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Hello everyone, I'm Lily of Silkrosezan College, and I've managed to get out to sea and take you all the way.

I believe that many foreign trade customers in Google Ads, the first time will go to search their ads, to see the advertising ranking and the form of advertising. But sometimes we can see that the account has display click data, but in the search is not able to see their own ads, then it will be very confused, even think that the background "data fraud", Google Ads problem. So why didn't our ads be searched? Am I searching for a problem or have a problem with my account settings? Where's my ad? Today Lily takes you to the bottom of the story and explores what's really going on with our ad.

First, affect the reasons for advertising display

Let's start by analyzing a few reasons for Google's ad display.When we use Google to search for ads, we can see a lot of advertising information, for each ad, it actually has a link with the background, so the display of ads and its corresponding ad background must be closely related,For example: which countries the ads run, the time period of advertising, the account's daily budget set amount cap and delivery equipment, etc. , will affect our advertising display, this course from the following dimensions of analysis to see if our ads are showing normally.

1, account side

a. System periodic review - account in "audit" status

To ensure the security of the account and verify the billing information, the account is periodically reviewed. If our account is being reviewed, the ad won't show during that time, so if we don't see your ads when we search for ads, you can see if the keywords and ads in the background of the ad are being reviewed.

This program is designed to protect our accounts and to ensure the quality and security of Google Ads services. Once the account is reviewed (usually within three business days), the ad is immediately re-qualified. When the ad account is approved and the background data is valid or approved, we can analyze the following points if we still can't search for our own ads:

(1) Subject to budget constraints

When we build the account, we can see that the entire account and each campaign can set a budget, then if the daily budget is exhausted, our ads will usually stop showing for the rest of the day, for example, we set the European regional campaign budget is 200 yuan / day, the entire account budget is 1000 yuan / day, if the European series of the same day spent has reached 200 yuan, even if the entire account budget is not spent, we are not able to search for the European region of advertising.

(2) Geolocation settings

Generally speaking, our Google ads are certainly not running in the domestic market, but to foreign countries, then if we go to view Google ads, location location of our IP is domestic, so certainly can not see our ads.

In this case, for example, we are now running the market in Europe, but we are now in Beijing to see their own ads, that is certainly not visible, only countries in the European region can see our ads, which is Google ads can accurately according to the region to run advertising a feature.

At the same time the background can also be set to launch the same country different states/ City/district, etc., can also be in accordance with a coordinate of the delivery radius more accurate to run our ads.

(3) Ad serving time settings

Some customers will choose different countries to serve different time periods when their accounts are served, and will generally choose the local time time of the delivery country to display their ads, so if we search for their own ads outside the time period, we certainly do not see.

For example, we have run the United Kingdom 9 am to 6 am, we are now in Beijing time at 10 am to search their ads, is also not searched, because Beijing and the United Kingdom have 8 hours of time difference, we search at 10 a.m. Beijing time, corresponding to the United Kingdom, is now at 3 am, It's not the time we set up in the UK, so the ads don't show up.

b. Device settings

Many people on Google ads also have a certain misunderstanding, that advertising can only be displayed on the PC side, in fact, Google ads in mobile and tablet devices have a lot of traffic, in recent years mobile traffic torrents even more than the PC side, which is why we now pay more and more attention to mobile advertising. Understand the different delivery equipment, we also pay attention to the choice of equipment when building an account.

For example, we only serve the PC side, then we need to adjust the price of the phone and tablet to -100%, then if we are on the phone or tablet device to view their ads, but also not to search.

c. Keyword Quality Score

In addition to these basic settings, there is a special concern about the account level, which is also the account manager to pay attention to every day, advertising can not show up with the keyword quality score is related.

Quality score (with a 1 - 10 rating), generally less than 2 keywords ads will rarely show, so when the other settings are not a problem and our ads are not searched, we need to optimize the keyword quality score.For how to optimize the quality score, my little partnerSansan previously gave a detailed explanation in the course "Improve keyword quality score for Google Ads Performance Improvement" that interested friends can review.

In addition, we also want to understand how often ads appear, Google ads do not mean that we search 10 times, these 10 times will show us. If we have a good account budget, ads are likely to show us six times, and if the budget is low, it's possible to show only 2 times, which is what we need to be aware of when searching for ads.

2, personal search behavior

Searching for your own ads on Google is not the main reason, but there are also phenomena. In principle, Google doesn't recommend that we search for our own ads, because if we use Google Search repeatedly to find our own ads and never click.First of allGoogle Systemwould think thisIP for this ad isNot's also possible to put ourIP is judged to be a malicious user, will directly block the ads.

So we may see their ads once after not see, this is just opened Google ads customers are very easy to solve the problem, then we should pay attention to the fact that our account is not a problem, but our IP isGoogle SystemMark, it's like the harassment calls we get, and if they're frequently tagged, very few people answer them later.

Moreover, we frequently search their ads, will only increase the number of ads, but we certainly will not click, then the corresponding click rate of our keywords will be lower, low click-through rate will also affect the quality of the account score, low score and directly affect our advertising display, vicious circle.

Second, search google ads the correct posture

So what do we need to do if we still want to see what our ads are showing?

If we just want to see what the ad language looks like, there's an ad preview window on the right when we write the ad, and both the desktop and the mobile device can see it;You can then use the Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool available in your account.

Through this tool we can see the style that the ad actually shows when it's actually running, and the ad you see in the preview tool doesn't increase the number of impressions and can't click on our ads, both to see the ad's live online situation and not to have an adverse effect on the account.

So if we don't see your ads at preview time, the diagnostic tool can help us understand why ads or ad extensions may not appear, and once we enter a search term and other criteria, such as language and geographic location, the tool will tell us if our ads can show in this case. If we select the rubber hose keywords in the Russian series in our account to search for ads, click on tools and settings, select ad previews and diagnostics, select Russia geographically, select the desktop, then we can see our own ad display:

This means that our ads are available and being shown; we're in brazil, we can see that the ads aren't showing, and we're prompted that "your ads may be showing from time to time, and you're not showing up at the time of this diagnosis," mainly because of limited advertising with limited account budgets. We can also click "Learn more" to see what we want to know in the Help Center.

We did not find their own ads after the opening of Google Ads, do not worry, ads do not show out there are many factors affected, it has a relationship with account review status, budget constraints, location targeting and keyword quality score, we have to check from all angles of the account side and personal behavior factors, Find out why your ads don't show up, and then give your ads more opportunities to show them by optimizing your account and continuing to improve your account quality score.

For more Google Ads optimization tips, follow the public number, SilkUzan College, I'm Lily of Silksan College, goodbye next year!