Reasons and solutions for Facebook ads to be rejected

Recently, many users reported that Facebook ads were rejected, and this article takes you to understand the common reasons and solutions for Facebook ads to be rejected.


First, let's look at Facebook's advertising policies and review process.

Facebook Advertising Policy:

  Ads may not violate the Facebook Community Code and may not publish counterfeit, adult products, drugs, tobacco products, or other prohibited products. For more information, visit Facebook's official advertising policy------For banned content, links


Facebook Ad Review Process

All ads on Facebook are reviewed to ensure compliance with our ad publishing policies before they can be displayed. Most ads are usually24 Review edgy within hours, but a few ads may take longer.


During the ad review phase, we examine the image, text, audience targeting, market targeting, and content of the ad's landing pages. Ads will not be approved if the content of the landing page is not properly accessible, does not match the goods or services advertised, or violates our advertising policies.

After understanding Facebook's basic advertising policies and review process, here's a list of the most common reasons for ads to be rejected

Why Facebook Ads Are Rejected

1. ContainingMisleading content:

The most commonly misleading content is that your ad says that your company or product is the first or best in the world, but you don't have proof from a third-party company. Try to avoid using exaggerated and false words.Other than thatUse misleading buttons, i.e. images that users believe your ad has something that doesn't actually have functionality (e.g. adding a video playback button to a still image)

2. Contains inappropriate content:

       such as adult content, controversial content, profane words, misleading, forged documents, including spyware or malware links, and moreOther than thatProhibit the use of scary, bloody or shocking images。 These contents have broken the law in everyday life,Facebook is no exception, and it's normal to be banned.

3. The text of the link URL is different from the LINK:

       For example, you show a URL abc in your ad . com actually press down but even xyz . Com. This is not allowed by Facebook.

4. Words with the meaning of "press this now":

       If you want your audience to press your button and jump on a web surface, you'll want to use its "Call To Action" feature, or Facebook will stop your ads immediately.

5Multi-level marketing:

      Referring to pyramid-based direct marketing, it is recommended not to use Facebook ads, which Facebook has a lot of restrictions on.

6.Picture text coverage is not the right

 We found that the text content is less than 20% the picture performance is better.Because all newly created ads must be reviewed to check the proportion of text in the ad image. Based on the results of the review, ads with a high percentage of image text may have fewer coverage or may not be shown at all.

 If you want to retrieve whether your ad text coverage is too high, you can useFacebookOnline image text checker.

7.Compare pictures before and after:

Ads should not use "back and forth" images, or images that contain unexpected or impossible results (such as side-by-side comparisons with amazing weight loss results). Advertising content should not be intended to promote dieting, weight loss, or other health-related products, thereby implying or attempting to create a negative perception of the audience.

8.Brand assets

Ads must not contain a modified or expired version of the Facebook logo, nor can it mimic or use similarFacebooktrademarks, names, domain names, logos, or other elements to avoid confusion. At the same time, use the FacebookThe logo shall not be implied with Facebook There is a partnership.

What you can do if your Facebook ad isn't approved:

If your ad is not approved for a policy violation, you can get your ad approved by the following measures.

How ads are approved

Method 1: See if there is a discriminatory element

Advertising must not discriminate, emphasize or imply that the user has a certain personal characteristic. Contains a direct or indirect emphasis on or implying a person's race, color, religion, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, health status (Contains physical and psychological aspects)financial situation, criminal record or name, etc.

Method 2: Resubmit the review after modification

1. Check the email address associated with your ad account. If your ad isn't approved, we'll send you an email explaining in detail why your ad was rejected.

2. You may modify the words, pictures or films used in your advertisement to bring them into compliance with our rules, in accordance with the information mentioned in this email.

3. Save the changes. When you save your changes, your ad is resubmitted for review.

Method 3: Direct lying a complaint

If you think your ads don'tTargeting Or the material is not a problem, you can refuse to post the message part of the direct application for appeal, at this time will enter the artificial trial.

There's going to be an appeal for the reason sit down.(Request Review) click on the grounds of appeal and explanation.

After selecting the grounds for appeal, please fill in the detailed explanation, including the content of the post, so thatFacebookIt's easier to understand your advertising purpose when re-examining, preferably in English.

Method four: SeekFacebookAssistance in customer service

If you complain,After the complaint is still rejected, but can not find any further improvement, you can go toFacebook Advertiser Support Page for customer service help:

ChooseGet Started Then you can see the different items, you can chooseAdsYou'll see frequent lying questions, as well as manual customer service at the bottom, so that you can directlyFacebook Learn why you're refusing to advertise and how you can make your ads work.

AnywayFacebook AdvertisingThe more rigorous the approval, so from time to time there will be no problem ads like rejection Even if rejected, there is no need to be nervous, as long as the above methods, analysis of the reasons for the rejection should help you solve the problem of ad rejection!

It is suggested that everyone will launch it on the formal launch.FacebookBefore you advertise, take a look at it.FacebookAdvertising policies, carefulmonitoring of ad data to confirm that the creatives and arrival pages are compliant, so as not to affect the credit score of the ads