Google ads are fully automated, and will you be replaced as an advertiser?

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Yesterday, at Google Marketing Live in California, Google announced several innovations to automate advertising with the power of machine learning.

The "automation" here is no longer limited to certain aspects of campaign management, such as bids or dynamic headlines.

Now, whether it's a bid strategy, ad idea or target user settings, google Ads can be followed by artificial intelligence and machine learning, with only a small amount of information from advertisers.

Want to hear further from Google insiders?

FromGoogle ShoppingThe R mentor will be inMonday, July 16, 9 p.m.TheFree online streamingto explain the prospects for future growth marketing and data analysis.

At the same time, as an eight-year-old advertising technology predecessor, he will resume his career path, how to move from Agency side to Google, and quickly promote, to help everyone in the early stages of the career planning.

Live Mentor:

R Mentor is Google's Senior Product Operations Manager, responsible for Google Shopping Big Data Integration and Commercial Realization. Prior to joining Google, he worked for Merkle.

Live syllabus:

1. How to plan in the early stages of a career

2. One or two years of work experience How to change jobs and promotion, how to enterFLAG(Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Google) and other top companies?

3. What are the soft and hard strengths to make up for if you want to successfully jump ship?

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Here's an in-depth summary of the 11 interesting features or major changes posted on Google Marketing Live.

 1  “My Account” Makes it Easier to Opt Out of Ad Personalization

Consistent with the core concept of "Value, Transparency, Trust" (Value, Transparency, and Trust), which has been delivered by this conference, this feature prevents advertisers from customizing the user's online experience.

That's not good news for advertisers who rely on audience-centric targeting to reach new leads, but for users, it means a more comfortable experience and sees Google as a more trusted entity.

  AdWords Becomes Google Ads

Just a few weeks ago, Google announced the transformation from AdWords to a new brand, Google Ads.

With this new name, you can better align with Google's entire advertising solution. "Google Ads" is a broader concept that includes ad content for search, display, maps, videos, in-app, etc. without confusion.

 3  Google Marketing Elevates Programmatic Advertising Through Collaboration

The integration of Analytics 360 and DoubleClick creates a complete set of End-to-end Solutions.

The platform will include:

Manage more than 100 switching and measurement solutions through a single interface

Search Ads 360, allowing advertisers to plan, purchase and measure search ads

Display Ads 360, allowing advertisers to centrally manage bids and audiences

But the most interesting part of Google's marketing platform is that it unlocks collaboration between media buyers, creatives, and their bosses (or customers).

Google has also invented its own PivotTable, Instant Reports! The business is designed to help advertisers with Video Ad Metrics get the results they need quickly.

 4  TrueView For Reach + TrueView For Action + Maximize Lift Bidding = Full-Funnel Video Ads

Arguably the most exciting change of the year, YouTube's new features are driving video. 

The data shows that YouTube videos are broadcast more than 1 billion hours a day, and 91% of smartphone users buy or plan to buy certain content after seeing video ads. New YouTube features that allow advertisers to intelligently increase brand exposure and conversion.

With three new features, you can build a funnel model centered on video ads, from Lead to recognition to true conversion.

TrueView for Reach: Allow advertisers to use CPM bids to attract more potential users to their video ads.

TrueView for Action:Helps advertisers advertise to potential YouTube users who have recently searched google for products or services.

Maximize Lift Bidding Strategy:Use Google's machine learning to intelligently optimize your bid strategy to automatically adjust bids when you bid, maximizing advertisers' video advertising awareness of the entire consumer process.

 5  Lead Ads On YouTube

Advertisers have been using Facebook's advertising business for a long time, but Google doesn't have a similar product.

But now, YouTube's Lead Ads, combined with its huge reach and strong audience targeting capabilities, will capture contact information for potential users of value before they travel to the site.

 6  Gigantic Responsive Search Ads Are Coming to a SERP Near You

*SERP 指的是Search Engine Results Pages

Responsive Search Ads is the latest, largest and most flexible search ad format released by Google. 

Traditional search ads create content with titles and descriptions to write a static ad text, while with Responsive Search Ads, users can write up to 15 different titles and up to 4 different descriptions. 

