Facebook that conversion is the goal of my ad, and That Facebook will try to find the people most likely to click on the ad to view the product page, add a shopping cart, or buy a purchase;


    Second: More accurate data obtained

    WC ads are installed with Facebook tracking pixels, which track audience behavior and provide more accurate data for subsequent ad servings.

    Once the ad group generates some sales, Facebook will know what kind of buyer is, and when you increase your budget, Facebook will spend more money on that audience, and the conversion will get better.


    Third: relatively high costs

    This is a disadvantage, but it cannot be counted as a disadvantage.

    Don't stop ads just because they cost a day or two, FB has a stage of machine learning, and facebook can start auto-optimization by completing about 50 optimization events in the time window and ending the machine learning phase.

    In this way, the performance of the advertising group will be more stable, the cost will be significantly reduced.


    Facebook can help us optimize these events and collect more accurate data to help us create similar and custom audiences.

    Of course, the premise is that we must have good products, do a good landing page and advertising creativity and positioning.


    2. PPE Advertising

    The goal of PPE ads is to interact with audiences, focusing on behavior within the Facebook platform, such as how many likes, how many messages, how many times to share. The purpose of PPE advertising is to identify the most interactive products.


    PPE advertising has the following features:

    First: Collect social proof

     Use PPE ads to collect social proof, get likes, share and leave messages, and increase user trust in the product, and PPE ads can also be used to test products to identify high-engagement ads.


    Second: cheaper prices

    The audience quality reached is certainly not as targeted as the WC ad, and Facebook will find the people most likely to like, share, or leave a message. Of course, it is not ruled out that some audiences just need the product and are willing to buy it.


    Third: high interaction rate and good sales

    This is a disadvantage, high-interaction advertising does not necessarily lead to good sales. It may lead to some sales, but you have to understand that sales are not the target of PPE ads, and Facebook doesn't care if you generate sales.

    Because interactivity is the goal of PPE ads, Facebook will only choose whether to optimize ads based on interactive events, so sales for PPE ads do not have much effect. You can understand: the direction is not right, efforts in vain!


    In my personal experience, if the product is good, you can directly do WC ads to watch content, add to the shopping cart, or purchase into a goal.

    If the conversion is good, the audience likes your products, so accumulated like ah, message ah, share and other interactive data will generally be very good, in this case it seems that there is no need to do PPE advertising.

    Anyway, this is my personal experience.


    However, I strongly recommend that you do more testing, only objective data to determine which ads work best.

    Above, the above is the


    PS: Whether you do PPE ads or WC ads, don't easily tweak the machine learning that interrupts Facebook, or Facebook will restart the machine learning phase, to regain about 50 optimization events to make the ad performance more stable, advertising costs can continue to reduce.