Friends circle ads are fake, Google driverless or has set up a wholly-owned company in Shanghai, rumors "readers" can not pay, Xiaomi to Lei Jun 9.9 billion, this is today's other big news!

Today is 8.Month 23Day

July 13th lunar calendar


I recently read an online novel.

At first I thought it was the main character who was hanging the stream.

It turned out that it was really the main character's hanging stream.

But it's funny not to stop, haha.

Here's the other big news of the day

 WeChat Friends Circle Now "LePen Toad Mirror" ad 

 Netizens identified as fakes 

( NetEase Technology ) August 23 news, today's Weibo microblog, a number of users said that its WeChat friends circle appeared in the Leipeng glasses ads are fake. Some Weibo users pointed out that the "Ray-Bin glasses" WeChat friend circle ads appeared toad mirror words, which made him suspicious, and then clicked in to find that the ad's logo logo logo is not correct, should be "Ray-Ban" the English name was written as "Rlei-Peng".

: This... It must be a conspiracy!

 Google driverless or has set up a wholly-owned company in Shanghai 

(All-weather technology )Following Tesla, Google's drone landing in Shanghai is accelerating.

August 23, all-weather science and technology inquiry of the national enterprise credit information disclosure system found that a company called Huimo Business Consulting(Shanghai)The Company was registered in The Shanghai Free Trade Zone in May this year. The company's business scope includes business information consulting, self-driving car parts and product design, testing, providing related supporting services.

Shareholder information, the company is 100% owned by WAYMO LLC, a driverless company owned by Alphabet, Google's parent company.

: Let's get the car in first...

 # The Reader is out of pay?

 Write an apology to the public. 

(Fast Tech)《 证券Day报 》旗下微信公众号 “ 上市公司文娱头条 ” 发表了一篇标题为《 < 读者 > 快发不出工资了 》的文章,引起网友热议。

"On August 22, Reader Media released its 2018 Mid-Year Report showing that during the reporting period, the Company achieved operating income of RMB308 million, down 4.68% YoY; million, down 83.26% YoY. "。

Subsequently, the public number deleted the article and apologized, indicating that the title did not match the facts, and to the reader media and the vast number of netizens to apologize.

: To pinch the finger, i haven't bought a reader in 8 years.

 Xiaomi's first financial report after IPO:

 Second quarter revenue up 68.3% YoY 

(Techweb, Vista)Xiaomi reported revenue rose 68.3 percent to 45.24 billion yuan from 26.88 billion yuan, helped by strong performance in its smartphone business, helped by the company's second-quarter results for the year ended June 30.

Xiaomi's adjusted net profit increased 25.1% year-on-year, with operating loss of RMB7.592 billion and revenue in the smartphone division rmb30.5 billion, up 58.7%.Administrative expenses in the financial report for the quarter amounted to 10,457 million yuan, an increase of 4469.6% year-on-year. The reason is that the company paid chairman Lei Jun about $9.9 billion in share-based compensation before going public. Xiaomi Group's market capitalisation to date is HK$393.754 billion.

: A few years of heartache, a spring breeze to come.

 Japan Launches 'Inspiration Taxi': Chasko Makes You Cool For a Summer as a Driver 

(Traveller Star )This summer, Japan experienced unprecedented hot weather, record-breaking hot weather let everyone off guard, we have come up with various ways to cool themselves down. In addition to some conventional methods, the Japanese with brain holes in their openings have come up with a strange way to cool down.

The "inspiration taxi" launched by Otsuka Taxi Company in the future not only dressed the driver as a chastity, but also put the head in the car into a ghost house style, along the way also played a variety of horror background music to create a unique cool feeling. The rear seat is replaced with a cool chair cushion, and the driver will also provide a cool wet wipe, hoping to achieve a complete heat-cancelling effect.

However, the Inspiration Taxi has only one and runs only until 31 August. It feels like it's not easy to meet.

Girl, you look a little weird with this pillow.

Zhou Libo has a new plot. ”