These titles and descriptions can be arranged in 43,480 different arrangements, which means that the possibilities of ad testing are almost endless!

Google then automatically tests the different combinations of titles and descriptions and knows which ones work best. At the same time, Responsive Search Ads will provide the best information to different searchers based on keywords, devices, past browsing behavior, and other signals that users search for.

 7  Mobile Speed Score Gets a Column

Mobile Landing Page's speed measurement feature rates landing page speed on a scale of 10: from "very slow" to "very fast" and is scored based on a number of factors, including the relationship between page speed and potential conversion rates.

So, how does this feature differ from Page Speed Insights and Test My Site?

Mobile Landing Page Speed Score Column exists not only in the Google Advertising User Interface, but also in the Google Advertising User Interface, but also in automatic updates every day. So you no longer have to leave the Google ad interface to evaluate the speed of your pages. 

What's more, it's the first speed tool for Google to evaluate scores, taking into account the effectiveness of potential ads. For paid search advertisers, this is definitely the preferred page speed tool.

 8  Cross-Device Reporting Comes to Google Analytics

Cross-Device Reporting is not new, and reports such as Device Report and Device Paths Report have consistently allowed advertisers to attribute conversions to multiple devices. But this time, Google Analytics is proposing cross-device reporting for the first time.

Cross-Device Reporting takes effect in the Audience section of Google Analytics and is divided into three sub-reports:

Device Overlap (device overlap): Find out the type and number of devices accessing advertiser content.

Device Paths: Discover the last 5 device types used before conversion.

Acquisition Device: View the relationship between purchase and conversion.

Advertisers can now see segmented comparisons, visual data, and usage on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets at every stage of the purchase channel, all in Google Analytics.

 9  Smart Campaigns: A New Solution for Small Businesses

Smart Campaigns, the new Google Ads "default ad experience," is tailored to small business advertisers who have little paid search expertise and have little time. This feature helps small businesses have more control over advertising spending.

10 Don’t Have a Website? No Problem!

Nearly half of small business owners in the United States do not have a website, according to the data. Few of them have the time and expertise to create websites and target pages that are optimized for search ads. 

As a potential solution to this common dilemma, Google is now testing Auto-optimized Landing Page( an auto-optimized landing page). This feature will exist in the Smart Campaigns family and will provide an alternative to resource-consuming, product-centric sites for business owners.

Auto-optimized Landing Page uses machine learning to extract information about products and services directly from your ads and match them to page creatives. Google also attaches conversion tracking and reporting directly to the experience. As a result, Ad Creation, Landing Page Creation, and Conversion Tracking and Reporting now exist in the Smart Campaignuser.

11 Major Innovations Come to Google Shopping

Research shows that 80 percent of Americans shop online in any 48 hours. That's the truth! To solve the problem of online shopping, Google has enhanced the shopping experience through Smart Shopping.

Early tests have shown that with Smart Shopping, the conversion rate can increase by 20% at the same cost. In addition to maximizing conversion value, Smart Shopping now adds new options to setting Goals: Store Visits and New Customers.

Machine learning can do the rest, make practical bid adjustments, optimize ad placements, and more based on a variety of factors, from seasonal demand to pricing.

The upcoming Automated Feeds also let advertisers create a comprehensive product feed at the touch of a button. Google Ads imports all products from the site directly into its user interface.

At the same time, Smart Shopping is now integrated with leading e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, so if you're a Shopify user, you can manage and track your ads directly in your CMS.

In the past year, Google has dramatically changed its paid search experience, from Smart Shopping to Responsive Search Ads, from YouTube-directed ads to mobile speed scores. It has to be said that Google has upended and driven the entire Internet advertising technology industry.

Finally, let's remind you not to miss the workplace advice from Google's Senior Product Operations Manager!As an eight-year advertising technology predecessor, he will resume his career path, how to move from Agency side to Google, and quickly promote! Help you plan in the early stages of your career.

Course time:

Monday, July 16 , 9pm EST

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Tuesday, July 17, 9am Bst

The syllabus:

1. How to plan in the early stages of a career

2. One or two years of work experience How to change jobs and promotion, how to enterFLAG(Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Google) and other top companies?

3. What are the soft and hard strengths to make up for if you want to successfully jump ship?

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