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1. Can real money appear in loan app material? ✅


Material suggestions: can but not excessive quantity (e.g. a large amount of money). There can be no inducing factor.


2. Loan app age can only be located 18 plus ✅


3. Borrow money quickly, but high interest rates ❌


4.upload personal information,Downloadapp, the amount of money borrowed goes up❌


5.App creatives scan id ❌


6.App requires scanning of identity documents✅


7. Showing materials for consulting loans✅


8.very easy /instant/ fast /quick loan❌


9.Ads don't advertise short-term loans, butApps are short-term loan ❌


10.App can contain this upload id information✅offsite landing page❌





1. Rhinitis repeated, with my product immediately good! ❌


Material suggestions: can be alleviated, but can not be exaggerated, contrast.


2. "Your rhinitis recurrent……”“Do you need to lose weight?”“Are you still worried about the loan?


Footsuggestion: Don't imply that your user has a problem or an attribute.


3. Can human organs appear in the material? ❌


Material suggestions: human tissue, structure, medical perspective can not be used as material.


4. Chest with love to block the cleavage, naked play mosaic ❌


5.The countdown to the landing page ❌


6. Landing page discount stakes of more than 50% ❌, stussy, yeezy, Paris Family, Daniel Wellington, kenzo and other well-known brand products picture no logo❌


8. Sell TV boxes, landing pages appear in Game of Thrones or well-known TV drama pictures OK? ❌


Material advice: AvoidBranding material to promote


9. The e-commerce sells the cup, but the picture of the material contains the wine ❌


Material advice: Drinks or water can be used.





1. Can the game app appear to hit the action body? ❌


Material suggestions: hit the hips, hips shake, secondary animation, children beat each other can not.


2. Can fiction-based app material be walled? ❌


Material suggestion: wall posture, too close to can not


3. What do I need to avoid with live app footage?


Twisting the body


description there are a lot of beautiful anchors❌ (inducing behavior)


Women poke and rub their breasts themselves


4. What do social app material needto avoid?


Two or more people, whether maleWomen, men and men, women and women chatting in bed❌


Bare skin (Womenmodel wearing tin nints, etc.) ❌


You can't use real images.Video✅


MaleWomen, men and men, women and women physical contact ❌


Position edafters that are marrieduser❌


The creative material is a lot of people on the mobile phone screen to send you a message, is it free tonight?


The creative is a map with coordinates and user images


5. Mobile phone main app promotion wallpaper, avoid using branding materials to promote, such as the King of the Sea Thieves material✅


6. Can the material sit in the gaming game with the license can use the real gold element?

Gambling first ensures that the partner is added; Creative of Real Money Elements is recommended to do policy pre-check;


7. Game Blast Creative ❌


8. Zombie Bite❌


9.Cars hit people, zombies. Crash


10.In the game, how many people are playing this gameif the numbers are not true❌



Four.Service class


1. Medical-American Industry MaterialS Recommendations


Describe real product effects, no sensitive areas



Five. Other


1. Video footage inside accidentally appeared 711, McDonald's and other brands to try to avoid


2. Don't use the word "most" in the material copy (the most advanced words at the comparative level cannot)


3.Targeting the wrong crowd ad account will be blocked (not immediately, but is a factor), the ad will not cross the trial


4. If the e-commerce landing page footage does not violate the law, but poor user experience, will not be sealed, but the effect will be worse


5.EC landing page fake countdown / discount greater than 50%/ logo to sell how much inventory, these will cause the account to be blocked?

According to experience these are false is not good e-commerce signal, but not directly determine the cause of the violation, mainly depends on quality and customer feedback.


6.APP can use the materials of Dragon Pearl and The King of the Sea Thieves?

There may be infringement, may be complained about, please avoid.


7. What is the reason why the account is repeatedly blocked?

Machinemodel adjustment ; There is the possibility of incorrect unsealing;


8. Is it okay to buy privately?

No, it will be.Branding item, please avoid.


9. Video dialogue, whether the violation, how to determine?

Look where, dress, and talk.bed, naked, notok, the conversation content if adult content is not ok

You will.



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