Google Ad Rankings Revealed: Not High Prices

When we run Google Ads, the biggest concern is the ranking of ads, the higher the ranking, the better the placement.

So the question is, how can we have a good presentation result? In fact, Google has an official formula to evaluate ads' ratings on search results pages.

It's not the high bidder.

1) Max CPC:Is set by advertisers themselves, refers to the advertiser is willing to pay the maximum amount of each click they receive for their ads, I believe that we are no stranger to this concept, no longer repeat.

2) QualityPoints:Google's approach to balancing the interests of all parties in the online advertising ecosystem is reflected in four main aspects:

  • Eligibility: If the quality score is too low, your ad doesn't even have a chance to show it.

  • Rank: The Quality Score determines how your ads rank relative to other ads on search results pages.

  • Top ad positions: Only high-quality ads are eligible to appear above natural search results

  • Bid: If your ad has a high quality score, you can maintain a certain ranking with a lower bid.

For example, a competitor's ad has a quality score of only 0.5, Max CPC is $2, and your ad rating is 1; In addition, your competitor's actual cost will end up at about $1.61, and your actual cost is only about $0.17, which means you're spending several times less on your ads, but your ads are still ahead of him.

3) What are the elements for determining the quality score?

The quality score is 1-10, but this is just an approximation of what Google uses to evaluate keyword performance. In fact, the quality score for each query is different. For example, the quality score of A enterprise is 7.001, The B enterprise is 7.002, the C enterprise is 7.003, but the final show is 7. One of Google's aims in this way is to prevent vicious competition among companies, because providing some accurate data would leave some people in the hole. The vague mechanism is fairer when everyone can't understand the principle.

There are three elements that determine the quality score:

1) Expected click-through rate

Click-through rate is the most important factor in determining quality scores, and it is also the most intuitive indicator. Click-through rate is a basis for conversion rate, high click-through rate at least three aspects of the content, one is to show that your product is interested in users, there are many customer inquiries;

2) Ad relevance

Google uses specific query-specific relevance information to improve their quality predictions and will give you some optimization suggestions.


3) Target web experience

Target pages This indicator is used by Google to identify pages that seriously violate its relevant guidelines. The construction and improvement of the enterprise's own web page is very important, of the three elements, Chinese enterprises at this point planted the largest follow-up. Of course, the construction of the website can not be optimized overnight, the need for human and material resources, this is a need to improve the general direction. Good web pages can retain customers, let customers quickly find what they need, but also have a chance to let customers have the idea of inquiry, to achieve sales.

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