Is Facebook going to start selling coffin ads?

Social media, know yourself better than you do.

Facebook's series of algorithmic patents, which are not about anything else, are a sensitive topic of recent times -- user behavior analysis.

Through data and these new patented algorithms,Facebook can more accurately predict the changes in the mainstream life of its users in the future.

What are the concepts of mainstream life?

Simply put, in the next few years,Are you about to graduate from college, is not fast off the single, there is no suitable job, there is no marriage, or even will not soon dieFacebook can figure it out for you!

And the purpose of these algorithm patents, they also generously admit, is to help brands(Advertiser)More accurate advertising!( Bold enough to be fat )

Facebook's patent description

Will Facebook give me an ad for the coffin in the future...

Social media collects user information, and accurate, targeted advertising is nothing new.

Like WeChat, it's long since started to do a variety of very inaccurate push-ups in the circle of friends based on user portraits - just push wedding ads for the company's single dogs.

To the male colleague who is still a baby to recommend the mother's godchild's prescription...

There are algorithms are very obsessive micro-blog, also already do according to the content match ads targeted push, although their "targeting" may confuse relevance and funny factors ...

Used poor friends know, whether it is weibo or WeChat, or Taobao's intelligent matching, intelligent recommendation, in fact, are very difficult to say, and can not do the accuracy of these companies mouth.

And Facebook can use this series of algorithms to predict users' "life events" a little bit of a stouspoint, and a little dangerous.

The patent states that the algorithm can infer the life trajectory of the target user by analyzing messages such as data logs and messages, and combining interactions between the target user and other users.

(It's a wave of unevenness, and the patented black spots used to chew the tongue roots are being picked out again... )

Algorithmic logic diagram, click to enlarge

User targeting is also a very useful data source, and by continuously learning the user's GPS location, the machine can infer the user's place of work, residence, and some of the daily fixed itinerary.

Facebook's patent says,Even if the user is not using the Facebook APP, the location data can be called directly from the phone's hardware.

Think of the various APPs using motion as an excuse for data calls, are all sets of ways...

Of course, after these patents were turned over, Facebook officials also came out to clarify that patents are only patents, most patents are not yet, the future will not be used in the product, and their advertising recommendation mechanism is more dependent on advertisers' own settings.

How to set the hair?

The first is to select the location of your target audience.

Then narrow your audience based on your interest orientation.

Finally, data will be given to a potential ad recipient group, and then the ad can be delivered.

The whole process down, in fact, and WeChat friends circle advertising process is no different ( Friends circle advertising release process has been introduced to you before,The portal is here. 

In this way, targeted, accurate advertising seems to rely on the advertiser's own settings, really has nothing to do with the platform, but the facts, only their own people know.

The protection and utilization of user data, privacy is a game of perpetuality.

On the one hand, of course, we hope that their secret only they know, but on the other hand, we also need the major businesses reasonable use of our information, for us to provide more humane, more convenient services, otherwise, these data seem to have no need for their existence.

My preference, the machine can understand more than I do, so I can enjoy the ultimate fun of life;

These are what we expect of intelligent living.

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"Social media is the greatest fortune teller of the new era"