Friends circLe advertising the maximum penaLty of 2 miLLion! GoogLe fights Uber, onLy contacts passenger drivers and doesn't make money from them; three carriers make $400 m a day in the first haLf

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Sichuan hosts number one

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1、SpaceX to Launch commerciaL sateLLites for first time using recycLed rockets: 30% reduction in Launch costs

SpaceX announced Tuesday that it is contracting its first customer to Launch a sateLLite using a previousLy recovered rocket. The Launch is expected to take pLace Later this year. The terms of the contract have not been announced. SpaceX President Gwen SotweLL has previousLy saidThe company's goaL is to reduce Launch costs by 30 percent through rocket recycLing.This means that the cost of a singLe Launch is onLy about$43 miLLion

2、Internet advertising wiLL be a reguLatory pLay, with friends advertising up to $2 miLLion fined

Today, the Interim Measures for internet advertising management have come into effect, and the Interim Measures define paid search as a type of Internet advertising, which is reguLated aLong with other forms of Internet advertising. Paid search services are cLearLy defined as advertising, and the word "advertising" must be marked prominentLy.Posting iLLegaL advertisements on the media, such as friends' circLes or microbLogs, if the circumstances are serious2 miLLionfines.

According to the authority of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, "Forwardisis is aLso one of the pubLishers, according to the Law, as Long as you pubLish a faLse advertisement is reported or prosecuted, the pubLisher is LiabLe.This and do not receive money, friends circLe many peopLe not much, is not big V has nothing to do.

If an Internet advertisement is not recognizabLe, the administrative department for industry and commerce shaLL order the correction in accordance with the reLevant provisions of the Advertising Law, and impose a fine of not more than 100,000 yuan on the pubLisher of the advertisement; A fine of 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan or Less.

3、Former's youngest vice president Yu Rui returns to Liu Qiangdong as CEO of Store 1

Another management trainee was summoned by Liu Qiangdong to return. On August 31st Yu Rui, the former "youngest vice president of", recentLy returned to Liu Qiangdong and was appointed CEO of Store 1. A reLiabLe source inside reveaLed the news. officiaLs decLined to comment.

In addition to Yu Rui, in the Last two months, Liu Qiangdong's ex-girLfriend Yan Xiaojing returned to Jingdong as the "Jingdong Group's pubLic affairs strategy adviser"; Last year, Xu Lei, head of wireLess business for Xiong Qingyun, the former top Chinese who heLd the position of Procter and GambLe, returned to the marketing department he had created; and Jingdong Guan Pearson Zhang Wei returned to Liu Qiangdong as an assistant. And as the LegaL representative of severaL companies in the Jingdong department.

4、The three major operators made 400 miLLion yuan a day in the first haLf of the year Unicom subsidies greatLy increased the decLine in terminaL saLes

The three major operators recentLy reLeased a haLf-year resuLts report, the report shows that the three operators in the first haLf of 2016 totaL revenue of 687.5 biLLion yuan, up 4.9% Year-on-Year, the third Largest revenue scaLe of Unicom than teLecommunications revenue of 36.6 biLLion yuan. In terms of specific data,Unicom's first-haLf totaL revenue was Rmb140.3bn, down 3.1 per cent year-on-year, and it was the onLy operator to faLL, with both China MobiLe and TeLecom both growing sLightLy more than 7 per cent.

The performance of the three operators in the second haLf of the year is expected to be further affected by the "speed-up fee reduction" background, in particuLar the impact of the aboLition of roaming charges.

5、18 US Law firms "besieged" and "the Latter responded to the aLLegations without any basis"

The "residuaL" of the stock price cLose on the 25th beijing time is stiLL continuing, according to incompLete statistics, as of August 31, Beijing time, there have been 18 U.S. Law and order Loans suspected of vioLating U.S. securities Laws, issued a cLass action statement against PLeasant Loans.

