What are the tips for running Facebook ads?

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Facebook is an important advertising platform for companies.Ads on Facebook, GoalsUser group selection is accurate, material production attractive and other factors will make our advertising efficiency better, lower cost.When running your ads, taking advantage of the following tips may do more with less.


Clear advertising goals

If you don't have a clear advertising goal before you advertise, it's not recommended that you run your campaign.Because the ad has not achieved the effect, the basis of judgment is your advertising goals.What is the goal before advertising, to increase brand exposure?Or do you want to attract potential users to your product?Or do you want to raise awareness on your Facebook page?


The performance of your ad depends on your ad goals, so you must identify your ad goals before you create them.Once you've defined your goals, you're setting up your ad plan.


Update your creatives frequently

If your creatives are new, CPM will also be lower.In addition, the target audience will also have a feeling of fatigue on the creative, especially for some target audience, when the ads appear many times, they are prone to fatigue, so to update the creative from time to time.


If you have limited material in your hand, there are some easy ways to fine-tune updates, sometimes with unexpected results.Like what:Remake ad copy, make some fine-tuning changes to the image, replace the first few seconds of the video title, and more.If the ad group has several videos, change the order of the video, put the back in front, there will be a different effect.Facebook's algorithm will think it's new creative.This approach can effectively reduce advertising costs.


Ad A/B test

To separate the test of different creative sons, you can know how good or bad your ads are.A/B tests can test several different ad copy, video, cover map, and more.


For example, if we want to test 2 videos and 2 ad copy in the ad group, then we can form 4 different sets of different combinations to test the effects:Video 1 and Copy 1, Video 1 and Copy 2, Video 2 and Copy 1, Video 2 and Copy 2.Finally, based on the ad test results, you can find which combination works better, and then you can keep the combination of ads.


Refined Advertising Copy

Copy as simple as possible refining, so that easy to browse on the phone, avoid the branch to mobile reading brought difficulties.Mobile characters are limited, can not exceed 345 characters, if there are branches, to ensure that the rules and concise.


Ad copytos want to highlight your product advantages while streamlining, allowing users to understand the core content of your product in a simple description to generate interest, and ultimately successfully attract users.


Material formality

Depending on where the ad ends up, we choose the appropriate format for production.If your ad is for the mobile side, it's best to have it in a vertical format.


Vertical-format mobile ads, without rotating the screen, you can fill the entire phone screen, more convenient to browse.


Video subtitles

Generally speaking, video ads are the best, if conditions are recommended to do a video ad.Video ads can do a subtitle, because many users when watching ads will choose to block audio, without subtitles ads will cause problems for users, plus subtitles will reduce the cost of understanding users, but also to leave a deeper impression on users.



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