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Many small partners mentioned advertising auction, such as the enemy, for fear that the high price will spend more money to lose, out of the low price will miss the opportunity to launch, really call people turn the other side, night can not sleep.In fact, as the saying goes, "see the food to eat", "tailored", as long as the advertising objectives and budget costs, the formulation of the correct bid is not difficult.

Choose the right bidding model based on your advertising goals

The so-called bidding model, where you are willing to pay for an event.Facebook offers four ad bidding models that allow advertisers to get what they want based on their goals.

One. CPM (thousands of presentation fees)

That is, the average cost per thousand impressions of an ad:Selecting this bidding mode means that you'll be paying for people who watch your ads, whether or not someone clicks on the ad.

Suitable for audience size:0 to 1 million

Suitable for advertising goals:This model ensures ad coverage and is suitable for advertisers who want to increase brand awareness.

Two. CPC (single-click fee)

That is, the average cost per click:In this bidding model, only when a user clicks on the ad content will incur an expense, regardless of how many times the ad has been shown.Clicks include different types of interactions such as likes, comments, shares, and link clicks.

Suitable for audience size:50,000 to 1 million

Suitable for advertising goals:Advertisers who want to engage users to click or interact.We do not recommend this bidding mode for game downloads.

Three. OCPM (Optimize thousand presentation costs)

That is, "optimized thousand presentation costs":It's also charged based on the number of impressions your ad has, but it's optimized to show ads to people who are more likely to do what advertisers expect (e.g. download, click links, etc.).

Suitable for audience size:More than 1 million

Suitable for advertising goals:Advertisers who want to ensure ad coverage, and advertisers who want ads to guide users to actually perform or convert.Best for game advertisers who need downloads and quality players.

Four. CPA (single action fee, e.g. download)

That is, the average cost of a single action by the user: select this bidding mode, you only have to pay for the action taken by the user by seeing your ad;You can choose from actions such as page likes, mobile app installation, and more.

Suitable for audience size:More than 3 million

Suitable for advertising goals:Advertisers who want to engage users with specific actions, especially app downloads.For games that require strict control of player quality, only downloads will be less than OCPM.

Here are the settings for the various spot modes in Facebook's advertising operating system:

Choose the right way to pay for a better budget

In addition to choosing the right bidding model for your advertising goals, the actual bid price is also important, giving you more precise control over your budget.When you run ads on Facebook, you can choose the target and minimum cost bids for a detailed description.

I. Target Fee Bid Target Cost Bidding:

(Note:Target fee bid before called average expense bid Average Cost Bidding)

That's to pay for the average cost of a single performance for your goal.If you use this type of bidding, Facebook will try to get as much results as possible while keeping the average cost of a single performance no higher than the target average.The cost of a particular single performance may be higher or lower than the target cost bid, but the average cost per performance will be equal to or lower than the target cost bid you set.

For example, suppose you have a budget of $50 and the target fee bid is set to $10.As the chart below shows, you end up spending $48 on six results, with the lowest single installation cost being $2 and the highest being $12, while the average cost is $8 a time, below the target cost you set.

2. Lowest Cost Bid (optional fee cap):

(Note:The lowest bid was previously called automatic bidding Automatic Bidding, and if you choose to set a fee cap, you're formerly known as manual maximum bid Manual-Cost Bid Bid

If we use this type of bidding, we try to start delivering from the lowest-cost users before gradually delivering them to higher and higher-cost users until the budget runs out.If you choose to set a fee cap at this point, the ad won't dig deep into the user above the cost cap even if the budget isn't exhausted.

For example, set the budget to $50 and the cost cap to $10.As the following illustration shows, because the cost of some of the delivery opportunities is higher than the cost ceiling you set, and you fail to deliver successfully, you end up with only four installations, costing $24, and the average cost per installation is $6, reducing the cost per trip compared to the target cost bid, but getting less opportunity to launch.


  • If you're more concerned about getting the maximum delivery and conversions with your target average cost limit, you should bid with the target expense
  • If you are more concerned about optimizing each result for a fee not exceeding a certain amount, you should bid with a minimum fee

Bidding is important on Facebook, but the quality and relevance of advertising is the key to winning.Here's a holistic analysis of this point, teaching you how to reach your advertising audience at a low price and efficiently.

High-value winner wins ad auction

Instead of seeking profit, Facebook's bidding system seeks to create a harmonious advertising environment that creates maximum value for advertisers while striving to create the best experience for users, thereby creating a virtuous circle.So it's not the ads that bid the most, but the ads that Facebook believes will create the highest overall value.

The comprehensive value of advertising is determined by many factors, bidding is only part of the competition, and the relevance factor of advertising plays a key role, including the click of the advertisement, the installation rate, and reflect the user's degree of ad's likes and dislikes of organic value.

As you can see from the image above, the interaction between users and ads is critical, with likes, comments, and sharing increasing the organic value of your ads, while blocking and complaining about ads decreases.

What is the real impact of ad-related scores?

The Importance of Ad Relevance Scores

When an ad has been viewed more than 500 times, Facebook evaluates the ad's relevance score, with a lowest score and a high 10.The higher the score, the more likely you are to win the auction, and the lower the advertising costs will be paid, which is more than half the effort.

For example, when the relevance score is 10 points, the average single-click cost ratio is about 1 point for correlation scores, which is about 10 times the difference.

According to Facebook, many domestic game ads have been low in correlation scores, about 3-4 points.The game world's small partners want to later take the top, "spend small money to do big things", you may wish to start from the following two aspects:

I. Find the targeting of the audience

The same creative, run in different countries or regions, will vary greatly in relevance scores due to the different interests and concerns of the audience.The following image shows that when the five Nordic countries are launched, the relevance score of the poverty child labour map is higher than the romantic castle map, and the advertising cost is lower, because the developed Nordic audience has compassion for poor child labour and the romantic castle is close to them;In Myanmar, on the contrary, romantic castle slots are significantly more relevant than those of poor child workers, and advertising costs only one-sixth of their size, because poor child labour is far from available to developing Burmese audiences.

It can be seen that when running ads to find the right audience targeting, as far as possible to refine the audience's area, age, interests and behavior and other parameters, to achieve targeted.

Optimising advertising creativity

Start with the player's preferences and invest in high-quality advertising.Good advertising ideas resonate with audiences, generate interest, and dramatically increase relevance scores.First of all, improve the quality of pictures and videos, and keep the copy concise, fit the promotion of the theme;Secondly, we should constantly push out new, to avoid the audience to produce aesthetic fatigue;Finally, practice the truth, you may want to try to show different ads to the same audience, or to different audiences to show the same ads, so as to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of advertising model.

Source: Facebook Overseas Marketing

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