After reading Google's new ads, too burning, no longer want to use Baidu!

Half a month away from 2018.

When you're busy writing year-end summary,

Brands are doing all sorts of inventory, too.

Google released its 2017 keyword report a few days ago

The report shows thatPeople areGoogleIn the search box

The most entered word is "How"


made a super-fuelpropaganda film.

show what's prevalent throughout the year.

Questions, frustration, and kindness and hope

The copy brother was very moved after reading it.

So post it today and share it with everyone

This year is the 30th anniversary of China's Internet.

30 years, the fate of the Internet to society and individuals

has brought about a sea change.

But only until i saw this video.

At the height of thought

We still have a certain gap with foreign netizens.

When most of us

While busy breaking the spring and autumn, exploring the star gossip

What they're thinking is,

How to make yourself strong

How to take responsibility for others

How to make the world a better place through personal efforts

It can be said that foreign netizens are concerned about these issues

Every question makes you feel ashamed.

 How did the wildfire burn?

 How far is North Korea's missile range?

 How much does it cost to build a border wall?

 How many refugees are there in the world?

How did a hurricane form?

How do I seal the window with a plank?

HowCalm ingested the dogs in a storm?

How can i help the affected people?

How can I help Puerto Rico?

How can I help Mexico?

How can I help Las Vegas?

How do I make protest signs?

How do I run for office?

How do I watch the eclipse?

How do you make a difference?

How to be a strong woman?

How to be a good parent?

How do I become a superhero?

How do you become fearless?

Friends who have studied the Analects know

Confucius educates people, attaches great importance to enlightening induction

Often in each other's discussions to complete the teaching work

Zhu Wei, a famous thinker in the Song Dynasty, also pointed out that

"There is no doubt that a reader should be taught to have doubts

Small doubt is small, big doubt is big forward"

To sum up is: ask questions to make people progress

At the end of the video, Google plays a self-questioning and self-inflicted question

"How can we continue to go on in 2018?" "

The answer is "Search on" (search/exploration)

At this point, all of a sudden it'sGoogle Circle Powder

Feel after i don't want to use Baidu anymore

Finally, the comments area is a sun

When was your last search record?

What's the content?

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