4 Things to Do Before Google Ads

4 Things to Do Before Google Ads

The plan can't keep up with the change?
It's because you didn't do enough!

Is Google's ad delivery a black hole?
Didn't do enough!

Is advertising making you increasingly tired?
That's still not enough work!

1. Know yourself and know each other, only the ability to break a thousand troops!

Who am I?

What creative material do I have?

1.Advertising copy

2. Product copy

3.Product Pictures

4.Product Video

The above 4 original material, if you can prepare, that is the best.

But if it's not ready, it doesn't matter.

What we can't usually have on this node is video.

You don't have to overcharge to get your video suppend.

What Can I Show, Not What I Want to Show!

There are a lot of little cute, you ask her what she does, what can provide?

She can answer a lot.

It's a good thing that she's very strong in growing up.

But it's also a bad thing.

Because she tends to take this idea with her, to advertise.

That's the original sin of her failed advertising.

Advertising, to a large extent, is the pitcher's ability to accurately target.

If you've been blurred from the beginning of your positioning, you'll only get a vague result. (No results)

If you're running straight to the end, you should reduce your product or service as much as possible to one !!!

Who is my client?

Where is he from?

Turn up your historical data to see which country has the highest conversion rate.

Can we even find out which provinces in the country have higher conversion rates?

And yes,ready to go!

Why should you guess?

There are a lot of little cute, from the beginning will be cast in many countries, many areas.

Then optimize your ads to further narrow your reach.

Uncle two to give you advice is to adopt a more efficient, more cost-effective from small to large delivery strategy.

Instead of spending more money, spend more time on strategies from big to small.

What did he say?

Don't start by setting multiple languages, just one language.

And you're not scientific or accurate when you're advertising multiple countries.

If you're developing customers in multiple countries through advertising, you should do fine-grained campaigns for each country!!!

What about his purchasing level?

Or what do you want his level of purchase?

Not all customers are target customers, you should combine your own situation to identify matching customers.

For example, you can hold to live medium-sized customers, and get the highest profit spree for medium-sized customers, the highest conversion rate.

Then you can artificially filter out large and small customers through advertising.

For example, actively expose your minimum starting quantity, price, plant, equipment, enterprise size and so on.

What does he like and what is he afraid of?

To write a loud-and-sound ad, you must understand your customers and understand their preferences and dislikes.

In other words: if you want to fish, you have to speak the language of the fish first.

2. Undisturbed, work out your plan and budget!

How much can I put in?

There are a lot of cute, when you open Google ads without a budget concept.

Hold the idea of throwing for a month, the effect is good and then then cast.

As soon as the advertisement ran, the money burned, saw no effect, immediately panicked.

Panicked, the advertisement was immediately stopped.

From then on the powder turned black, no longer dare to cast Google ads.

What if, at first, the plan was more rigorous?

Maybe we can wait until the flowering is over.

For example, determine how much money can you invest in the entire promotion project yourself?

Be sure to take the money out!

Because you have to spend this money, in the constant debugging ads, you can grow, can have a harvest.

Force yourself, don't panic, don't run away.

3. Turnip cabbage, who is the favorite?

Make 3 landing pages

Is the product page conversion rate high or the custom landing page conversion rate high?

There is no certain answer to this. Because there are too many factors that affect the conversion rate.

But what's certain is that, on the whole, the conversion rate of customized landing pages is higher!

It's also certain that you shouldn't bring traffic to the home page,

Because the conversion rate for the introduction of the home page is the lowest.

Unless your goal is not a conversion.

So why are we guessing here?

Do three or more landing pages, don't you know?

Create 3 ads

Why you want to make three ads is the same reason to make three landing pages.

So where do we write our ad copy?

1. Filter out non-target customers.

2. Attract target customers.

The truth is actually very simple, but a lot of cute, written on the direction of forget.

If you can't get your way when you write your ad copy, get it.

Please refer to another article of Uncle II: 15 ways to help you write an ashes-grade advertisement copy

4. Want to run? Get the bill!

Run, is to run away, this life do not want to run!

There are a lot of little cutepeople who find Google Ads expensive, and perhaps the big reason is that she doesn't know Google Ads.

In fact, do Google ads do not hit a combination of fists, really can not say the past.

Because of Google Ads, the customers you lose aren't really losing.

Google's remarketing, the broad categories can be divided into: search remarketing, display remarketing.

As soon as the customer has visited your website, he will lie on your remarketing list.

You can also categorize by the strength of your target customer's wishes by inserting remarketing codes on different web pages.

For example:

The first page of your website has been visited for a class,

The one that arrives at the inquiry page,

The inquiry is issued for a class.

Re-targeted for different categories of people, offering different ads, and bids.

Today will not go into depth on how to operate remarketing, cute you can google yourself.