A few new changes to focus on in 2019 for Google Ads

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2018 is an "eventful autumn" for Google Ads, and google has seen a number of improvements to its ads, including the renaming of Google AdWords as Google Ads, and the new Google ads are more comprehensive, according to Google. And the interface is clearer and easy to use, making it easier for businesses to run ads on their platforms and achieve their advertising goals.Ten very useful marketing tools for Google marketing and four forms of display for Google ads (with basic steps for Google Adwords)

After a series of changes, 2019 seems like a good year for Google's advertising, as advertisers will be able to take advantage of new changes in advertising to achieve their goals. So what are the new changes in Google's advertising, and what new opportunities can advertisers take advantage of? Here's how:

1, 15 seconds non-skipable video ads

Running TrueView video ads on YouTube benefits from its 15-second non-skipable video ads. In the past, advertisers could only use ads by booking through YouTube, but now Google says it will be open to advertisers who run auction campaigns.

Google said in a statement:

"Realizing that advertisers should have access to all creative choices, no matter how they run their ads - by booking in advance or running spot ads on Google, we'll expand the access available to our bid-advertisers." "

Google has started promoting 15-second non-skipable video ads to all advertisers and will be fully open in the coming weeks. Google also said it would limit the number of ads users see to ensure they have a good experience when watching YouTube videos.

As a Google Advertiser, you can now go to Google Ads or Display and Video 360 to set up a new campaign, and now you can set up 15 seconds of non-skipable video ads that will help you better achieve your advertising goals.

2, display ads pay by conversion

Google has also changed the way it pays for display ads, and in 2019, Google advertisers will no longer pay for clicks on display ads, but will instead pay for the conversion of ads, a welcome move.

Of course, this option is only available if advertisers use pay-per-view (Target Cost Per Acquisition, "CPA") in their own display campaigns.The benefit of this option is that you don't have to pay for clicks or exposure sits as you would a traditional pay-per-click ad campaign (PPC), you just have to pay for sales or leads from your campaign.

In addition, you'll no longer have to worry about paying for bids that exceed target cost per conversion (Target CPA). For example, if your goal is $5 per conversion, and you get 30 conversions in a week, you'll only pay $150. I believe this will be a welcome new change for advertisers who serve display ads.

So when you run your ads, you can choose to pay for conversions, as shown in the following image:  

3, Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads are Google's latest update to its text ads. Text ads that occupy a lot of space in search results make what advertisers want to show more and are the future of search ads.

It's worth noting that Google's new responsive search ads allow advertisers to fill in 15 titles and four descriptions of their text ads, more than expanded text ads. This means thatAdvertisers can get 43,680 different ad placement choices by uploading titles and descriptions and creating associated text ads.

The Google platform will automatically display the most relevant combinations of ad titles and descriptions based on search terms entered by the user, and understand which combinations perform best. This also saves advertisers a lot of time, just pay attention to the performance of your ads, rather than setting up multiple extra ads.

4, cross-device attribution report

Cross-device reporting is nothing new for Google advertising. With the device's ads, advertisers will be able to learn more about ad conversions. Today, Google has also introduced cross-device attribution ads that will categorize data about your ads and create visual charts that show not only how many people interact with multiple ads before completing a conversion, but also show you how to interact with ads on multiple devices. Help you understand how each device can help transform your Google ad campaign.

These reports will be presented in real time in Google Analytics' Audiences section to help you understand how many devices have visited your site, the five devices that have recently contributed to conversions, and the relationship between user actions and conversions.

5, advertising market competition intensified

Competition for advertising on Google is intensifying. According to Google, more than 4 million companies now advertise their products and services on Google's advertising platform. This means that for advertisers, in addition to your own business area, you also have a lot of competitors in the advertising space.

Research by Wordstream, a venture capital firm, shows that as competing furniture, advertisers are also costing more per click. In the past, the cost of clicking on insurance, loan, and mortgage-related keywords was often more than $10, but now it's not unusual for keywords in other areas to cost more than $10 per click.

With Google Ad joining new advertisers every year, costs will inevitably continue to rise. Therefore, advertisers need to take a variety of actions, such as updating ads, search terms and keywords, so that their ads have a high degree of relevance and difference.

At the same time,Advertisers need to understand that they can't just rely on higher bidding to get good advertising placements, and improving the quality score of ads is also an important way.

6, mobile search volume increased

According to Statista, a data statistics portal, 51 percent of searches in the U.S. come from the mobile side, and the number of people searching for smartphones in the U.S. will increase to 220 million by 2020. For advertisers, it's not just data, it's a warning that you should focus on mobile ad presentations to provide a good mobile-side traffic experience for your visitors.To do this, you need to:

1, for visitors to provide a comprehensive response to the website;

2, create a mobile website, convenient for you to direct traffic to the site;

3, the use of mobile ads automatically adjust the auction tool, to ensure that your ads on the mobile side can also get a good placement, which is critical, after all, more than 50% of the United States search from the mobile side.

Although the conversion rate on the mobile side is still lower than that of the PC, this will not last. As users become more accustomed to completing transactions on the mobile side, the mobile conversion rate will increase in 2019 and beyond.

Finally, 2019 will be an interesting year for Google's advertising, and so will Google Advertisers. As a Google advertiser, you need to understand Google's new changes, new features, and make good use of it to achieve your advertising purposes.

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