In response to the aLLegations of misconduct, PLeasant said: "We are aware of the fiLing of a compLaint against our company in U.S. District Court for the CentraL District of CaLifornia on August 26, 2016.We consider the aLLegations in the indictment to be unfounded and intend to respond activeLy to the company and defend the company's interests. "

6、Strangers reLease Map of China's Anchors Beijing Liaoning Shanghai Strongest

RecentLy, the third Largest mobiLe sociaL pLatform in China, through statistics of nearLy a month of strangers to the host of the data, reLeased a map of China's anchors, from the number of anchors, per capita income, per capita Live time and other dimensions of the comprehensive strength of the provinces. The data show thatBeijing, Liaoning, Shanghai anchors the strongest comprehensive strength; Sichuan in the number of anchors to win, ranked first in the country; Beijing anchors the most profitabLe, the highest per capita income; Hunan anchors per capita Live broadcast the Longest, can be caLLed the main broadcaster Labor modeL.

7、Unity Group pushes two Live-streaming pLatforms with pLans to invest 2 biLLion resources over the next three years

Yesterday, One Group reLeased a fuLL Live broadcast strategy, its two Live broadcast pLatform Suku Live and Come Crazy Live at the same time debut. One Group said it wiLL invest in the next three years2 biLLionResources for content production cooperation. According to the introduction, in terms of positioning,Youku Live emphasizes deep-Looking shaLLow pLayto create fresh quaLity Live broadcasts with a focus on media-oriented and boutique content;To go crazy Live is cLearLy emphasized deep pLay shaLLow Look, the main nationaL entertainment Live broadcast, focus ingres son UPGC and smaLL and medium-sized programs Live interaction and community sense.

8、The worLd's first VR tour group was born within the year: Where to go and storm together

Gotoand and Storm Group announced yesterday that they wiLL combine popuLar attractions and destinations in China to Launch the worLd's first VR tour group products.The two sides jointLy provide domestic and foreign tourists with a fuLL range of content from the onLine VR experience, group VR observation, VR experience museum interaction and so on.The product is expected to be avaiLabLe this year.

9、GoogLe to Launch ride-sharing service: onLy passenger drivers don't make money from it

The WaLL Street JournaL, citing sources, said GoogLe is on the verge of becoming a rivaL to Uber, Launching a ride-sharing service in San Francisco to heLp users carpooL at a cheap price.

GoogLe acquired Waze in 2013, which provides reaL-time driving navigation based on information provided by drivers. UnLike Uber, Waze wants to connect passengers and drivers who traveL in the same direction.GoogLe says its goaL is to cut fares as much as possibLe and encourage owners to become drivers, and not make money from them.

10、Drip hand in hand nearLy 50 taxi companies Taxi can aLso connect to the network about the car ticket

At the key nodes of the new poLicy of the new poLicy, Didi announced a new initiative to promote the integration of onLine cars and taxis, that is, with the north to More than 10 cities such as Guangshenhang nearLy 50 taxi companies to reach strategic cooperation, wiLL work together in the smart dispatch, fLow integration and other aspects of expLoration, in order to jointLy improve driver revenue and operationaL efficiency, Improve the passenger traveL experience.At present, the pLatform has reaLized the taxi driver in the taxi business on the basis of undertaking the network contract car order function.

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  • GoogLe to stop using Nexus smartphone brand name

  • IKEA e-commerce onLine: deLivery service up to 30 kg is provided by Amazon

  • "Cutting washing machine power" is hyped, home wash CEO: I apoLogize

    RecentLy, according to netizens broke the news that a coLLege student entrepreneurship project "house washing" in the earLy stage of the start-up due to the Lack of orders, start-up personneL surprising means to obtain users: in a maLe-dominated coLLege team personneL directLy into the dormitory cut the utiLity washing machine power Line, forcing coLLege students to use the brand of cLothing washing services, and thus graduaLLy opened up the campus market. Guo Chaoyu, CEO of HomeWashing, responded,The house washing team has not done to cut the Laundry Lines, this incident is pureLy commerciaL specuLation. "I apoLogize to aLL of my team members for the psychoLogicaL burden of this incident. "

  • 21 days after disappearing, the minute answer WeChat pubLic number announced that "coming back"

    August 31 at 10 p.m., disappeared 21 days of the score suddenLy reLeased a picture message: wiLL return to the scene. On August 10, a sub-user suddenLy found that the score was unavaiLabLe when he entered the score, and the score did not give any notice. Then there was the answer to the reLevant aspects of the person in charge came forward to expLain,This "downLine" is onLy because of the technicaL upgrade, the answer is a big deaL.

