Google Ads Google Ads Ultimate Tutorial One (Search Ads)


Previously engaged in 2B industry experience, so rely on the direct feeling that Google is not suitable for e-commerce, more suitable to obtain inquiries, because the competition is fierce, Google costs are relatively high, but also not up.

But Google is, after all, one of the largest traffic channels, and the risk is much lower than Facebook, can quickly measure the effect, the return on investment is very high, especially for long-term vertical stations and brand stations must not miss.

The difference between Google ad and Facebook ads

Google ads are the equivalent of users entering stores, there is a clear need for users to be very precise.

Facebook ads are the equivalent of users entering a department store, no need to buy, see what fun impulse to buy, Facebook itself is not a place to sell, users swipe friends to see the fun video.

The pros and cons of Google Advertising

The advantages are not much to say, keyword precision targeting, the current all ads the most accurate targeting, stable, a wider audience, almost all sites have Google ads.


No pictures and videos, users click on the ad is not known what kind of product length, if the user does not see the product he wants to jump directly, so the keyword to choose the right.

Passive marketing, traffic restrictions, want to spend money can not spend gas, how much can spend depends on the product market and search volume.

Competition is fierce, involving advertising and product competition, users will be more than three to make a decision, regular supplies to Amazon to buy, before the delivery to think of your products have what advantages, why users choose you.

Website details page on the Faceboook site less impact, most of the mobile users after watching video products basicunderstanding, to the site is to buy, impulse consumption does not involve competition.

But Google users often have a better understanding of the product's needs, and the user's conversion depends entirely on the product details page.

For SKU more products, clothing and other products, need to catalog, users can come in there can have multiple choices.

So it's hard to get a deep understanding of products and industries, and grocery stores like Facebook, which are likely to be a granular operation, as a vertical station, or brand station, is a Google ad.


High unit price, large search volume, popular products

Product keywords search for more than 10000 per month

KeywordS CPC less than $2 (Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush Query)

Product profit greater than $20 (ALiexpress and Product Retail Price)

Google Trend Rises or Steady (Google Trend Query)

Suggested product catalog


Home and Kitchen Home and Kitchen

Kitchen and Dining Kitchen and Restaurant

Patio, Lawn and Garden Terrace, Lawn and Garden 

Sports and Outdoors Sports and Outdoors

Tools and Home Improvement Tools and Home Improvements

Search ads:

Placement: Typically shows along the edge of the page, such as the top, side, and bottom.

How to match: Google matches ads to people's search terms based on how well your search terms match your keywords, as well as your campaign settings.

Sort: Sorting ads takes into account cost-per-click bids and relevance.

Create search ads for e-commerce examples below

Set up conversions first

Set up Google Ads tracking conversions to Google Ads Backstage, Tools- Conversions

Add a conversion

Select a website


Value: Use different values for each conversion, statistical: Each time, follow the graph settings.

copy global code

copy conversion code

The code under Copy puts it together, and then we're going to replace the value of the conversion code with the two parameters of the transaction_id, so that in order to make it easier for me to replace the code, just change the code to my own ID.

<!-- Event snippet for Posture Convert conversion page --><script>  gtag('event', 'conversion', {      'send_to': 'Own ID,      'value': {{ total_price | money_without_currency | remove: ',' }},      'transaction_id': '{{ order.order_number }}'  });</script>

That's what it looks like when you're done.

This is then added two more lines of code to avoid double checkout repetitioninitiated by the same customer.

{% if first_time_accessed %}

{% endif %}

Final code

{% if first_time_accessed %}

<!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Ads: ID --><script async src=""></script><script>window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag('js', new Date());

gtag('config', 'ID');</script>

<!-- Event snippet for Posture Convert conversion page --><script> gtag('event', 'conversion', {'send_to': 'ID','value': {{ total_price | money_without_currency | remove: ',' }},'transaction_id': '{{ order.order_number }}' });</script>

{% endif %}

OK conversion slots up, usually takes a few hours to verify, after verification will be like this.

Create a campaign:

Target Sales

Ad type select search, achieve the goal of selecting site access

Campaign name generally write product name, country, ad type

Whether to choose the display network, display ads are also called Google Search Partner Network.

YouTube, Amazon, CNN,, Google Maps, and other sites (there is no official list, almost most sites have Google Alliance ads, Google display ads are the main source of revenue for these sites.

Click-through rates on partner sites don't affect your keyword quality score And you don't know where your ads are on the Partner Network.

Do we use the display network

First, for brand search terms, partner networks tend to switch better, but cost more per click on average. There is no correct or incorrect answer to whether or not to advertise on the Search Partner Network.

Second, display ads and search ad logic are not the same as not recommending running in a campaign.

If your budget is limited and you're just getting started, we recommend that you exclude the search partner network... You can add it at any time

Be sure to add a search partner network before you extend your budget to display campaigns.

