One piece of advice on Facebook ad serving

There is a month did not contribute, mainly in June really busy . . . First the festival, after the festival sick, and then move ... , alas, all kinds of things, because recently have been engaged in Facebook ads, so this time on Facebook ads and my own some understanding, operation steps, plus the recent effect of their own delivery is also good, today in this side to do a share, Nonsense is not much to say, the following body.


First you have to:


 Learn about social remarketing

 Create a Facebook custom audience

 Run Facebook Remarketing Ads

 Some suggestions


First, understand social remarketing

1. Let users visit the website through other channels, including: SEO, SEOM, social promotion, email promotion and other channels;

2. After the user visits the website, if the website has a Facebook ad pixel installed, the user will be tagged cookies;

3. Use Facebook's Custom Audience feature to define your audience;

4. Develop relevant ads, the types of ad conversion sedatives have the following;


5. Order is generated!


● Set up Your Custom Audience first, find the Audience button in Ads Manager, and select Your Custom Audience


 Next, create a custom audience that you can define the types of audiences include:


If you use the customer email list, paste the mailing list directly on or upload a .txt or .csv file for import.

To define the audience for website traffic, you need to follow Facebook's pixel tracking code first;

Define app activity, you need to install certain apps on your Facebook page, and define audiences who use apps;

Interactive Audience, define the list of people who watch Facebook videos, or define the audience list created by people who have completed the Facebook lead ad form.

 Then define a more accurate audience and use Facebook ads "custom composition features"


For example, if you want to sell a male user's product, you can block female users when you run an ad, and vice versa. Exclusions can narrow your delivery audience and make your ads more relevant and attractive.


Third, the launch of Facebook re-marketing ads


Upload an image or video, write a copy of an ad that appeals to users, and then use a custom audience to deliver your ads more accurately.


Fourth, some tips on optimizing ad posts.


● Push post


Recommended ad ideas

90 text characters

Image scale: 1:1

Image size: 1200 x 1200 pixels

 Promote the Home

Recommended ad ideas:


90 characters

Picture: 2.7:1

Picture specs: 1200x444 pixels


 Attract more visitors to your website

Recommended ad ideas:


Title: 500 characters


 Domain link: 1 line

 Description: 2-3 lines

 Image scale: 1.91:1

 Image scale: 470x246 pixels


 Website conversions

Recommended ideas:


Text: 90 characters

 Link title: 25 characters

 Image scale: 1.91:1

 Picture specs: 1200x627 pixels


Today with the help of Xiaobei's WeChat public number to share this side, recently in the research to build a station - if you are interested in looking at the comments, I will next time share some different articles about the station.

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