How do I test and publish a game with Facebook ads?

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Ideally, marketing spending and revenue from promoting mobile games on Facebook would show the trends shown in the chart below.

During the pilot release phase, we should adopt the strategy learned in the test, understand the effectiveness and optimization of the marketing program through small-scale testing, so as to efficiently expand the player size at the time of global release and maximize revenue;Then shift the focus to retain and cultivate loyal players, and finally return to the old hands back advertising, to maintain and grow revenue.

A successful pilot release, can maximize the revenue of hand travel to lay a good foundation, naturally worthy of high attention.

Pilot release takes place between product output and global release, usually consisting of three stages: technical trial release, survival trial release and realisation trial release, which we explain one by one.

Technology trial: patch inge game vulnerabilities to ensure smooth running

A high-quality gaming experience is the basis for hand-travel.Conduct technical trials in smaller markets and test the game's functionality to detect gaps, ensure that the game runs smoothly and reduces negative reviews as it moves to more markets, thereby reducing player turnover in the early stages.The scope of specific tests includes:

  • Make sure the selling points (hooks) are working properly

  • Fixing vulnerabilities in the game

  • Stress testing of servers: Especially when it comes to real-time player matchgames, make sure the game does nittle under pressure

When choosing a market for technology trials, focus on countries where people love games and have relatively low delivery costs, such as the Philippines, India and Eastern European countries, rather than rushing to focus on cash.At this stage, sufficient number of installations should be accumulated to effectively test game functionality, and key performance indicators (KPIs) include:

  • Targeting installation soldering greater than 2000

  • Accumulate enough installs to ensure that players have experienced it at every aspect of the game

Tips - Remember to select the right app event and verify your settings before you publish, where setting up the purchase of an app event correctly is the most important step, including:

  • Make sure you set the correct currency and price

  • Set each app event on a single platform (MMP or Facebook SDK select one, do not repeat it)

  • Set up other non-purchase eventsToBuild a custom audience

  • Review all settings with the dealer team

Retention Trial: Test player stickiness and improve retention

The player's stickiness is an important factor in determining the user's lifetime value. The retention trial phase is designed to test the player's game's speed of progress and how often they return to the game, to understand the causes of user churn and to prescribe the disease, thereby improving retention and player stickiness. This is extremely important for game games dominated by player-to-game elements.

For retention trials, countries with more geographically isolated locations should be selected, with priority given to the United States and other TI markets, such as Northern Europe, Australia/New Zealand, the Netherlands, Ireland and Canada.

KPIs for this phase include:

  • Target ingress with more than 5,000 installations

  • Player retention rates for day one, seventh and twenty-eighth days

  • Single-day user activity target

  • App health and crash rates: This is an important factor in preventing early player loss and the key to reducing the number of time differences published

Realize trial: accumulate data to maximize revenue

Realized trials provide a valuable opportunity for game developers to understand the time and process required for the average player to become a paid player, test the performance of in-app purchases, and adjust payment options.Developers can also take advantage of this phase to accumulate enough data to build and adapt a user's lifetime value model for more accurate predictions that maximize business revenue when released globally.

Therefore, the realisation phase is critical, especially for free games that rely on in-app purchases to generate revenue.In addition, if the realisation test failed to meet the standards, developers can also immediately withdraw the game, to avoid investing more money for global release.

Developers can choose in the current to have a representative primary market, to make a realisation trial, it is best to choose a more geographically isolated, high credit card penetration rate of the country.Northern Europe, Australia/New Zealand, the Netherlands, Ireland and Canada are among the better options.


Recommended audience targeting on Facebook

Optimising targets recommended for use on Facebook

Reach players playing similar games with type and interest targeting, increasing the likelihood of conversion

Target mobile app installs (MAI):Increase downloads and broaden user base

Targeting Application Event Optimization (AEO):Choose events that help you cash out, such as adding to a shopping cart or completing a purchase, to optimize and increase your hand tour revenue

KPIs for this phase include:

  • Target ingress with more than 10,000 installations

  • Average per user revenue, and average per paid user revenue

  • Conversion rate

  • Predict lifetime value for users

  • Pre-registration

Get ready for global release

Launching games around the world means managing marketing campaigns and lots of advertising in multiple countries at the same time.Therefore, we recommend that we be prepared to simplify the structure of your ad account before it is released, and that advertising management after that will naturally be more labor-saving.

Simplify account thinking

  • One ad account per game is enough, up to two (considering different operating systems)

  • Use campaign budget optimization (CBO)

  • Using a large audience:App Event Optimization (AEO) recommendations require 2 million audiences, Value Optimization (VO) recommends 4 million, and more than 20 million better

  • Avoid audience overlap

Add a preferred language

Add the preferred language for marketing and improve positioning accuracy, based on the language of the main market.

Want to know if you're ready for a global release?Check this checklist right away to see if you have met the standards.

  • Satisfied with the retention rate for the first, 7th and 30th days

  • Players are being converted to paid players (higher average per user)

  • Reported vulnerabilities have been resolved and fixed

  • Have enough content to maintain player engagement and prevent player loss

  • Servers can withstand the load of global distribution

Source:Facebook Overseas Marketing

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