Dry Goods: Google Ads' Configuration Guide to Black Five Season Promotions


The annual e-commerce season is in full swing, I believe that the major small and medium-sized sellers have felt the atmosphere of the peak season.

In order to add a festive atmosphere, this small editor once again put out the exclusive cheat recipe - Google ads on the black five season promotional activities configuration guide, for the black five together help.

Black Five Promotional Port Settings

Start by opening the Google Merchant Center account associated with Google Ads, where the promotional information for Google's shopping ads is located in the Google Center settings.

Go to the left navigation bar , Marketing - Promotions page

If you do not have any promotions on line before, the first configuration operation, you need to first open the "Business Promotions" function, fill in the relevant information and submit for review (1-3 days). Once the approval is approved, the promotion function can be set up.

After entering the promotion settings page, click "Blue Additive" to add new promotion allotic information.

Select a promotional country

Select the country in which the promotion is used. Countries currently applicable include the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, India, France and Germany.

Select a promotion type

In the promotion type settings, the appropriate promotion category can be selected based on the established operating plan.

Amount Deduction

Full purchase of specified quantities and cash discounts

The same item is purchased in the specified quantity and the item is discounted

Percentage discount

Full purchase of specified quantity, discount per percentage

The same item is purchased in the specified quantity, and enjoy the discount

Each promotion type corresponds to a specific promotionand plan and can be selected based on its own industry, product attributes, and user group characteristics.

Here, for example, clothing, choose the discount percentage, set a 15% discount and minimum purchase amount, to move on to the next process.

Set up promotional messages

"Product Name" Fill in the promotion name shown in the advertising front of the advertisement, as far as possible to express clear promotional activities and promotional discounts and other information.

Promotional ID as a custom ID to track promotions

Select the item selling as a promotion, all items or filter with conditions to select a specific promotional item

Promotion code: Promotional product discount code

Here, in the case of the stand-alone station Shopify, in Shopify manages background sync settings for promotional promotions

Select the start and deadline of the campaign promotion and submit it for review.

Review and presentation

The review cycle takes 2-5 business days, and when the audit is approved, you can display the product promotions on the front end of google platform.

Here, in the case of the stand-alone station Shopify, don't forget to sync the synchronic settings for the discount code for the event promotion.

At this point, the entire Promotional Framework for Google Advertising is almost complete.

In addition to the configuration of black five promotional activities, for the website, productselection of the appropriate accurate promotional program is also a top priority, about more relevant information, do not forget to pay attention to the public number to learn more dry goods.

Note:The above operation for the small web site background operation, please combine their own needs, carefully read and then set up.

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