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InFacebookAdvertising can be a "tricky feat" for novices, where this "feat" should start is a puzzle.


To figure out what type of ad to run on an FB, first figure out what the goal is:


Looking to attract traffic from FB to the site?


Want to increase your fan base and become more active?


The delivery and performance of a particular ad depends on what you want to accomplish.


While social media users often complain that they have no privacy on social platforms, that's why marketers can pinpoint their customers.


In the words of the story, novice, where should we start?


First, take a look atFacebookSome of the options in the ad.


One, Right-Rail ads (the right-hand side of the page)


Right column ads, as the name implies, are the ads that appear on the right side of the page when the user enters the platform. It's similar to Google ads, where you can upload specific images, text messages, or a link that can be turned into a website.


The latest updated version on FB ads makes the images and news of the ads placed vertically on the rightFeedMore intuitive and consistent.



If your goal is to increase website traffic, this form of advertising is the best.


TwoNews FeedAdvertising


News FeedThe power of the performance of the traditional FB ADS (right) has largely reversed the revenue pressure caused by the poor performance of the traditional FB ADS (right) and its strength is that it is mixed with normalNews Feedin.


There is too much information on the Internet, users will instinctively filter points with advertising nature of information, andNews FeedThe ad is like the Baidu search results on the left, insertedNews Feed, is the user actively to browse the digested content, the engagement efficiency is obviously much higher. Ads that appear in users' natural searches are more relevant, have higher conversion rates for advertisers, and are less likely for users to spam.


The limit byte for Right-Rail ads is 90, andNews FeedAds can be up to 500, and it's perfectly possible to describe a well-contented story.


It can also place pictures with larger pixels andcall-to-actionbutton, with the word "like page" set in the upper right corner of the picture, allowing users to "like" a page without switching pages back and forth.



This is more effective for increasing product and FB page exposure.


Third, learn from competitors


FB reduces organic search so that only a small percentage of fans can actually see the page's blog post.


Increase d'Anews feedThe best way to brand awareness is to use the advertising budget!


Hot posts can lead to an increase in overall exposure. Of course, the way to make a post hot, and the setting is relatively simple. Pictured.



The effects of these two forms of advertising are complementary.boost The high level of exposure provided by the post can increase the reach of the post and increase customer engagement, while the ads on the right can lead to more traffic.


Four, addInstagram


InInstagram Ads posted on thePower EditorEditor to deliver.


Facebook Power EditorThe editor can implementtarget, budgeting, creating, and so on, and in this way you can also buildFacebookAdvertising.


The ad content you create is customizable, such as setting it up as a desktop or mobile.


In November 2015, the Hawaii Tourism Board launched "Share Aloha" online ( Share the Alohathe activity of the . The advertiser puts the content of the event on Facebook andInstagramare available to ensure maximum reach to your audience.


Whether you're in or notFacebookInstagramThere is a brainstorming process on the ad build, and there are always many elements to ensure the success of the ad campaign.


Assessing goals, learning from the best, and finding out how to maximize your competitive activities are guaranteedFacebookA necessary condition for advertising to get the most out of your ad.


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