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Google Ads, or Google Ads,The simplest and most effective way to serve ads for a large audience。 If you don't know much about Google ads, you can simply understandA pay-per-click ad serving serviceWhen people search for a product or service through a specific keyword on Google, your ad information appears on the first page of the search results. You pay only after the user has completed the click action or taken the action (call, make an appointment, leave contact information, etc.).

The biggest advantage of Google's advertising is that it changes the active relationship between merchants and customersNo longer the business initiative to sell to customers, but the customer with the needto take the initiative to find the business。 As a result, Google Ads receive higher quality inquiries and higher turnover rates because customers come with demand.

That sounds good, but how effective is Google advertising in Western markets? Let's look at some of the latest data:

  • Pay-PER-CLICK (PPC) ads are 50% more likely to convert than natural search results;

  • 36% of users search for local products or services;

  • 66% of users commonly used search keywords are included in the pay-per-click category;

  • The average return on investment (ROI) of Google ads is 200%;

  • 65% of customers will click on Google Ads to complete the purchase;

  • Google pay-per-click ads boost brand awareness by 80%;

  • 73% of advertisers said they would continue to increase their investment in Google's ads;

  • 53% of paid clicks are done on the mobile client.

Source: WordPress statistics,2018

The above data tell us that merchants through Google advertising, an average of 1 yuan spent, can recover 2 yuan;

Let's take a look at the four biggest benefits of Google's ad delivery:


Advertising investment results are visible, measurable, and manageable

Unlike traditional TELEVISION and newspaper advertising, online advertisingCost and returns are directly visible

How much advertising fees are invested each month, how many people see the ads, how many people click into them, how many people left contact information, how many people directly completed the purchase action ... Everything is at a glance. It also provides effective data support for businesses to set the next round of advertising budgets.

For example, this month's advertising cost is $500, the effect is very good, next month can be increased to $1000; On the other hand, this month is too expensive, the amount of inquiry is too large, some busy, that next month's advertising costs halved, a slow reprieve.


Keyword settings to get your ads direct to customers in need

By adding the right keywords, customers can see your information the first time they search.For example: "Brisbane Chinese Accountant," "Local Food Delivery Service," "Lawyer snobs Chinese," "Nearest Pizzeria." and so on. When a customer searches for a similar keyword, Google automatically matches your products and services and presents them to the customer, including images/videos, text, contact information, website address, and call to Action. Encourage users to contact merchants about services or purchases.

You can pinpoint the user's region with background managementFor example, if you want to see your ads only for customers in Sydney or Melbourne, narrow your targeting to those two areas. Save money and get better results.


Faster and better results than natural search engine rankings

Search Engine Ranking Optimization (SEO) is an essential step in the company's long-term development. However, the biggest drawback of natural ranking optimization is that it takes a long time to continue to invest more than 6 months to see results. Because the SEO field is highly competitive, and your site takes a long time to prove its quality to Google.

So for new companies, small businesses, and new sites, Google Ads is the most effective and quickest way to deliver your messages to your customers. Once Google Paid Ads start sit,Your information will appear on the first page of the corresponding search results, the ad effect is present (inquiry, appointment, purchase, website visits, etc.)

At the same time, with Google Paid Ads, you can learn which keywords are the easiest for your customers to adopt and which information gives you a higher chance of getting a deal. This will lay a good foundation for your natural ranking optimization (SEO) for the next step, with less effort.


More interactive with many well-known websites, such as Youtube

Google paid advertising is one of Google's most important revenue streams, so Google attaches great importance to research and development in this area, and Google's paid advertising performance and services continue to improve.

What a lot of people don't know,Video ads on Youtube are also part of Google's ads, with higher rates of ad engagement than Google's search pages.

YouTube has more than 1 billion independent visits a month and billions of views a day. Even when compared to the data of other search engines, Bing and Yahoo add up to twice the number.

With a platform, serve ads to the most users, such as Google Search and Youtube, and the most active platformsIsn't that the most wise decision?

All in all, for advertisers,Where the client is, I'll go.That's the simplest truth. With a controlled cost budget, the amount is out,Focusing your ads on Google platforms is the most cost-saving, roI decision!

We have Google's authoritatively certified advertising experts. If you want to advertise on Google and Youtube and don't know where to start, welcome to add a microsignalxuperb2018Ask us for free.

Xuperb offers a full range of services from Google Advertising Account opening, promotional program designation, to ad design, delivery, and management. Help you achieve the highest return on your advertising investment. Let marketing take less detours!

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