Alipay China Koi appeared, the UK plans to add Google Facebook advertising digital tax, PS5 or achieve downward compatibility, fortress night iOS revenue exceeded $300 million, this is today's other big news!

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Lunar August 28

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Here's the other big news of the day

 Alipay "Chinese Koi" finally appears in one of the world's favorites 

       On the last day of the National Day holiday, Alipay's "Chinese koi" finally surfaced. On October 7th, according to Alipay's official microblog, the netizen became the son of the world's most beloved day-to-day!

        Alipay announced on September 29th that it had the opportunity to be drawn to become a "Chinese koi", and that many brands, micro, and the National Tourism Administration, had opened the delivery mode in their comments, and the luxury of the gift list was jaw-dropping. This " Chinese koi " after winning the lottery also sent a "I do not have to work for the rest of my life??? Weibo, still do not seem too dare to believe their own luck.

I grew so dark that I had to work hard...

 UK to impose digital tax on google, Facebook's advertising revenue 

        Philip Hammond, the chancellor of the exchequer, is understood to be( Philip Hammond )A new digital tax on advertising revenue is being drafted, a move that will have a small impact on Google and Facebook, but relatively little for Amazon. The priority, the report says, is to assess the advertising revenue of technology companies and how many people watch them in the UK.

        According to analysts, Google and Facebook generated 4.4 billion pounds in the UK in 2017( $5.8 billion)And nearly 2 billion pounds of advertising revenue, Google paid about 50 million pounds in taxes. Treasury officials are looking for different ways to implement the new digital tax, but are wary of hurting Britain's tech start-up industry.

        Mr Hammond is expected to make the proposals in the Budget on 29 October. But if an international agreement can be reached with the International Monetary Fund in advance, those plans could be scrapped.

: Isn't the EU punished?。。。 UK: I'm Brexit!

 Sony's new patent exposure: PS5 or down-compatible even including PS1 

( 3DMGame )For some time now, many industry analysts have predicted that the next-generation console might be introduced as a key feature when Sony finally unveiled the PS5, but Sony Entertainment has yet to confirm this. Now, according to a new patent registered by the Japanese tech giant, it looks like the PS5 may indeed include the feature in the next generation of host hardware.

According to the patent, the PS5's down-compatible compatibility is compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and even the first-time PlayStation, which is good news for those with many older games on hand. The patent, called "Simulator Resection," is registered by Sony Mutual Entertainment USA, the parent company of the PlayStation brand.

: Exclusive lying XBOX Cersei shivers...

 # Suck gold monster! Fort Night's revenue tops $300 million on iOS 

        (A9VG video game tribe) According to sensor Tower, a mobile app market research firm, In less than seven months, Fort Night earned $300 million on the IOS side. One of the region's largest revenues is in the U.S. market, accounting for 65% of the source of income! Unstoppable, the Game of Thrones has earned $20 million in the past week after six seasons out!

        Fort Night's revenue was about 32% higher than Supercell's hit game, "Royal War," in March 2016, and more than double Tencent's "King's Glory" in the Chinese market.

        Based on $300 million in revenue, It took 249 days (almost two months more) for "Royal War" to reach the same level in markets outside China, and Tencent's "King's Glory" did not reach that level until 316 days after its release, more than three months higher than "Night of the Fort!"

: In fact, most of the shares of this thing are also Tencent's...

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