Google ads have been in the way for more than a month, so why can't You Always Find Them?

It's been ad for more than a month, but you can't always search for it?

I believe that many customers in the painstaking production of Google ads, it is not easy to wait until after the launch, will want to witness the first time to see their advertising ranking and the form of advertising display. Even some users will enter the rampage mode, every day hate to want to search for their own keywords.

Sometimes we clearly see that the account has display data, but we don't see our ads when we search. At this point, you'll be wondering if there's a problem with the data.

Mingming saw his own ads before, but now can't see? Is there a problem with the search method or is there a problem with my account settings? Not sure if it's still on the market? Where the hell are these ads?

Take you to the truth today and see what's wrong with your ad.

What factors affect ad display?

Your ad doesn't appear every time you search, and whether it's displayed depends on a number of factors, such as the country and time period your ad was running, the amount capped for your account budget, and the device that's running, that affect smed display.

If you find that your ad isn't getting any clicks or impressions, it could be due to any of the following reasons:

Ads are being reviewed or rejected

In order to ensure the security of the account and verify the billing information, the system will regularly review the account, if the account is being reviewed, the ads will not show during this period, so if you do not see the ads we serve when searching for ads, then you can see whether the ads background keywords and ads are in the audit status, This procedure protects our account sands and ensures the quality and security of Google Ads services, and once the account is reviewed, the ad will normally be re-qualified within three business days, and the data will be valid or approved pending approval of the ad account.

Ads that are not advertised will not run, so check your email for rejection sqes, which may provide information about how to resolve your ad issues. If you don't see the email, you can check the spam folder at the same time.

Ads suspended or disabled

You want to make sure your ad is active (not disabled) and exclude some of the reasons that aren't shown.

If you still can't search for your own ads, you can analyze them from the following:

Drop location settings

First, be clear: Your ad is shown to customers in the area where you want to show your ad.

If you're not in your chosen location, you won't be able to find your ads through search. Generally, google ads are certainly not served in the domestic market but invested overseas. Then if your IP targeting is in the country then it's certainly not going to see the ads you're running, and you're in the delivery area. And that's a feature that Google ads can accurately run by geography.

Instead, use the Ad Preview tool to search and preview your ads within the geographic location you're targeting. At the same time, the background can also set the same country different states/cities/regions, etc. , can also be in accordance with a coordinate radius, more accurate to run your ads.

Budget sexhausted or limited

When you build an account, you can see the entire account and the budget for each campaign setting. You can set an average daily budget for your ads, and Google will use that amount by multiplying the average number of days per month to calculate your monthly budget cap. If your daily budget runs out, your ad will stop showing for the rest of the day. At the same time, your ad budget for a certain day or month has been reached, and your ads won't be run.

For example, you set the European regional campaign budget of 600 yuan per day, the entire account budget is 1000 yuan per day, if the European series has reached 600 yuan per day, even if the entire budget is not spent, it is not able to search for ads in the European region.

Ad delivery time settings

Some users will choose different countries when the account is served, choose the local time to run the country to show your ads, then when you run outside the time to search for their own ads are certainly not searched.

For example, you run 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the UK, and you're searching for your ads at 10 a.m. Beijing time. Because Beijing and Britain have an eight-hour time difference. So you're searching without the time you're set, and your ads aren't showing up.


Target ImpressionS Share is a bid strategy that automatically sets bids and is designed to show your ads anywhere on absolute, top, or Google search results pages.

Drop the device

Google ads in the PC side, mobile and tablet devices have a lot of traffic, in recent years mobile traffic even exceeds the PC side, which is why we now pay more and more attention to mobile advertising, so according to the different account devices, in the account set up should also pay attention to the choice of devices.

For example, only on the PC side, that would require adjusting the bid for your phone and tablet to -100%, when you can't search for ads you're running on your phone or tablet.

Keyword Quality Score

In addition to these basic settings, there is a special concern about the account level, which is also as the account manager sit every day to pay attention to the place, advertising can not show up with the keyword quality score has a very important relationship.

The Quality Score is expressed on a scale of 1-10 and is calculated primarily on the expected click-through rate of the ad, ad relevance, and landing page experience. Keyword ads below 2 points are rarely shown. So after detecting other settings are all right, the ad is still not searchable, then you need to optimize the quality of the light character score.

How often your ads appear

Google ads aren't all you've shown like you've been searched a few times. If your account has a good budget, ads are likely to show you 6 times, and if your budget is low, you'll probably show it only 2 times. This is also what you need to pay attention to when searching for ads.

Unshowing caused by personal search behavior

In principle, Google is not recommended to search for your own ads, because if you repeatedly use Google Search to find your own ads and never click, first the Google system will think that this IP is not interested in this ad, and second, it is possible to judge your IP as a malicious user, Will directly block the ads. It's possible that you won't see your ad once. Searching for your own ads on Google is not the main reason, but there are also phenomena in this area. But it's also a problem that users who have just started Google ads are very easy to solve.

It's worth noting that it's not your ad account that's out of the question, but that your IP is tagged by Google. In addition, frequent search for their own ads will only increase the number of ads, but you certainly will not click, but the corresponding keyword click rate will be pulled down. Low click-through rates can also affect the account's quality score. Low scores can directly affect your ad's performance, creating a vicious circle.

How is the correct posture of your search google ads?

If you just want to see what the ad language looks like, when you write an ad, there will be an ad preview window on the right, and the display on the PC and mobile side will be visible.

And you can use"Advertising Preview and Diagnostics Tools"Searching for that ad won't result in an increase in your impressions, a great tool that allows you to see what your ad actually looks like when it's actually running, and that doesn't increase your ad's impressions and won't click. You can see the real-time online situation of your ads without having a negative impact on your account.

In the Status column of the ad tab, hover over the bubble icon next to the ad to see the details of your ad's status. If your ad doesn't show up, the tool will tell you why and give you tips to help you get your ad back on track.

When you want to know how your ads appear in search results, we recommend that you not use Google Search, but use this tool instead.Diagnostic ToolYou can also help you understand why your ads or ad extensions might not appear. You can also preview a word-specific Google search results page to see which ads and extensions your keywords trigger. Once you enter a search term and other criteria, such as language and geographic location, this tool will tell you if your ad will show up in these situations.

"Advertising Preview and Diagnostics"The tool provides autofilled suggestions as you type search terms, which come from keywords that you've shown in your account and sort them by volume.

This tool lets you see if your ad extensions appear with your specific keyword ads, and if you don't, it'll tell you why the problem might be.

So I remind you that after opening Google Ads, i found that the ads can not show out also need not be too anxious, advertising display will not be affected by many of the above factors. Look at the real cause of the problem from all angles and personal behavior factors on the account side, and then give your ads more opportunities to show by constantly optimizing and improving your account's quality score.

Finally remind everyone, do not always search their own ads, do not always search their own ads, do not always search their own ads! Say the important thing three times!