What to know about optimizing Facebook ads

Today we're going to talk about Facebook ad optimization!

We can see that there are several factors that influence the ultimate effectiveness of Facebook ads:

1, ad audience

2, the user experience of ad posts - ad optimization methods
3, creative
Here's a closer look.

I. Advertising audience:

1) For interests

Students who do Facebook ads should use this feature to define the ad audience, and it's more difficult to find a lot of "interest" keywords related to their products, the easiest way is to use Facebook's map search function, raise a chestnut, and search directly on Facebook.

"Like Pagesd by people who like XXX" to find a bunch of related home pages.

Then we use Facebook's audience insight tool (https://www.facebook.com/ads/audience-insights) to analyze some of the basics of your audience, such as which country the audience is mainly distributed, the title, the title, what you like, what we like, the page we like, and you can read this article. In-depth analysis of Anker's Facebook page audience dataThis side doesn't go into detail.

In addition to Facebook's map search to get audience "interest" keywords, the more common method is brainstorming. Brainstorming I suggest that you can go to the storm on these two issues, of course, God if there is another storm method can also ignore the following two questions.

1, product A can help group B in C case to solve the D problem
2, product A can help group D problem in C case

2) For users who have visited the site

Because of the ability of text expression, this side only talk about test methods, do not make other explanations.

First, we create a group of audiences named 1dasy, 2days, 3days..., 180days.

Test these audiences with the same creative, and in 24 hours we'll get this set of data

Then find the group of ad audiences with the best click-through rates, and then use Facebook's similar audience features to expand that group of audiences, and also use the same ad material to run this similar audience. Over the next week, repeat the above test method, define the site traffic audience once a day, repeatedly test, find out the best performance of the day audience to do similar audience expansion, a week can be very clear definition of their own accurate audience.
3) For interactive audiences

Facebook interacts with the following: the audience who watched the video, the audience who used the Facebook app, the audience who filled out the lead form. This focus is on video audiences.

First, we need a video, if you don't have ready-made video footage, you can use the PPT-via video method recommended by Isano Lake to make an advertising video of your own product, first prepare your own 3-5 page PPT, and then use the "Beaver's Nest PPT video converter" to convert the video, How to see this: Wedding photo slide production tutorial (http://jingyan.baidu.com/article/ab0b5630d7b1fac15bfa7d41.html)。

The next step with the test site traffic audience, first find a bunch of interest, material with prepared video, create more than 5 sets of ads run, a week later there will be 5 different groups of video audience, and then then with these 5 groups of video audience testing, the operation method is the same as (test interest audience part), this side is not detailed.


In short, I do video advertising for two main reasons, video advertising costs than posts and so on are much lower, and is able to play a circle of audience effect.

4) Target inge data audience

This kind of audience is mainly remarketing, if the uploaded data is accurate customer data, can be very effective to let users interact with your ads. The benefit is that these users already know your brand so they're likely to like your page and interact more with your post later. The disadvantage is that the ads are not for new users to see, but if the frequent interaction with fans, in fact, can use these users to spread their products, do word-of-mouth publicity.

All in all, if it is to do e-commerce can make more use of this audience, with them to do more interaction, guide them to do secondary purchase or word-of-mouth publicity.

Second, the user experience of ad posts and optimization:

Facebook is mainly to do user experience, if a post to the user's experience is good, that the post is pushed to the right audience to see, the ad price of this post or the post interaction situation will certainly be better than the general post, that Facebook determines a post on the user's experience is good or bad generally will refer to what point? The properties of the posts that spread more widely generally have the following points: many likes, high retweets, more positive comments, high reading... Then we go to push an ad post before, in fact, you can try to the ad post's likes, forwards, comments, reading ... Optimization up, so I have done conversion ads will first do a post optimization ads, as far as I know, the current more popular ad optimization operation is the following:

A) Optimize the interaction of the post first, and then convert on.

a1) First use the way to speed the delivery of posts to optimize the interaction of ad posts, the post's likes, retweets, comments, reading optimization up, the purpose is to tell Facebook what the main audience type of this post is, in order to facilitate the later Push over the audience of Facebook more accurate.

a2) then you can then directly target the conversion volume of the site, to attract users to perform valuable actions on the site.

B), first optimize the site click, and then on the conversion.

b1) First use to attract more site visitors to attract more users click, the purpose is to tell Facebook like to click on my site's audience is mainly this category, so that Facebook later push over the click audience more accurate, of course, in the user click process, There may also be some users who will perform valuable actions on the site, such as registering, purchasing... and so on.

B2) The next steps with a2, directly on the site conversion delivery.

C), first put the site click, to attract more users to visit the site, and then customize the site visitors for the audience, do remarketing.

When the user has visited your website, generally will have a certain impression of your website, if at this time to the user to push your home products related services, then the user is likely to produce valuable operational behavior, the specific delivery operation as above, the principle is not detailed here.

Three, creative material

Finally, when it comes to creative production of creative materials, a good advertisement can never be separated from a good idea, as an operator I usually watch the domestic do better micro-blog, such as Durex (there is a time every day before going to bed will brush Durex's micro-blog).

Facebook's material is simpler, and according to official information, facebook can make ad copy work with simple tips, such as:

Picture text is too small to see the choice point below that link to see, say a topic, often see some students asked, how to do Facebook promotion, in fact, just contact With Facebook will not do promotion is normal, always want to find some black technology to do some big news, so really useless, No one will be their own research very hard black technology to share to a person who does not know, do not understand the best down-to-earth, first of all the articles inside the Facebook help read, after reading basically can understand a lot of things, well do not spit slot, the following is the link.


Another is about the material this thing, I am too amateur, in order not to mislead everyone, I do not do more introduction here, if you want to do better but also want to consult a professional advertising optimizer to do can go to Yeahmobi's Isano company head Lake (in order to doLake WeChat: wangshuaipeng1127Learn about Facebook ads, his Google, Instagram, and the station is doing a great job!

Ah, what? You said you wanted to advertise FP? Well, nooh!!!

By the way, before I had moved a Taiwanese predecessor to do creative image tutorial and some high-quality creative image case, there has been uploaded to the small north group, if not add QQ group can add group (Facebook Marketing Master 3 Group 149434565Watch the group file download the file. So share it in this issue.