How do I prevent Facebook ad accounts from being banned?

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How to avoid facebook's blocking of images and texts
Facebook, as a social giant, has an unparalleled, overwhelming advantage in both the web and mobile FBs, and occupies the reach of the social traffic. It's also because now FB's annual advertising revenue accounts for the bulk of his earnings. With the fierce competition, especially in the e-commerce sector, many companies need to find other alternative traffic to support the company's performance, so FB advertising has become a run away from the past.
But now a lot of small foreign trade partners, in doing FB ads often meet the problem of account blocked, and then do not know how to run to ask me, "Little North, my advertising account is blocked, now can not move, how to do ah, online, etc., urgent !!! "
Well, for that question. . . To tell you the truth is that THE FB ad account is blocked can not be more normal (not FB account blocked) you touchthe FB bottom line, he will have to punish you. FB often cleans up accounts, small user numbers are most likely to be pulled hair, because fbaffiliate's advertising system has been bombarded by a group of crazy people hot blood. Those big customers agency accounts are fb favorites because they can earn more....
So to be honest, I can't guarantee a 100% solution, but here I will give you some tips, as well as solutions, I hope it will be useful to you. We do not let the problem occur, a no-no, we should first understand the FB hate point, learn to avoid!
I have stressed many times that FB is now 1.2 billion active users every day, 1.2 billion people a day on a platform browsing, operation, you say what is this concept? With the same picture, with the same link, you say he doesn't seal who you seal?
1.2 billion users, your account is dead, he will care about you? Does he care how you feel? Is he a short user? Imagine, people FB is and Apple, Microsoft, Google, so with the rank of the world's largest companies to compete, you hurt his users, reduce his user experience, you say he want stoain to take action against you? Knowing this truth, you may know a lot.
You say you are just a chestnut of the bohai, farts are not counted accounts, how partial to me? It is because FB is actually not too much in the user, he is concerned about how to let users stay on his platform, rather than to open up a new user growth base, FB can only be at the next level, nothing but hope in the Chinese market, is not?
Inspired:Understand the stage of development of the matter, it is very necessary! A lot of people feel that these big macro decisions, and I have a hair-line relationship, I only care about how to solve specific problems. But the problem is that you don't even know where the business has gone, and you'll make the same mistake again and again.

Next, let's specifically say, what behavior swords the FB hates, and I'll make a summary.

IP issues

Yes, ip dry is not clean, stable and unstable, these are important factors affecting the stability of your account. You can't say you're a new one, landing in the U.S. in the morning, landing in Japan in 30 minutes, landing in Australia tomorrow. Flip the wall to make sure your IP doesn't at least go back. I'll talk later about the specific solutions for this block.

For example, false advertising, such as pornographic images, registration information is not true information, violations of FB official regulations, and so on, and once banned, the possibility of re-sealing is very small, almost zero.

Identity is not real.
As Chinese, the information is best and Chinese (the name on my FB is Chinese Pinyin). This is not only to maintain the authenticity of the information, but also in order to follow the seal once the number, easy to retrieve the account through the document. Here is suggested your ID card / passport photo and your FB profile on the best can be right on, I am not saying that can not directly use the document photo, but you also understand, the document photo is really ugly. I mean, use a profile that clearly identifies you and the photo on your ID. This is conducive to the later release!
Payment issues
For example, often overdraft, often change cards, and now there is a problem is because FB audit is very strict, the best payment is issued to be the same as your login ip address (if your credit card name and your FB name is more secure), otherwise FB may think that the credit card you use is stolen. Here I would like to emphasize the point is that, not that China's credit cards and ip can not, I just say to try to do as much as the three.
Product issues
Imitation card, there are some people speculated to engage in some imitation cards, this must also be sealed ah, in one is the material suspected of counterfeiting, you see I above this article How to Avoid FB's Blocking of Pictures and TextsThat's what I've told you. Some words, some pictures are FB can detect, need to be very careful.
There is another question, I can not confirm at this time, but here also give you a share for everyone to discuss together (can leave a message below). Is for example, you build a new website, or your site user experience is very poor, no weight, no trust, no ranking, then FB will not be more "care" for him?
301 Jump
Do a regular website, FB passed, and then 301 jump to the imitation brand site. Before this trick is OK, now many accounts are no longer working.

Inspired:You need to know what FB likes, what he hates, and be prepared before you act, which will save you a lot of time in the future. In other words, this is why I usually write articles like to say algorithms and rules first, this is the core, the other is just means.


Okay, if it's a policy that's blocked because of the swap, here are two suggestions for your reference:

1 Before my article i have introduced to everyone to check whether ip is clean software, this piece I do not talk about any more.

2 Another one is by setting 

The steps are as follows

前往安全设置( > 设置 > 安全)点击登录许可部分勾选方框,并保存更改几点注意事项:要开启登录许可,帐户中需有一个手机号码。可在开启登录许可时向帐户中添加一个号码。

If you're using a device that hasn't been named, you'll be asked to name it when you turn on sign-in permission. If you're using a computer that you share with others (ex: library computers), don't click on the Save device option.

When we turn on your login license, we need to remember your computer and browser information so that you can recognize it the next time you sign in. Some browser features prevent this information from being saved. If you turn on private browsing, or set your browser to clear history each time you close, you may have to enter your code each time you sign in. 

Finally, I would like to make two points:

First: Please note that the above we discuss the issue of FB advertising account being blocked, not your FB account is blocked. Account blocked for other reasons and reconciliation plan!

Second: as for those black means black methods, not in this article discussed!


Here I can certainly answer is that now FB ad account is the most dead is the personal account, and the frequency will be very high, it is difficult to apply for unsealing (this must face the reality)!
And now I'm looking for a third-party agent to open an account to let them manage their advertising accounts, otherwise fill tens of thousands of dollars into, if it is because of operational errors, resulting in the account was blocked, the funds may be frozen. So I recommend that friends who want to do Facebook ads look for... Generation..... Li.... Business.... Open.... (I'll talk nonsense?) It's serious, okay?
You ask, which one did you use for little north? Is there any recommendation?

Actually, what I've been using for a long time Yeahmobi This (will this be suspected of advertising?) Several times very serious to my advertising account to save back, the account of all the amount is also timely return, take this opportunity to give them praise, must be bold with red, marked, there is wood ah! !

Whoops, have you ever used a shoe boy for this service?


The story of Facebook ad optimization is not over....


Facebook is now extremely sensitive to the frequency of any account, and any action you do should be considered appropriate, appropriate, and act like a "normal person." As I said above, you can't use the same link, the same text, the same picture, spam operation, that doesn't mean that you change different links, different text, different pictures can escape facebook tracking!

A normal person's behavior, is not day to night in the touch of the message this button, which does not meet the behavior logic of the vast majority of users ah, that is too abnormal this is suspect, and once identified as suspect, then the problem came to