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Friends who often visit VPS primary school students blog will notice that VPS primary school students blog is opened Google AdSense Google Advertising Alliance, can also display ads normally (if you do not open the ad blocking plug-in), a few days ago there are netizens to ask a lot about Google Advertising Alliance questions, especially Google AdSense Google Advertising Alliance website failed to run the audit. Here VPS elementary school students on their own experience and from the google advertising alliance official notice analysis out of a few shallow and share, if there is any error welcome in the article below the comments pointed.

Google AdSense

Google Ad Alliance website launch reviewFive reasons why you can't get through

1: Duplicate Content 2: Content Deficiency 3: Content Quality Issues 4: Website Navigation Issues 5: Traffic Source Issues

These five reasons are the answers given by the Google Advertising Alliance. In fact, the first three on the comparison of pit father, what is repeated content, how much is not enough content, what is the quality of the content has a problem, this is actually very Buddhist answer. Many website content is clearly very substantial or rejected, there are many sites on more than a dozen articles are also reproduced can be reproduced. Generally speaking, the new station to update at least 10 articles, at least to ensure that there are 5 articles are original (don't be pseudo-original, Google a bunch of engineers to study things can not judge whether you are pseudo-original?) ), so that the content is basically no problem.

Site navigation issues

For website navigation, generally there will be no problem, commonly used CMS, such as discuz, wordpress, dedecms default navigation although not necessarily suitable for optimization, but there will be no errors. However, because of the template problem, the website navigation problem softens the Google AdSense website delivery audit failed, the main technical errors will occur are:

1. Navigation text is not propery aligned

2. Navigation text can not be read correctly, such as some navigation classification text is too long, resulting in some navigation text is not fully displayed

3. Navigation drop-down list does not work properly

If your website navigates with these problems, modify it, it's a project with very clear audit criteria, and it's easy to comply with Google AdSense ad serving requirements after modification.

Traffic source issues

The traffic source problem simply means that Google decides that your website traffic is not a gray source, such as from a spam email source, or from a software pop-up source. If these traffic sources are high, they cannot be reviewed through Google AdSense

Above is the Google AdSense shared by VPS schoolchildrenGoogle Ad Alliance website launch reviewSeveral reasons and solutions that do not pass. Starting in January 2019, Google's Advertising Alliance website publishers will have to add new sites to review the process to get the opportunity to display relevant ads. Once the added site meets the audit criteria, the webmaster will see the words "ready" in the site column of the AdSense background interface, indicating that the page will display Google ads. So the new site is best to avoid the VPS elementary school students mentioned above a few pits, improve the Google AdSense Google Advertising Alliance website delivery approval rate, but also wish everyone a big fortune, Google AdSense advertising fees received soft!

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