Targeting and audience:Location

Choose which location only you know the answer (absolutely necessary for local businesses)

You can refer to:

Which market do you want to enter?

Where are your clients?

Historical data: CRM, Boss/Colleague, Google Trends, Intuition

Use Google Keyword Planner to see where competitors are bidding

You can modify your location at any time

Use geolocation to exclude competitors from location

Targeting:Feature overview

Basic inclusion/exclusion

Advanced search: Use a map or search by country, region, city or zip code

Radius positioning - between 1 and 500 miles

Bulk Location - Manually Enter or Paste Location List

Basic use, direct input into the country is the most convenient, suggesta campaign only put one country convenient management optimization.


The second option is generally selected to show ads only to anyone who is considered to be in your targeting area.

Budget and bids:

Standard:Optimize ad delivery and spend evenly over time (Google recommendation)

The same number of displays, spread throughout the day.

Accelerated:Don't optimize ad serving and budget faster (AdVenture recommendation)

The best way to get real amounts and predict the number of impressions available for your keywords.

General selection criteria, if you want to collect data quickly can choose acceleration.

Bid strategy:

All bid strategies that can be used

  • Automatic bid strategy

1. Target search page location

2. Target cost per conversion (cost per conversion)

3. Target ROAS (Return on Advertising Expenditure)

4. Goal Ranking Sharing

5. Maximize clicks

6. Maximize conversion

  • Manual bid strategy

7. Manual CPC-Semi-Automatic Bid Strategy

8. Artificial CPC bid with enhanced CPC enabled (recommended)

At the beginning of automatic bidding recommended conversion, manual bid proposal to enhance CPC bid, the order is better ROI is relatively high, you can choose to get more clicks, after a long time to choose the target ROAS, optimize ROI.

Language, you can choose, the audience just started not to choose.

The following other settings can be done without care, advertising time later to see the data can be optimized, basically North America daytime billing will be better.

Ad extensions:

Using ad extensions can increase click-through rates and give users more options.

Add-on links

Phone number


Create an ad group:

Ad group name generally write product name, right can enter the URL or keywords to get more keyword tips.

Then you need to focus on understandingKeyword match type

Keyword matching mode: here only give three kinds, broad match, phrase match, perfect match.

Wide lying:

Default Match Type - Captures the most clicks and impressions. Use with extreme caution, usually with a low click-through rate and the need to use negative keywords.

Benefits: you can quickly get you can not think of keywords, with negative keywords can be long-term test ingress very strong, the use of a sufficient budget long-term delivery of people.

The downside: Expensive money will waste a lot of money that is not worth spending.

Exact match:

Only the user enters a perfectly matched phrase ad.No negative keywords are needed to supplement a full match, which results in the highest click-through rate and cost-per-click.

The advantage is that some keywords will bring a particularly high conversion rate, the disadvantage is that you can't put up the amount.

Phrase matching:

Use quotation marks to make sure your ads appear only for search results that contain your exact keywords, or add other words or phrases before or after the keyword.

Benefits, in the middle of a wide range of matches and perfect matching, both to ensure the filter out of completely irrelevant keywords, there is a guarantee to have a certain flexibility to get more presentation. Disadvantages, can still generate a large number of bad clicks for unrelated queries.

Phrase match modifier:

Removing related terms and synonyms with the plus symbol can still generate a large number of bad clicks for unrelated queries. The query must include all terms that you modified, but not necessarily additional terms that have not been modified in that order.

Negative keywords are still required - they can be combined with broad matches.

It is generally recommended to start using phrase matching.

Ad account structure:Google search ad account needs attention is to ensure that the account clear and reasonable structure, campaign release products, ad group sub-type, advertising copy put specific products.

Create ads:

Advertising copy as far as possible to write a little attractive, highlighting the product selling point on the line, the title description contains product keywords.

After writing can be copied, write a different copy to do split test to see which effect is better, generally recommended to make 3 ad copy.

After saving the ad is created soon, the review is completed soon after a few minutes, need to modify can be modified into the settings.


Each country put series to test different countries.

Split tests, ad bid methods, ad copy, product landing pages.

Keyword optimization

Negative keywords - negative keywords set without conversion

Shrink countries - exclude countries that have had a bad transition.

Device - excludes poor conversion of the device, this is good not to exclude.


Putting the budget - Google's expansion phase is also more stable than Facebook's easy to run, as long as the advertising budget can be spent out of the bill will be more stable.

Copy campaigns, ad groups: This is common on Facebook, but the effect is not obvious in Google ads.

Multiple countries, the United States out of a good country, usually the United Kingdom, Canada will not be bad, copy campaign modification region slot multi-country.

More relevant keywords, or the original delivery phrase match, now changed to a wide range of matches.

Expand peripheral products.

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