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Google, the internet's largest and most influential search engine. Have a broad audience,So is Google Ads.Has been by cross-border e-commerce sellers of all ages and concerns.In previous articlesYinoLink Ino introduces you to you.Google AdsPolicyand continue to share it todayGoogle Ad Formatthe contents of the Below will be from search ads, display ads, shopping ads,Video advertising these four common forms of advertising for you to introduce.

You can watch the video below to learn about Google's ad format, or you can follow the article to learn about the

Search for ads

The main form of search ads isTexttriggered by keywords used in your ad account. When the keywords of the ad andWhen a user's search is relevant, the ad appears with Google search results and on other sites on the search network.

Common search ad formats:


Ads can appear above or below search results for Google Search, and next to, above, or below search results for Google Play, Google Shopping, Google Pictures, and Google Maps, including Google Maps apps.

The ad is in the following form

  • Plus large text ads

Consisting of 3 titles, plus 2 descriptions, and display URL paths

  • Adaptive search ads

Consisting of up to 15 titles, up to 4 descriptions, and display URL paths

YinoLink Eno optimizer according to the daily advertising experience, to summarize the following tips, you can refer to:

1. No more than 3 responsive search ads per ad group

2. You need to enter a minimum of 3 titles per responsive search ad, but a maximum of 15 titles

3. A minimum of 2 ad content descriptions are required per responsive search ad, but a maximum of 4 ad content descriptions can be entered

4. Titles and ad content descriptions can be fixed to a specific location as needed

5. It is recommended that the ad title use at least 5 different titles, but not in the same or similar terms for each title

Show ads

No matter how users are browsing their favoriteWebsites, show you Videos to friends, view Gmail accounts, or use mobile devices and apps.You can use Google Show ads to serve them ads.

Show ads are commonly used formats:

Picture ads:Static or interactive images

Picture format Animated ads in gif and Flash formats

Mobile picture size300 x 250;320 x 50;320 x 100;250 x 250;200 x 200

PC end picture size300 x 250;336 x 280;728 x 90;300 x 600;160 x 600;970 x 90;468 x 60;250 x 250;200 x 200

Adaptive display ads:

Consisting of marketing pictures, logos, videos, short titles, long titles, descriptions, business names, and final URL

PC-side ad display style:

Mobile Gmail/YouTube Showcase Style:

YinoLink Eno optimizer according to the daily advertising experience, to summarize the following tips, you can refer to:

1.About the number and size of picturesThe material provided by the display ad requires at least 1 cross-sectional image, 1 square, recommended size 1200 x 628 pixels and 1200 x 1200 pixels

2. About VideoVideos in display ads need to be uploaded to YouTube for 30 seconds or less

3. Call-to-callCan use the appeal language, dynamic ads these options to better display our ads, dynamic ads can also add price prefix plus promotional text, to attract our potential users

4. About Picture FootageAvoid being too exposed in the material content provided;Avoid call-to-use terms for button effects on footage, which can easily be considered adult and misleading

Shopping ads

Shopping ads use existingMerchant Center Product Data(not keywords) to determine how and where your ads appear. The product data submitted through GMC contains details about the products sold. Google uses this information to match people's searches with ads to ensure that products are most relevant.

Note:GMC:The full name is Google Marchant Center, which means the Google Product Data Center.Sellers can upload your items here and buyers will discover, browse and buy your items.With a range of programs, including shopping ads, Google Platform Rendering, and Shopping Actions, you can show the right product to the right customer in different ways.Later article introduced Google shopping ads, will be detailed to introduce to everyone Oh!

Common formats for shopping ads

Common formats for shopping ads: product shopping ads

There are four placements, as follows:

1. Google Shopping (some countries only)

2. Google Search (next to search results and separate from text ads) and Google Pictures

3. Google Search Network Partner Site (if your campaign is set to include Search Network Partner)

4.Google Display Network

Common formats for shopping ads: window shopping ads

Window shopping ads are displayed on Google when users search for broader terms, such as "backpacks",

It is worth noting that window shopping ads and other ads bid differently, window shopping ads bid in a different wayThe maximum bid for each interaction fee,Get as many clicks as possible,3 return on targeted advertising spend.

Video ads

Video campaigns allow you to show video ads individually, or in other streaming video content on YouTube and throughout the Google Display Network.

Video ad format

Video ad formats: interstitial ads, video discovery ads,Skip-the-air, out-of-show, and guided ads.

Note: Video Discovery AdsCan only be shown on YouTube;Skippable interstitial and visual ads areSometimes the long limit.

Interstifated ads

Such asShown in the image aboveThe interstitial ad consists of a 5-second countdown to the ad title, the call-to-appeal, the URL, and the skipable 5-second countdown, plus the accompanying banner.

Interstitial ads can be run before, during, or after other YouTube videos are played, or throughout the Display Network's website, game, or app. Such ads can also be served in YouTube videos embedded in other websites. After 5 seconds of video playback, viewers can choose to skip the ad.

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