3 Ways To Combine Facebook and Google Ads

Xiao Yi said.

Do overseas marketing, most of them have to do search engine marketing and social media marketing, and Google and Facebook is one of the most important platforms, advertising effect is good, but each have advantages and disadvantages, then there is no way to combine the two, so that its complementary advantages, to obtain better advertising results?

Of course, Xiao Yi is sharing three google and Facebook combinations with you now.

The premise of the combination of Facebook and Google ads

The premise of the combination is thanks to Google'sRLSAAd delivery, RLSA isremarketing list for search adsXiao Yi uses an example to specify this feature.

If you're a shoe-selling website, someone visits your website and clicks to view the Sneakers series, according to your previous settings, this person has been added to the Sneakers series list, and the next time he searches for sneakers through Google again, You can adjust and optimize your bid to get this traffic again and drive a deal.

What's great about Facebook ads is that he has more personal information about users than Google, including personal interests, education and work background, income, consumption, age, gender, and so on, and a lot of dynamic data about individuals, which provide the basis for accurate push of ads.

Of course, Google has its own strengths, knowing which websites users visit and which keywords they use, and based on that information, we can control facebook and Google traffic.

How to transfer your Facebook audience to Google Ads

How the data collected by Facebook ads gives Google ads, the key point isAds in Facebook campaigns use UTM tags。 The more detailed the UTM settings, the more accurate the audience information you can get.

When your website gets traffic from this URL with the UTM tag, the GA tool records that, under this premise, create sits on Google ads' own audience through the GA tool's audience builder tool. Note that some traffic support is required, and any audience list you create needs to contain at least1000 user data recordsto be adopted by GA tools.

The combination strategy of Facebook ads and Google ads

The general strategy of the two is to create Facebook awareness ads, collect potential customer information, and when they search for information through Google, the relevant Google ads are given priority to that segment of the customer. Here are three detailed policy descriptions.


Target B2B purchasing decision makers with search ads

Find Job Titles as a target audience for key positions through Facebook, collect information about the target audience who visit your site after you've placed your ad, and customize Your Search ads for them.

Here are a few steps you need to complete:

1. Create a Facebook Awareness ad

2、定位在你行业的目标受众 demographics > Job Titles

3, add utM tag to Your Facebook ad so you can identify this traffic from Facebook in GA

4, according to UTM tips, in the GA tool to create Google's own audience list

5, apply this target audience list, start Google ads ads

This strategy ensures that Google ads are only available to key job decision makers, maximizing the use of advertising budgets.


New leads join Google's conversion funnel

One feature of Google ads is that keyword-based traffic is always limited because an industry has so much search. But the addition of social media data can solve the problem to the maximum extent possible.

From the perspective of the conversion funnel, we consider the question, is how to get more new users to join our conversion funnel path, this part of the new users need to meet two conditions, first, are interested in our products and services, and second, at the same time in Google search for related products and services information.

Here are a few steps you need to complete:

Create based on some existing audienceLookalike audience (similar audience)

Whether these audiences have seen your ads to Google search, or have previously searched, you have to prepare the TOFU keywords they can search for, you can use keyword tools to assist

Create Google ads with these keywords and target your Facebook audience list

This strategy also ensures that your ads are targeted only at new audiences and are interested in your products and services, maximizing your ad budget.


Use both Gmail ads and Facebook ads

Facebook and Google both allow the upload of customer data.When these customers log on to the Gmail mailbox, they will be shown the relevant ads. So what can you do for people who use Gmail mailboxes, especially if you have a pretty good mailing list?

The idea is that users can see both your ads in Gmail and your ads on Facebook, which can increase conversion rates.

When you create the same ad goals for Facebook and Gmail, you need to create two Facebook ad groups that can set higher bids for Gmail users in your Facebook audience list, and the other ad group is a user who isn't Gmail in your audience list. You can set a lower budget. Note that a certain amount of data needs to be done, otherwise this method will not play.

Have you learned the three Google and Facebook ads combined? Use it now. Xiaoyi will continue to explore more advertising strategies, share to you Oh

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