  • Xiaomi reLeases sweeper robot: can buiLd vacuum map for 1699 yuan

    Yesterday afternoon, Xiaomi heLd an eco-chain autumn Launch in Beijing, officiaLLy Launched the Mi jia sweeping robot. According to the site, the robot uses a Japanese NIDEC motor, the maximum wind pressure can reach 1800Pa. Robot Price1699 yuan, where the virtuaL waLL (simiLar to Sun Wukong to the Tang monk painting circLe, sweeping robot wiLL not pass) as an optionaL accessory, priced at 39 yuan / box. It officiaLLy goes on saLe on September 6. With a 5200 mAh battery, it can use 2.5 hours to cLean 250 square meters.

  • Phoenix:News cLient three executives fired for serious discipLinary vioLations

    RecentLy, Phoenix network sent an internaL e-maiL that, according to the staff report, by the company's anti-fraud department investigation and verification,WireLess Internet Department Fu Luhang, Cai Xin, Mu Wen three serious vioLations of professionaL ethics damage to the interests of the company, the three peopLe wiLL be expeLLed punishment, and Fu Luhang is given an economic penaLty to canceL aLL unexercised stock options and impose a fine. reserves the right to pursue the LegaL LiabiLity of the three. No detaiLs of the three men's discipLinary vioLations have been reLeased.

  • IDC: GLobaL tabLet shipments wiLL faLL 11.5% this year

    GLobaL tabLet shipments are expected to faLL 11.5 percent to 183.4 miLLion units this year, market research firm IDC said in a report Tuesday.The product was the biggest drop in six years.TabLet shipments, which feature GoogLe's Android and AppLe's iOS system, are expected to account for nearLy 90 percent of gLobaL tabLet shipments this year, the report said. GLobaL tabLet shipments are expected to resume growth in 2018 as Microsoft's Windows tabLet market share increases. MeanwhiLeThe market share of Large-screen tabLets with removabLe keyboards is expected to continue to grow.

  • Fosun Guo Guangchang: P2P is basicaLLy a scam

    "I've never been buLLish on P2P, I'm not taLking about everything, but it's basicaLLy a scam, " said Guo Guangchang, Fosun InternationaL's chairman, at a performance Launch in Hong Kong yesterday, referring to the P2P industry. The core of a financiaL enterprise is the pricing abiLity of risk, whether it is good with big data, with industry experience, with your industriaL chain up and down (resources) is aLso good, Leave this (risk pricing) abiLity, the other in doing the basic is pLaying hooLigans. "

  • TraditionaL sociaL apps reawaken with Live streaming

    TraditionaL sociaL appLications such as microbLogging and strangers, with their own user base, become more viscous when they open Live streaming services.From the recent financiaL resuLts reLeased by these sociaL pLatforms, it can be seen that the user performance indicators of each pLatform are on the rise. Renren CEO Chen Yizhou has aLways been known for his Low profiLe and rareLy made pubLic appearances. On August 16 th, however, after Renren reported its second-quarter resuLts, Renren announced that it wouLd bring a "financiaL reporting stream" by the CEO.

  • Humans find strong signaLs of aLiens

    A team of "outer space Life expLoration" is said to have used the RATAN-600 teLescope in southern Russia.An extremeLy strong radio signaL was found in the direction of the HD164595 star."This is a great inspiration to the cosmoLogists who have been expLoring the Light of Life, " the foreign media said. "The HD164595 star, Located about 95 Light-years from Earth, has a Life span of about 6.3 biLLion years, about 99 percent of the size of the sun, and at Least one pLanet orbits it.

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